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July 21, 2016

WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL ~ Cover Art Coming Soon ~ Savanna Kougar

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Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION~

One of Keina’s relatives in her realm, Equirion.

Sultry summer howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Yep, the heat is rising but it’s the humidity which is the energy killer. For the first time in ten years, I did some major mowing…like a mile of mowing my jungly gravel drive yesterday. Okay, I did push it too far, and nearly collapsed. I had to lie down on the ground for awhile. Fortunately, there are beautiful shade trees, and my breathing finally went back to normal, as did my heart rate. So, here I am, still alive and kicking whenever possible.
One good thing I discovered, powdered Sage leaf tastes good in my hot chocolate herbal brews. The herb Sage helps in hot weather, keeping your body more regulated as far as sweating in this humid heat. Sage has a whole list of medicinal properties, one of them being a good remedy for the heart. If I just had more time and energy, I get a large patch of Sage growing…like I had at one time in a different place. The plant is gorgeous with those purple flowers. You know, Purple Sage.
So, I am ultra excited about the cover art for WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL. Last couple of days, Amanda Kelsey has e-sent two mockups, both of them gorgeous. However, not quite what I want, yet. It’s close, though! Amanda does such fabulous artistic-type covers. I adore them.
Also, I am fine-tooth editing FILLY GIRL…and looking for those left out words, etc. Of course, I’m in love with Keina and Drev’s erotic love story, I hope readers will be as well. There’s lots of body-heat passion, lots of lovin’, including romantic scenes. And! Since I love epic action-fight scenes with big ole bad villains/villainesses…yep, enjoy the action-ride.
And don’t forget, Keina and Drev’s love story is set in my fictional world of Wolf Peak Territory…so, look for those secondary characters. Of course, there’s an erotic scene inside Dante’s Interspecies Pleasure Club.
If you’re interested, I went ahead and copied my CAST OF CHARACTERS file to a page of this blog, titled: Wolf Peak Territory ~ Cast of Characters. It’s just a rough listing of those who star in my shapeshifter flash fiction scenes, and many of those who starred in HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS. I’d like to do more worldbuilding, flesh my shapeshifter/paranormal world out, but time just runs out these days.
I have a whole bunch o’ WIPS set in Wolf Peak Territory that I wish I could finish, and epublish. Who knows? Maybe the Fates will be kind in the future.
And yes, I am writing on a couple of WIPS with the intention of epubbing them.


Instead of the first chapter, I’m going with Chapter Three as one excerpt.  The Sexcerpt, I haven’t decided on yet. 

Chapter Three:
The Blue-Sky Blues 

I’ve got the blue-sky blues. Keina soared high above the splendidly wild terrain of the Montana valley. Even in this remote area, she remained in her air horse form.

Being visible to Earthers was too risky. To neigh-say the least. Keeping her horse hide intact, away from the gene-engineering  mad scientists…well, even with her psi-powers, Keina knew she had to be ultra careful.

Hoping to lift her spirits, she winged over the majestic valley, over the blazing autumn colors. Yet, the ruthless ache still consumed her heart.

Flubergastov! An evil dragon might as well claw it from her chest.

For the fourth time now, she’d been banished. Once again, through no fault of her own. Tears welled up inside her.

No good deed goes unpunished, as she’d heard on Earth.

Instead of a month or three months on Earth, this time the penalty was unprecedented. Six sky-immense months away from her beloved family, away from the meadow-rolling lands of Equirion.

Overwhelmed by the wrongs done to her, Keina shuddered from her horse muzzle to the tip of her long flowing tail. She could understand the prior misunderstandings, given she’d refused to identify those really involved. And, truth, she’d clouded the minds of the court judges.

This time, though…double flubergastov, how long would she be tormented by the King’s terrible-scowling countenance? By how he aimed his scepter, then pronounced unfair judgment upon her.

Before Keina could dissolve the scene, it played out again. King Zhvorc spun, his richly decorated robes snapping around him. With a glare that could have turned a barrel of apples rotten, he pointed to his travel portal.

…love will find you…his final words echoed through her. From the corner of her eye, she’d watched him depart the throne room, his bearing unbending, righteous as ever.

Sadness, vibrational chaos owned Keina, and she plummeted despite her airy frequency. Flapping her wings, she rapidly stabilized herself.

Keina focused on the beauty below. Wise, sky-soaring pine trees, yellow-gold Aspens, and the mountain floor, everything glistened breathtakingly in the early afternoon sunlight.

Flubergastov! Was it her doing that the disgusting, lascivious Prince Tretorff followed her on stealthy feet after the Fall Equinox ball at the King’s castle? The slime-poop attempted to force his unwanted, stinky-sour-breath attentions on her once she stood before her chamber door.

They’d practically wrestled, with Keina twisting furiously as she fought off Tretorff’s grasping, tentacle like arms. When his hands grabbed at her like angry snapping turtles, she’d whirled out of reach.

But the sleazeoid Prince snorted and charged, rabid to mount her. Desperate to escape, repulsed beyond belief, Keina instantly morphed her lower half.

Her silk gown ripped, a searing sound that tore at her. She’d spent hours hand-sewing the lovely garment, and dreaming of the festive enchantment that was the annual ball.

Enraged, her blood on boil, Keina aimed her back hoof. She launched a kick at the Prince’s bulging crotch.

Strike the spike! Kick the ugly stick! She won.

Spinning to face the now wimpified stud, Keina whinny-shouted her triumph. Tretorff’s unmanly shrieks drowned her out, all while he grabbed his cock and balls with both hands.

With his eyes popping out like a virgin filly, he’d backed away, only turning around when she didn’t rush to attack him. Swiftly morphing to full human again, Keina watched him run down the long hallway, his gait hilariously awkward.

Relief swamped her, and she laughed hysterically. At the time, Keina had laughed so hard, and for so long, she’d finally collapsed against the door. As she hiccuped chuckles, her legs buckled, and she slid to the floor.

Now high in the Montana sky, Keina circled. Given her air form was merged with the wind current, she cruised above the color-glorious, old-growth forest.

Earlier in the day, she’d discovered an isolated meadow with plant varieties that tempted her horse palate. Hungry for the sun-warmed blooms and greens that still grew during the colder weather, Keina descended skimming over the treetops.

The sudden sight of a brawny-built man, who was obviously a hunter, halted her in mid-flight. Keina floated lower. Empathy for the prey he stalked soon overcame her.

If she could interfere…save a life…

Careful to remain invisible, Keina positioned herself above the man. Astonishment jolted her. How odd! The hunter’s face—the closer view of his physique—reminded her of the life size statues in the Garden of Ancients.

Keina had never observed a human who so closely resembled the progenitors of the Celtic gods. The difference…she judged the hunter’s height to be just over six feet, whereas the gods of her realm had been over thirteen foot tall.

According to song and legend, these gods and goddesses had sired and birthed their own lineage of humans. Was she staring at one of their descendants?

The need to know flash-fired through her.

Keina studied the man’s powerfully carved, noble features. Finding herself entranced, she hovered, her energy-wings beating against the ethers.

Given the man hunted in the middle of shapeshifter territory, she sensed for his animal side. Nothing tingled. No image formed in her mind.

Yet…Goddess Equine, he was beyond other humans in some way she didn’t understand.

Did he know?

The way he negotiated the forest, following the signs and tracks, Keina thought of him as a high-performance human. Oh, and whinny-yum, his athletic strength was impressive.

Deciding to take no direct action against him like a swift kick to the head, Keina searched her mind for another plan. Silently, she landed behind a stand of trees, then phased to her Pegasus self.

Not seconds later, she heard the distressed gobble of a wild turkey, and knew. She charged toward the sound.

Flubergastov, she hoped her mythical appearance would shock the hunter into not firing. Or misfiring.

Able to alter her frequency quick as a gust of wind, Keina owned no concern for her welfare. The hunter’s bullet would harmlessly pass through her.

There he was! The turkey desperately flapped his wings in an attempt to escape.

Keina raced in front of the hunter’s line of sight. No cracking sound of a bullet. He hadn’t fired.

Knowing she’d saved the wild bird, her instinct kicked in, and Keina galloped straight for the mountain cliff. With his level of expertise, the hunter could track her, even though she partially floated over the ground.

In her run past him, she’d glimpsed his energy matrix. Because this was the way of her kind, Keina psi-witnessed the man’s warrior courage, his formidable will—and, that he already dealt with the supernatural world.

The instant he followed her hoof prints, her matrix strings hummed a warning. To observe him, Keina launched from the edge of the cliff. She morphed to invisible, sailing over the mountain valley again.

Banking a tight turn over the area, she waited for the unusual human. No doubt, fascination roped her, and pulled.

Once the hunter appeared, having tracked her to the cliff’s edge, Keina drifted close to him. Compelled beyond any misgivings, she allowed herself to merge with his thoughts.

Oh flubergastov no! She’d deprived his family of needed food.

To make her actions worse, she’d dishonored him and his family by interfering with their traditional and honored celebration. Another punishable offense in her home realm.

Keina frequency-shivered violently. Still, she managed to keep her vibratory rate high enough, remaining in her ethereal state.

How was she going make this right? How?

Still shaking, she hovered and slowly reached for him with her wing. Gathering her courage, Keina caressed his square jaw with the tips of her feathers.

When she knew he felt the stroke of her wingtip, Keina spoke to his mind. Even if the hunter didn’t hear her message, his heart would know the apology coming from her heart.

So she hoped.

Somehow, some way, she’d find a way to make his Thanksgiving celebration a good one. For him, and his family.

With resolve now ruling her, Keina gradually backed away. Since she needed to know, she searched his mind for the precise location of his home.

Bingo-bango, in seconds she had it memorized and mapped. The solitary cabin sat on a long slope of ground, amid Lodgepole Pines, Spruce, and elder Aspen trees.

Keina ascended fast. That is, after a last look at the man’s handsome face. Mmm, yes yum, his hunk-sexy stubble did quivery things to her.

There just had to be a suitable turkey available somewhere. She’d check every shop. And since she had the Pegasus wings—Keina smiled to herself—it wouldn’t take long to reach her temporary home on Earth, and start the search.

Strongly flapping, Keina streaked through the sky toward Billings, Montana, where she’d rented a small apartment, and pretended to be human.

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Wishing you romance on the wild side…  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

July 8, 2016

Sensual Sabotage…Arriving On the Space Pleasure Cruiser ~ Savanna Kougar

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Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION ~

Pic from White Wolf : Native American Actor Rick Mora Helps Abandoned Huskies To Find New Homes

Yes, Rick Mora resembles my latest hero, First Chief Dolozhan Venturri.  

Summer howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

How’s summer treating you? Wow, the Fourth celebration on the tame prairie was four days of boom-boom fireworks, some literally sounded like bombs [okay, the NSA will likely key on the word ‘bombs’, but so it goes in this beyond-insane world].
Okay, I have a big, high-wheel mower on the way…it was on sale…so, I stretched the credit thing…anyway, hopefully my health will hold up, and I can do what I call creative mowing, or leaving much of the wildflowers and herb-medicine plants uncut… plus, I want the precious butterflies and bees, the wildlife, to have enough food. Speaking of, it’s been interesting listening to the deer at night…or one time I surprised, I think it was a doe, when I opened my mailbox—there’s a lightly wooded area at the end of the pasture—anyway, she let out a sound of warning I’d never heard before. And no, I won’t be trying to tame any of the wild critters around here because I want them to retain their flight instincts. There are hunters, and if the supply of food goes south, or there’s hyperinflation…well, the wild critters deserve a fighting chance.
So, I’m continuing to write on my latest WIP, Sensual Sabotage…the hero’s character traits, who he is, is starting to unfold. I’m wondering if he’s some type of shapeshifter…? We’ll see. ~grins~
What I do know, he’s a high-level officer on a space sex-pleasure cruiser, which is beyond amazing in scope and the luxuries provided. However, our heroine, never intended to be on this pleasure ship…but due to unexpected circumstances…


Here’s a *raw, unedited* peek of what has been written on  Chapter Three… so far…

With a slight bow, he pivots toward…wow! It is a coach—ebony in color with gilt scrolling, and rather Victorian in design.

The door swings open at our approach revealing rich, wine-red upholstery. In gentlemanly fashion the commander stands aside, and I step inside. Since the luxurious bench seats are the same in appearance, I hold my breath, choose a side and sit down.

What incredible comfort.  Without thought, I sink deeper and a sigh escapes. It’s been years since I could afford such furniture, like most on my ex-homeplanet.

Once he seats himself opposite me, the Commander touches an inobvious button, and we shoot straight up. I barely notice the movement, yet see the upper levels flash by from the corner of my eye.

“I would offer refreshments, Ms. Wyzex. However, this will be quite the short trip.” 

“Kind of you. A question if I may.”

“Of course.” His expression is one of gentle amusement. His body language suggests he is open, and somewhat indulgent.

“Other than blood, how do you fund your pleasure cruises? I’m not that familiar with your culture…other than your people have a good reputation in the galaxy at large.”

“Natural abundance. We believe in creating all that is needed, and desired by society as a whole. Our people give what they don’t need, or use—food, fabrics, materials for shelter. And there is trade, individual to individual, as well as huge trading marts, bazaars you might call them.”

He folds his arms in a loose manner. “We do use gem and rare-metal jewelry as a currency. This is true onboard ship for products and pleasures beyond a certain level of general prosperity—where trade is not viable.”

“My universal card is useless, right?”

He arches a dark brow. “Women are always taken care of, Ms. Wyzex. You need not concern yourself. Everything will be provided. Although.” A hint of a grin forms on his face. “If you wish to participate in producing food as one example…or if there is a service you would give to others—not sexual,” he adds. “Or, perhaps, you are of a creative nature. We are fond of all the arts. By all means, join in. We will welcome you.”

How do you feel suddenly hollow inside…and yet there’s a glimmer of excitement tingling inside me?

The coach pod slows and we ascend into his ship through what appears to be circular bay doors. Smoothly, we alight, and the door swings open.

“Commander, you are needed on the bridge,” an officer type formally states while standing at attention.

“Is my brother here?” Commander Vonec disembarks, his movements all power and grace.

“First Chief Venturri has just arrived from his duties.”

Vonec turns offering his hand to me. I hesitate only a moment, then place my hand in his, and walk down the short ramp.

Wow! Talk about a collection of amazing spacecraft and touring shuttles. Wow, oh wow.

I am so entranced by the sight, I hardly register when the Commander releases my hand. Also, I miss the man striding toward us.

As I look around, my heart skips a beat, maybe two—as romantically trite as that sounds. Oh, they are definitely brothers. The resemblance is strong, alright.

Only I find the First Chief more dashing. Tingle-me-hot dashing. His carved features, the waving flow of his dark bronze hair, the falcon intensity of his gaze—the panther smooth way he moves—gawd yes, he’s definitely a renegade after my heart.

Or the sexy renegade who stars in my fantasies. To my inner horror, I run my gaze over his lean but muscular physique, easily seen, given his uniform.

No, I don’t linger on his male package. I’ve never been a crotch watcher like some of my girlfriends. An intelligent conversation is a must to get my desire all revved up, and juicy.

Quit staring. Yeah, like a silly little girl.

My cheeks burn, becoming red no doubt. I avert my gaze enough so that I’m not openly gawking at him. Snap out of it! How ridiculously embarrassing.

Besides, a lover is not on my life list, not right now, for a whole slew of reasons. Not that Mr. Dashing Renegade would even be interested. Probably not.

And since this is a sex-pleasure cruise—crew included as I understand it from rumors—he likely has any number of very eager erotic partners.

Still, warning…warning. Wailing sirens sound inside my head. When his gaze intently sweeps over me—before his full attention is on his brother, the Commander.

Initiate frigid bitch persona. Now! 

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Wishing you romance on the wild side…  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

June 30, 2016

Sensual Sabotage…Futuristic First Person WIP ~ Savanna Kougar

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I stumbled onto this cool cowboy pic the other day, which fits with my WIP, Wild Card Woman.

Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION.

Summer howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Here’s hoping your summer is going well. I’m grateful the heat has abated on the tame prairie, at least temporarily. High heat and humanity, yeah, no fun and so draining.

The other day, while trekking back from the mailbox, I saw the most beautiful large butterfly with leopard spots on the upper part of the wing. Then, a cardinal girl was a few feet away from me when I looked out my west-facing window. She was perched in my young peach tree…which did have a few peaches start growing this year, but apparently they weren’t strong enough to withstand the Spring rainstorms. Oh, and at the end of my drive I saw two young rabbits, probably about four months old. They’re adorable, of course. And not to forget the cutest little toad, who was sitting on my window sill during the recent nice rains we had…thank goodness, we needed that rain, and we need more.

Okay then, while waiting on WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL’s cover art, I’ve started a futuristic erotic romance. The heroine’s POV is being written in first person. Likely, I’ll do the hero’s POV in third person.

Hope springs eternal that this story will be novella sized. That is, assuming I continue. I’ve got such a huge WIP backup. Also, I’ve done some work on my WIP, Wild Card Woman [tentative title]. This is my heroine, who unexpectedly time travels, and her six cowboys, who live in the future. 

Just for grins, here’s the raw unedited first chapter of my latest WIP, tentatively titled: Sensual Sabotage.

Earth Colony Seven Nautilus
Earth Year Calendar, 2072

Chapter One

“The exodus,” I mutter to myself, and roll my eyes. Hardly a surprise, given last night’s blatant manipulation of the central voting computer.

Yeah, you had to be deaf, dumb, blind, and aerosol-drugged to the gills to believe the final count wasn’t rigged, and rigged bigtime. Meet the new tyranny same as the old tyranny. Only worse.

The flashing numbers on the monster screen still beat against the back of my sleep-deprived eyeballs. Ouch.

I squint, hoping the image will fade. Half-turning, I pretend to casually glance at the line of people forming behind me.

All of us wait our turn to step inside the neighborhood’s transport kiosk. Good thing, I made travel reservations early. Less suspicion about *my activities*, and I’d been able to prove to the centralist guard at my apartment that my digital papers were in perfect order.

“Abandoning ship?” the man in front of me, a senior business type, tersely whispers.

I nod, a mere tilt of my chin. He immediately faces forward again, intent on not gaining the attention of the local brownshirts. Interrogations have become commonplace. Some never return.

Why did I trust him? The extreme panic flickering in the depths of his eyes.

Besides, there’s a vibe. A decent soul has a shine, a burst of energy from the eyes that cannot be replicated if you’ve sold your soul to the corporate rulers.

Only ten ahead of me now. Before I can enter the transport that will beam me into the intergalactic spaceport. With each step forward, I tamp down my elation.

Too much emotion will register on the handhelds, and the brownshirts will appear slavering like they’ve been awarded a side of bacon.

Clutching my simple travel bag more tightly to my chest, I peek over my shoulder. No end to the line that I can see. That bodes trouble.

As I concentrate on relieving the tension in my stomach, I hear the telltale whoop-whoop-whoop of the pod air-cars from Central Control. Obviously, they’ve been alerted to the growing exodus.

Careful to remain calm enough, I silently practice what I’ll say if pulled out of line. I envision, then mentally live the scenario I want them to believe. Or, the basics for fooling their brainwave-reading devices.

Around me, I sense the fear, like tidal waves flowing up and down the line. Out of habit, I send a frequency of serenity over the crowd. Who knows how much it will help…I can only hope.

The Control officers buzz us, their six air-cars skimming mere feet above our heads. Yeah, yay, for intimidation.

Okay, eight people ahead of me now, and the Control pods are landing near the back of the line—likely where the most *we’ve got to escape the planet now* brainwaves have been detected.

Since the transport kiosk isn’t shut down—not yet—the line keeps moving. One by one, we the designated cattle stay on course, saving ourselves. Sadly, we ignore those being targeted by the big-brother predators. But, after all, herd survival is in play.

Often—when in a no-brain surveillance zone—I’ve asked myself what it would be like to live in a society where we’re free to care about each other…free to demand justice for each other.

Five ahead of me now. I catch myself nervously fingering the strap on my bag. I stop immediately.

Don’t look back…don’t look back. How I wish I could help those being singled out. But freaking hell, I can barely help myself.

I blank my mind, moving on robotic-like legs toward salvation. I hope.

Finally, the business man in front of me enters the kiosk. I swear, I feel his relief blanket me.

Time stretches like a malfunctioning warp engine. Still, I don’t fidget.

My heart hammers as the brass-colored door slides open. I can’t help it.

Already eyeing the selection panel, soaring with elation—the hand clamping hold of my shoulder before I can get inside rocks my little world. My instinct is to spin and attack, then jump inside the kiosk.

That would mean instant death. I’ve worked hard on this 3-D, human flesh body of mine. I like it.

I still have a lot of living to do in the material realm.

“Is there a problem?” I ask, careful to keep my tone on the cheerful side. I turn slowly, even as I’m pulled, none too gently, out of line.

“I recognize you.” Yeah, no pleasantries with this one. But he does let go of me. “City Hall, right?” he demands.

At least seven foot tall, barrel chested, and with overblown muscles, the officer pins me to the pavement with his stare. A permanent scowl seems to be etched on his face. Oh, goody.

“Yes, officer, I am employed at City Hall. Would you like to review my travel permit?” I hover my hand over my bag. My only goal right now. Look cooperative.

“Don’t you work beneath Commissioner Gadsen?” He holds his hand out for my permit.

“I do, officer. “ After briefly fishing in my bag, I give him the digital card.

“This isn’t the time of year for staff vacations. I know. The Commissioner is a friend.”

I say nothing, but keep a pleasant expression pasted on my face as he slides the card into his handheld. This is going to be an ordeal. I can tell by how thoroughly he’s checking every detail.

Certainly, I don’t remember ever seeing this typical, fat-butt, enforcement brute around the graphic design offices. You know, we make the city, and city events, look good image-wise. That’s my profession, advertise the city to planetary businesses.

My 3-D picture pops up, the small version. Mr. Officer with no badge identity like the officers used to have, takes his sweet time eyeing me. Several times, in fact.

“Everything looks in order,” he finally grunts, even as my internal clock is now beating against my breastbone, reminding me I could miss my flight.

“If you check the records, you’ll find I usually visit my sister this time of year.” I smile as if we’re good acquaintances. Yeah, any damn move to facilitate leaving.

He does just that, the hulking butthead. Moments later, the furrows between his eyebrows crease more. “Checks out, Ms. Wyzex.”

Gawd, I wish he hadn’t said my last name. The sound of his voice absolutely grates on my nerves, and does my name no service at all. Yuck.

“Is there anything else you require?” I say through compressed lips. That, or verbally assault him.

“When you return, why don’t we meet for a drink?” He tops it off with a smarmy smile, as if he knows I’m attracted to him. 


Wishing you romance on the wild side…  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

June 24, 2016

Cover Art Update … and the Porpoise Shapeshifter

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 Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION.

Kissing Porpoise Posters by Alan Metz at

Howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Summery heat on the tame prairie, alright. And the fields are being hayed…big round bales abound. Wow, lots of critters are roaming around at night, and I can’t identify all the sounds happening. And no, I haven’t been able to get the right lawn mower yet. ~sighs~

However, I decided, despite my budgetary restrictions, to contact amazing cover artist, Amanda Kelsey of I wasn’t able to create the results I wanted for WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL, the cover art…no surprise there, given my lack of digital art training. Also, when I did a cursory search for premade covers…GOOD GOSH! They wanted these high prices for covers that can’t compare to Amanda’s artistry. Who pays for this bad-quality stuff???

That asked, I have seen some good premade covers…one site is Jimmy Thomas’s Of course, it doesn’t work if you can’t find one that actually fits your story. Yeah, not many winged horse heroines out there. And even if you only look for a cover that depicts the couple and their passion, if it doesn’t fit the love story, it just doesn’t.

So, I just completed and e-sent the cover art form to Amanda. However, she can’t get to the design until the beginning of July. That gives me a chance to do some fine-tooth editing on the manuscript, which I’ve been doing on Chapter Two.  There are some tricky paragraphs describing the hero’s past as a super soldier.

Okay then, back to penning this bloggie…in the meantime I trekked down to my far-away mailbox. The air had turned much cooler, so that was good. But the sad thing—a gorgeous, very tall Mullein plant had been mutilated, and the smaller one next to it, also…why and who cut off a bunch of leaves and the flowering top? … don’t know. The plant wasn’t hurting anyone, and I enjoyed seeing it nearly everyday. Mullein is a very healing plant, especially for the lungs, and I wanted it to grow. Also, the leaves were used like toilet paper because they are so soft. Of course, many believe Mullein is a weed…what a pity that ‘belief’ is. ~sad sighs~

On the good side…


…the story idea from last week continues with the hero’s pov…

For half a year’s turning, he’d been keeping watch on the beaches where women often sunbathed alone. Now… by Poseidon’s dream, he’d found her, the human woman who would be his mate.

All he had to do was enchant the flame-haired beauty into his arms, activate her antediluvian, mermaid-like genes, then return to his undersea world.  Within her crystalline-bright aura, he witnessed the ancient genetic codes. Clear as the sky above, he also observed her feminine powers.

Most likely she had only a small awareness of her true goddess nature. That was the way of surface humanity. They’d been deactivated, cut off from their deepest spiritual knowing.

For ages, his pre-Atlantean race had lived in great civilizations beneath the sea. Porpoise shapeshifters, they’d adapted to ocean life on Earth after being marooned.

Marooned, because their ancestral, space-exploration ship encountered a devastating ion storm. The crew heroically limped the ship to the blue-water world. As time passed, the engineers could find no way to repair the leviathan-sized craft, and all communication with the nearest outpost had been lost.

Not wanting to frighten the naked beauty more than he already had, he stayed put on the beach. In his favor, the woman didn’t leap up and run off, but stared at him.

Slowly, he began his transformation to human form. Since the catastrophic fall of Atlantis, contact with the surface people had significantly dwindled, creating the idea that his kind was only a fanciful notion.

Only recently, with the need for new blood to keep their race vital, to thrive genetically, he and others in the warrior class searched for suitable human mates.


Wishing you romance on the wild side…  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

June 17, 2016

…the odd beautiful porpoise…

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Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION ~

Howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

A reprieve from the sudden elevation in summery-high heat today on the tame prairie, given rainclouds sailed by, and there was a nice overcast. Yeah, I’ve been searching for an *affordable* high wheel lawn mower… I need some good paths through my jungly countryside yard. And my health is finally up to this kind of exercise. Although, I have to be very careful, and am far from being completely healthy.

However, it’s a quandary about the lawn mower because I need to spend the money on stocking up on food. A grocery store is not just a jump, hop, and skip away…plus, with the current *emergency–anything could happen* climate, it is simply wise to be as prepared as possible.

So, it looks like I’ll be getting some good help with the cover art for WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL…but that’s about three weeks away. In the meantime, I’m editing/revising the final chapters, and will be fine-tuning the manuscript for Indie pubbing.

What’s next on the writing schedule? Good question. I’ve got projects up the wazoo, one of them being BLACK CAT BEAUTY, which was published at Liquid Silver. I wanted to do a quick revision, then Indie pub…but life took a different not-good turn, and I haven’t had the time or energy.

Another writerly project is an erotic romance menage tentatively titled: Wild Card Woman… my heroine ends up in a future Earth timeline with six sex-starved cowboys.

Anyway, I’m considering trying out an idea. That is, offering WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL here on the blog—in addition to the regular ebook vendors—for a dollar less in price. The ebook would be in PDF, and after making a paypal payment, then I’d email the book to you. But we’ll see.

Also, given my severe time limitations these days, I’m just not up to penning a new Flash Scene…not right now.


HOWEVER… this story idea just popped into my head…

The small private cove was ideal. The turquoise ocean, brilliant with late morning sunshine, lapped the white-sand beach. Cushioned by the hot sand, her naked body soaked in the life-giving rays. Serenity gradually replaced the severe stress she’d been under for the past year.


She’d never been one to turn tail and run… that was before HIM, the creepazoid who’d stolen her inheritance…almost.

Now escape felt good, given the con man extraordinairre had been sentenced to a long prison term. Okay, his brother had vowed revenge. But so what.

Listening to the soft crash of the waves, she stretched. Lazily, she settled into a new position on her thick towel, picked up her adventure romance novel, and leaned back against the beach pillow.

Even immersed in the story, she glimpsed the porpoise from the corner of her eye. Kind of hard to miss, the splendid creature swam back and forth, as if he or she wanted attention.

Since Mr. or Ms. Porpoise continued to glide close enough to the shore to be easily seen, she gave the sea mammal her undivided attention. Good gosh, how large was he?

Her eyes widened as the porpoise’s coloring dramatically changed. A sheen of vibrant blue and emerald green covered his streamlined yet strongly built form.

The moment she squinted and stared, the odd beautiful porpoise halted his methodical back and forth. With a minimal splash, he turned, swimming in her direction.

Startled, she straightened, but stayed put as he slid through the shallow waters. Yes, her heart thumped noisily.

Whipping to the side just before the shoreline, the unique porpoise gazed at her with one exceptionally large eye—as if he took her measure. Even from this distance, she observed glints of blue and green in his eye, like gems thrown inside—and the ring of white around his eye that glistened like crystal.

What the…???! What kind of porpoise species was he?

She leaned forward, studying him intently. An instant later, she was jerking backward, and dropping her book. He winked at her, a slow deliberate wink—even an audacious wink.

Could that be?

Before she could react, the huge shimmery creature faced her. Using the undulating power of his magnificent tail, he moved onto the beach…at least, the first half of him.

Run? Stay? Run like hell? Stay and see what happened next? Paralyzed by indecision, she simply stared, and felt her eyes widen to saucer-size.


Wishing you romance on the wild side…  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

June 9, 2016

Love Will Find You… and Cover Art Progress

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Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION.

Howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Summery greetings from the tame prairie…the yard rabbits are hopping through the tall grass and greenery…the deer have their regular travel route, which includes my surrounding acreage, and the front yard…sometimes, I hear the bucks snorting back and forth…and it’s getting hotter, as far as temps…several weeks ago I saw two nearly full-grown wild turkeys strutting by, not fifty feet from the front door…that was a first.

Anyway, only the last chapter of WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL remains to be revised/edited. As I said before, this is an erotic sex scene where my heroine, Keina, is giving Drev, his Christmas Eve present.

Also, I’ve been working on a longer blurb, and one of those condensed, few-line promos. This is what I have so far.

A passion that cannot be denied…

A woman banished from her realm…

A man who will fight for love no matter the cost…


BLURB: Drev Zander, ex super-soldier, built a new life in Wolf Peak Territory. His traumatic past is fading. On the Guardian Team, he battles sinister enemies threatening the shapeshifter community. After a mysterious Pegasus ruins his T-day plans, Drev finds the woman he’s been waiting for. Will she rule his heart?

Keina Svonj, winged horse shifter, is banished from her realm. The dastardly Prince convinced the King. Flying above the Montana forest, Keina interferes with a hunter. She mind-melds with him, and realizing her mistake, makes amends. Passion explodes between them. Love follows. Will Drev save her from a forced marriage?

Tagline: Ex super-soldier boy meets winged filly girl. Will they live happily ever after? In Wolf Peak Territory anything is possible.


And… DRUMROLL, PLEASE… I’ve been experimenting with creating my own cover art. I’ve always loved anything artsy, and have a bit of talent I’ve never really developed, as far as painting, drawing, etc. Of course, coming up with good cover art, is much more than being an artist-creative type. So, we’ll see.

Above is what I came up with, so far, using the *befunky photo editor*. I like the results, but have no idea if anyone else would… I want to add a couple of other images, and no, I don’t know what I’m doing…but will proceed nonetheless. I did add text I like, but couldn’t get rid of the original textbox. ~sighs~

On the good news side, I purchased a Wordperfect 12 CD, which installed just fine on the new/used computer. Those CDs are hard to find, and the Kougar paid well for it…but at least, it works. Yeah, I tried OpenOffice, which is good in certain ways…however Wordperfect is just easier to use for this Big Cat.

Also, the prologue I wrote of Keina arriving on Earth from her dimension-realm, Equirion, is now Chapter One. Here’s a preview of the first seven paragraphs.

Chapter One:
Love Will Find You

The Realm of Equirion,
Home To a Race of Winged Horse Shapeshifters
November 2015, Earth Calendar Time

“You will regret this punishment. I am innocent.” Keina tilted her chin in defiance, even as she obediently walked toward the King’s travel portal, a gateway to several dimensions.

“Let us hope when you return, Keina, love will find you. It is past time you were happily mated.” The King’s sonorous, all-knowing voice rang through the castle chamber.

How dare he! Flubergastov, she cursed. It’s not as though I’ve hoof-kicked love away.
As she waited for the crystal key to be inserted, Keina folded her arms. She chomped down on the bit that was her rising fury. No good would be served if she threw a rip-snorting tantrum.

But what am I? The Queen of Being Banished?

Still, Earth did have its delights, as she’d been forced discover. What did excite her, though. During her last trip to the blue-marble planet, she’d discovered a haven for shapeshifters—located inside the state of Montana.

The portal’s entry-point appeared, and Keina stepped into a narrow hallway inside an ancient Atlantean temple. An instant of dizziness hit her, unusual, but likely caused by her extreme distress, her seething anger.


Wishing you romance on the wild side…  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

December 31, 2015

Dyntr, wolf shifter and a former high plains drifter… by Savanna Kougar

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Happy New Year Howls and Yowls, Shapeshifter Lovers. 

Say goodbye to 2015! Yep, the year was almost a whirlwind. And likely 2016 will be the same, as far as this ‘quickening’ speed.

Once again, it took me all day to write this flash scene. As usual, just too many interruptions. Anyway, Kazsmere and Dyntr are two new characters in Wolf Peak Territory.  Maybe, they’ll be celebrating the New Year together. ~smiles~


Dyntr, wolf shifter and a former high plains drifter… 

“No!” Kazsmere wailed. Her heart thumped in that way when she knew something horrible had just happened—a feeling she was all too familiar with in her short life.

Panic fueled her, and she running-crunched through the near foot of snow, toward the bent-trunk pine tree. He lay on his side, his body freezing in the close to zero temps.

Kazsmere fell to her knees immediately. She wrapped her arms around his beautiful fur body, hugging him close. He was dead. She felt it, knew it.

His breath of life was gone.

Hadn’t he told her his time had come? Over the past several months, he’d embraced her in his fatherly manner, saying, “It’s a good day to die.”

Even so, the terrible sting of his passing to the Great Beyond cut through Kazsmere, a merciless knife. She wept, her tears a downpour…so fast they didn’t freeze on her cheeks.

Wind Cloud, her wolf in man and animal form, had been her mentor, her companion since her escape from the shadow-gov compound. Some five years ago.

They’d been on the run for three of those years, until finding Talbot Peak territory…now, as she understood it, Wolf Peak Territory. For two years, not quite trusting anyone—and not wanting to endanger anyone with those who hunted them—the two of them lived in a huge, dugout lair.

Rarely interacting with anyone in town or at the Pleasure Club compound, they’d managed on their own, living comfortably enough. Now…she didn’t care. Kazsmere wanted her precious friend back. Selfishly, she wanted him back in his body.

She hugged his lifeless form tighter. More tears rained down her cheeks.

‘Little One,’ she heard. ‘I cannot return. My time on Mother Earth is finished.’ Kazsmere felt his spirit hand on her shoulder, comforting her. ‘You will be protected. I promise.’

‘No,’ she screamed in her mind. ‘Please, come back…please… I love you… please…”

Still, knowing it was not to be—her heart cracking in two—Kazsmere gently laid Wind Cloud’s wolf body onto its bed of snow. She knew he’d chosen this old, bent, but proud-limbed tree. Heavy with pine needles, and inches of snow…yet, Wind Cloud had placed himself where she could easily see him. So she would know how and why he’d gone to his spirit home.

God! The pain was a giant razor slicing through her.


Dyntr, wolf shifter and a former high plains drifter, loped over the area of Wolf Peak Territory he regularly patrolled for Dante. They’d come to a quick arrangement when he’d first arrived, several winters past—that was, a large, comfortably outfitted cabin and his rooms inside the Pleasure Club’s survival wing, known as Bunkerville—in trade for his eyes and wolf-nose surveillance, his regular reports about who came and went, and how well the land and wildlife fared.

So far, he’d faithfully kept his side of the bargain, and intended to keep doing so. After all, the rewards had him howling with glee. He’d also made steadfast friends with several of those who were loyal to Dante.

With his nose fully operational, it took Dyntr only minutes to find the woman he’d promised Dante to watch over. This, despite her protector wolfman.

What was she doing out in these frigid-to-the-bone temps?

Dyntr soon discovered why. She knelt, holding Wind Cloud’s corpse. The smell of her tears flooded his nostrils, and touched his heart deeply.

He crept closer, his footfalls almost silent. The woman was a raving beauty. But he’d kept his distance, well knowing her distrust of anyone and everyone. And there’d been the fact that she and the shaman wolf shifter wanted to be left alone.

Given his preference for hermit-like privacy, and his preference for lots of dang breathing room, Dyntr respected that choice.

Now… she needed someone. And he was just the wolf for the job, not withstanding his word to Dante.

Dyntr altered his course, circling so she would have a clear view of his slow, non-aggressive approach. What he did know about Kazsmere, she possessed wolf shifter blood, and had been learning how to morph.

When Dante asked him to watch over Kazsmere, he’d revealed she’d been a captive of a secret nefarious group, but escaped with the help of an infiltrator, a shifter he knew personally, who was a private mercenary, and on another mission.

At the time of her capture, Kazsmere hadn’t known her mother had been impregnated with a wolfman’s sperm. That as his daughter, she’d been under constant surveillance, and ultimately retrieved by the sinister, gene-manipulating lab.

Dyntr lowered his head the moment she spotted him. He moved even more slowly.

“I know you.” She spoke in a teary voice, sniffling. “Wind Cloud…” she glanced at his body, now lying on the blanket of snow, “he said you lived near us…that you were part of Dante’s patrol team.”

Dyntr sat on his rump, and gave an affirming nod. Given he’d be bare-ass naked if he shifted, he remained as wolf.

His gaze steady on her, Dyntr looked for a sign as to what he should do next. He wasn’t leaving Kazsmere out here by herself. No sirreee. .

Unexpected by him, that was for damn certain, she opened her arms wide. “Please, can I give you a hug? I—I…you’re a handsome wolf…I—I would love to hug you.”

Before he knew his legs were moving, Dyntr walked into her arms. She hugged him fully, without reserve, and he couldn’t help but feel her natural love of wolves.

In moments, Dyntr heard her choking sobs. She wept hard, clinging to him as her body jerked with her grief.

Once her tears ended, and she simply held onto him, her fists balled in his coat,  Dyntr leaned back. He licked her face.

“He’s gone,” she murmured. “I mean he’s physically gone. I still feel him…in, in the spirit world.”

Dyntr nodded his head against her cheek to let her know he understood.

“What now?” she asked mournfully. Letting go of him, she sat back on her heels. “I know Wind Cloud wants to leave his body here, let Mother Nature have final say over him.”

Dyntr watched her stand. Shakily, she straightened. “I have to go back, take care of the fire.”

Knowing Dante would understand, would approve, Dyntr moved beside Kazsmere as if he were now her companion wolf. With a single sob, she sunk her gloved hand into his neck ruff, and they moved together toward her lair.

“Thanks, thanks, for walking me back.” She paused. “Dyntr is your name, right?”

He brushed his head against her leg letting Kazsmere know that was his name.

“I heard in town…they called you a cowboy drifter…that you resemble Clint Eastwood, when he was younger. True?”

Again, Dyntr touched her leg with his head. Clint Eastwood, the actor? Well heck, no skin off his hide, if she believed that. At least, not for now.

Later she could tell him if he looked like Mr Make My Day.

The most important matter was to get Kazsmere back home, make certain she was safe, cared for.

He’d contact Dante, let him or one of his pack know the situation.

“I’ll bet we could communicate mind to mind…if we try. You know, I’m part wolf shapeshifter.”

Dyntr grinned, his wolf lips curling upward. Was his dream of having a beautiful mate, one who wanted to share his wild forest lifestyle about to come true?

If the Great Wolf One was kind…


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

December 24, 2015

In the spirit of the season… by Savanna Kougar

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Merry Christmas and Happy Howlidays, shapeshifter lovers. 

Gosh, what a busy-busy day. Hence my flash scene has been delayed. This week stars White Fang Khent, ace crime reporter. He was my very first character in Talbot Peak. Because, at the time, someone had to rescue Kitty [Dante’s beloved mate].

One of these days, I may even get to finish White Fang and Pasha’s erotic love story. Yes, a lot of their story is already written.

ONCE AGAIN: Every soul, shifter and supernatural, wishes you and yours the merriest and most miraculous of holidays.


In the spirit of the season… 

In the spirit of the season, White Fang Khent, super wolf shifter and ace reporter, hung the festive holly wreathe on the front door of the Moonrise Daily Tribune, a quaint, two storey building with tall, white-framed windows. He and Night Runner, another super wolf from his homeworld of Syxxrion, had used their flash-speed to put up the red-brick structure, nearly overnight. That is, after carefully studying the blueprints supplied by the architects on Dante’s staff.

As he and Pasha stood together, gazing at the bronze plaque above the white, wooden, double doors, she squeezed his arm lovingly. “Moonrise Daily Tribune,” his Egyptian cat goddess purred. “I would never have believed I’d find this simple town lifestyle quite appealing.”

“Quite appealing. I share your thoughts about our little town.” White Fang stroked his lover’s arm. “There’s a sense of freedom here, Pasha. I don’t have to hide who I am. Not anymore.”

“Yes, I know.” The soft depth of Pasha’s voice arrowed straight into his heart. “I am freer to be myself. With my powers it has never been easy. I believe I am even beginning to appreciate the snowflakes swirling around us.”

Even though the Montana winter wickedly snarled and howled around them, the farm town Dante purchased—then christened Moonrise Lake—had quickly grown in population and buildings. Given recent snowstorms had dumped a couple of feet of the white stuff, he and Pasha bundled up—coats, hats, boots, gloves.

Then, for the romping-joy of it, they’d tromped through the snow, touring the idyllic American town. After all, not many in town owned the time or energy to shovel off the sidewalks. Not yet.

Yet Christmas holiday lights and decorations cheerily graced the shops and homes. A troupe of teen shifters/supernaturals had enthusiastically offered to string the red, green, and white lights. With the assistance of the ram firefighters, Zerlo and Dilesco, the teens put up the tiny bright lights. Afterward, they caroled popular holiday songs before the town square’s Christmas tree. Of course, they’d been rewarded with hot apple cider, hot chocolate, and holiday cookies.

“Here we go. Let’s go inside.” White Fang turned the brass handle, opening the door. Lit by winter’s noon sun, the gleaming wood interior installed by Dante’s team of builders, greeted him and Pasha.

Soon equipment and furnishings would fill the building. Also, a tunnel from the Pleasure Club complex would be constructed.

Once the notice went out that there’d be a town paper, dog-rabid interest ensued. Interviewing for editors, reporters, an office crew, had taken much of White Fang’s time the last several days.

As they strolled from room to room, his beautiful Pasha hugged his arm. “I never felt like I belonged in Talbot Peak, as accepting as many were,” she confided. “Truth, my handsome beast,” her tone turned solemn, “since the glory days of Egypt I’ve never felt I belonged anywhere on Earth. Now…I–I…this is beginning to feel like home. A real home.”

White Fang halted, facing his woman. He beheld Pasha’s exotic lovely face, looked into her jewel-blazing eyes. “You belong in my arms,” he rumbled passionately.

“I belong in your arms,” she softly returned. Passion caused her gaze to become half-lidded.

Their gazes melted into one another, and White Fang witnessed her fiery fierce love for him deep within her eyes. Over the years, he’d done all in his power as a man to stoke those flames of love. From Pasha’s first seduction of him, their passion ignited like wildfire, an unstoppable roaring wildfire neither one of them wanted to put out.

Yet, he’d wanted her well-guarded heart as well.

“Country home or an apartment close to town?” he asked tenderly.

Pasha frowned slightly. “You gave up the apartment in Talbot Peak long ago…why?…”

“You know I’ll have to be the paw/hand behind the scenes at the paper. At least, for a time.” White Fang enfolded her hand, gently squeezing. “No,” he answered her look of concern, “I would never give up our suite at the Pleasure Club. Never.”

“What about the tunnel, my ace reporter? Not that I—”

“Won’t be built until Spring. Besides, I’m thinking, my Pasha, that a home will give us a closer connection to the townsfolk.”

“Do you mean as in trusting you with news tips?”

Adoring her phrasing and accent, White Fang kissed the tip of Pasha’s nose. He gave a short nod. “That, and folks trusting me, and therefore trusting the newspaper.”

“You want to keep a muckraker nose and eye out too, don’t you?” Smiling, she arched a brow.

“Can’t let ourselves be infiltrated by state bureaucrats, or any enemy group.” White Fang drew his Pasha close, and she rested her cheek against his chest.

“I could monitor the gossip in town,” she offered. “Although my social skills are lacking in this culture.”

“You’ll learn.” White Fang spoke tenderly. “You didn’t answer my question, beloved Pasha. Would you prefer to live in town…”

“Country home,” she interrupted, her voice an eager purr. “However, you must agree to allow my decorating skills.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, darling.”  White Fang embraced his cat goddess, and rocked her. “You have final say over the house’s design. I promise.”

“When you promise, handsome, it’s gold.” Pasha cupped his face between her gloved hands. Love sparkled her eyes.

White Fang covered her hands with his. Love coursed through him, blazing, an inferno that spilled from his heart. “We have an appointment at Kalindi’s shop for her special hot chocolate.”

“We do?” Pasha lilted, her tone teasing.

“We do. We have house plans to look over.”

Pasha raised on tiptoe throwing her arms around his neck. Their kiss should have burned down the Moonrise Daily Tribune. Before the newspaper even launched.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance 


December 19, 2015

Goodbye, Gone with wild sweep of the winds… by Savanna Kougar

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Merry Christmas and Happy Howlidays, shapeshifter lovers. 

In this flash scene, Dante and Kitty, move forward in their lives. The time has come to say the final goodbye to Talbot Peak…to begin a new chapter of their lives in Wolf Peak Territory…to build their small town of Moonrise, Montana.

Every soul, shifter and supernatural, wishes you and yours the merriest and most miraculous of holidays.


Goodbye, Gone with wild sweep of the winds… 

From his underground tunnel Dante, alpha werewolf, took a last look at the basement room beneath the Talbot Peak library. Silently, he woofed ‘goodbye’ to the shifter/supernaturals’ town—to all those he once cared deeply about. Including Mayor Gilbert, and the mayor’s pal, Chewie, the rat shifter from New York City.

The unfortunate situation Gilbert, the white were-squirrel, had caused was like a fur hunter’s steel-spring trap. Dante didn’t intend to be cruelly trapped. He didn’t intend to allow all those he loved, those who remained loyal to him, to be captured or assassinated by any number of diabolical enemies—enemies from across the planet.

Already Talbot Peak crawled with undercover agents from various, super secret organizations. Yeah, howls from hell, cryptid hunters, monster hunters, and avid paranormal investigators, arrived daily.

There’d been no way for his cyber team to stop the viral communication exposing Talbot Peak, especially on the dark net. And scat dammit, the town’s computers were under constant hack attacks—from the amateur who simply wanted info about shapeshifters to the shadowy groups whose mission was to murder every living shifter.

Dante growled mentally, savagely. He’d recently sent his own covert team into Talbot Peak to keep an eye on the unfolding deadly nightmare. As humans, they were likely to be ignored,  even with their super psychic powers.

A mix of fierce emotions raced through Dante as he closed the tunnel’s round, ten-foot titanum door. Sadness, disappointment, regret, fury—compassion for the innocent who stayed blind, and pity for those who believed the establishment cared about them.

The loud solid clank as the tunnel door settled into position ripped through Dante, in a painful way he hadn’t expected. Howls! He’d put his wolf heart and soul into building up Talbot Peak.

Spinning the locking mechanism, Dante sealed the door. He’d had the roomy tunnel constructed from the Pleasure Club to the library for two main reasons. First, for his beloved Kitty, so she could easily come to him without being detected—and so he could come to her. Over the past several years, their love and lust for each other had only grown. Beyond what he dared to imagine.

The second reason, should there ever be a catastrophic event where the town needed to be evacuated, everyone could have been moved to Bunkerville, the prepper-survival wing he’d built inside his Pleasure Club compound. Dante’d made certain his survival team stocked enough food and supplies to take care of every man, woman, and child for several years.


Now that was gone. Gone with wild sweep of the winds over Wolf Peak Territory.

And, now to keep everyone in his pack’s territory safe, Dante sealed both of his tunnels into Talbot Peak. Earlier in the day, he’d shut off the other tunnel that opened beneath the highschool gymnasium. That had been the designated gathering point in an case of an emergency evacuation.

“Goodbye,” Kitty teary-whispered. She stood behind him.

“Goodbye,” Dante echoed. He spun to his Kitty.

His beautiful mate’s face dripped with slow-rolling tears. Her gorgeous eyes were pools reflecting the devastating sadness that lived deep inside her.

As if to shield herself from more pain, his woman clutched an enormous, gold-lettered, leather-bound tome to her chest. Beside her was a large rolling cart where she’d stacked her personal collection of ancient manuscripts, and the last of her belongings.

During the week they’d moved her possessions out of the small house Kitty owned, where she’d lived ever since her family’s arrival in Talbot Peak. Several years before his sire, Daemon, had taken over the small, off-the-beaten-path town, they’d fallen in love, become teenage lovers.

But because his werewolf sire ferociously, ruthlessly hated feline shifters, and Kitty’s life had been in danger, Dante had roared out of the Peak on his Harley. He’d traveled the world, explored whatever fascinated him, and found other hidden shifter and supernatural communities. He’d befriended many, as they’d befriend him.

Now, he was leaving Talbot Peak again. The difference, his Kitty was beside him, his forever mate. That’s all that mattered. That, and the Wolf Peak home he could provide to keep her safe from his sire, from the barbaric, cunning evils of the world.

Together, over the past years, they’d built a strong, prospering community of shapeshifters and supernatural types. Now… howls to Mother Moon… now, they would continue, move forward, along with those in his Inner Circle of Protectors—like White Fang, his right hand super-wolf man.

As Dante approached, his Kitty carefully placed the tome she’d discovered inside a Templar type of chest on the cart. “Yes, go ahead. Thank you.” She gave a grateful nod to Kailla, her assistant.

The human woman had recently moved to Talbot Peak to work in the library. Given Kailla was being wooed by Thundercloud, a silver wolf-god, she’d decided to live at the Pleasure Club complex. Besides, Dante knew from Kitty that Kailla despised corrupt politicians, and believed strongly in free speech— in the right of creative free expression. That she wanted no part in the high-handed way Gilbert was currently running Talbot Peak.

Dante took Kitty in his arms, hugging her close. He felt her teardrops as their hearts joined, beating in sync. For long moments, they simply stood together, embracing each other—wrapped in each other, wrapped in that perfect and sacred union of male and female.

“We’ll build a better town. We’ll make certain everyone has a wonderful Christmas holiday.” His Kitty spoke with spirited determination. Raising her head, she gazed at him, and Dante lost himself in the sparkling loveliness that were her eyes.

“No use crying over spilt milk…right?” his woman quipped. She trailed her fingertips along his cheek, and smiled a tiny brave smile.

“It’s all about protecting our own right now… and celebrating the season, my beautiful kitten.”

“Yes…it is,” she softly replied. Her love for him shone in her eyes, as brightly as any Christmas star atop a tree.

Dante stroked his woman’s hair. As usual, her inner glow transfixed him, and pleasurably leashed him.

“Lots of mistletoe decorating the Pleasure Club,” he teased in a low tone—in the intimate voice he used only for her.

“Is that so, my big bad werewolf? I’ll just have to drag you beneath the mistletoe…”

Kitty didn’t get to finish. Wild with desire, Dante dipped his head and kissed her lush lips. For a very long time.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance 

Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION.

November 5, 2015

The Drone Attack On Talbot’s Peak Territory by Savanna Kougar

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November howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

So, good intentions be damned today. I’d planned to get this first draft of my chapter written and posted in a much more timely manner. But no such luck. I had to do an emergency fix-up job, and to do it, I had to dig through stuff to find what I needed… and so on, and so on… then, the day went wacky-busy from there.

However, here it is—finally—a rough-draft chapter from Keina and Drev’s erotic love story, Waiting For a Filly Girl, a SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS WIP.


The Drone Attack On Talbot’s Peak Territory 

Drev glued his gaze on Keina as she galloped over a flat stretch of ground. Her sheer beauty as winged horse bewitched him. No doubt, bewitched him.

Symone rode on his filly’s back as if she’d been born to it. Earlier in the day, the two of them had gone on a long test flight, which had been declared successful.

Enchanted by the flapping of her pale glimmering wings, Drev watched Keina launch skyward. Her lush tail flowed like a silvery banner, and her magnificent wings strongly beat the air.

Drev felt his spirit soar with her.

Quicker than he liked, Keina and Symone become super tiny in appearance, a gleam against the star-filled night sky. The plan was to sharpshoot from on high.

“That’s my sheila warrior.” Dugger’s words were quiet, given the night had a thousand enemy ears. Right now.

“Yep, Symone is an amazing warrior,” Drev offered under his breath. “I hear the  drones.” He spoke moments later, his gaze still on the circling bright speck that was his filly girl.

“Yeah, my ears aren’t tuned like yours, mate.”

“The vibrations are a warning buzz inside me.”

“How far out?” Dugger asked.

“Fifty miles, I’d judge.”

“Right on target. Just got a telepathic message from Dante,” Dugger explained. “He also informed us two of the Dragon squad are about to engage.”

“More fire power to them. I’m about to inflict my own scorched drone policy.”  Drev  pointed one of his high-powered rifles in the direction where the drone swarm was loudest. Dante’s armory hadn’t been a disappointment, to put it mildly.

“Drones on the barbie.” Dugger brandished one of his portable rocket launchers. “I’m about to smoke as many as the Good Dingo Above grants me.”

.With an *I’m your comrade in arms* slap on Drev’s back, the dingo shifter whirled, jogging for his chosen battle position—high atop the ridge running north of them.

To see Keina and Symone easier, Drev switched on his super soldier side, using a trigger thought. Immediately, his metabolism hit full throttle, his five senses heightened, and his strength level jumped several notches.

His years of specialized training surfaced—like a shark on the hunt for dinner, as he often envisioned it. His focus turned razor sharp, the rest of the world forgotten.

The mission was everything.

The difference now, Keina remained in the back of his mind like a bright angel. Drev spared a smile.

They knew, he determined, observing Keina rapidly fly toward the approaching drone army. Fear for her wanted to swamp him, bring him to his knees. Drev squashed his weakness, taking several minutes to view her battle victory on his mindscreen.

Dressed in full battle rattle, high-powered rifle in hand, he jogged over the rock-strewn terrain, his destination a solitary boulder formation. In the partial moonlight, the natural structure reminded him of a crudely built fortress.

With the agility of a mountain goat, Drev climbed to the top. He positioned himself between two substantial boulders, one with a relatively flat surface.

Quick, precise, he readied his weaponry and ammo, then scanned the starry canopy overhead. Given the power of his eyesight, no binoculars needed.

Aware spy satellites were being used in this drone op against them, Drev aimed his consciousness skyward, wanting to tune in. He and Dante had discussed this skynet enemy, and the alpha wolf had assured him that his cyber team planned to intervene, to shut down the space-laser tech when necessary.

Because the dirty truth about both digital and back-engineered ET tech. Everything could be hacked.

Drev figured hacking, destroying the cyber innards of the satellites, was only fair—a true balancing of the Universal force. After all, in this Big Brother day and age the human mind had been hacked and highjacked by the shadow-gov’s propagandists.

Lock and load, Drev told himself, as the drone buzz intensified inside him. Pissed off bees owned his bloodstream—that’s how it felt.  With rapid efficiency, he readied his four rifles, checked his side pistols, then placed the specialized grenades within easy reach.

‘Drev…’ Keina mind-contacted.

‘Here, sweetheart. Talk to me.’

‘We’re circling above…’

‘What is it, Keina?’

‘There must be a hundred of these flying mechanical killers.’

‘A hundred!’ Drev shuddered inside despite his super-soldier focus. His mind spun, seeking a strategy. ‘How fast can Symone pick them off?’

‘Not fast enough. Too many will attack us.’

‘Are you in danger now?’ Drev demanded.

‘No. We’re following high above. None have broken from formation.’

‘Stay high. Wait until Dugger and I can blast them out of the sky.’

‘That is Symone’s plan. First…’

‘First what, Keina?’

‘We’re doing a low flyby to machine-gun a group of them. Just before they’re in range for you and Dugger.’

Damn! ‘Are you able to out-fly those giant houseflies?’

‘I believe so. Symone can shoot accurately no matter my speed. Keep them off my horse’s ass.’

Drev clamped his jaw tight. Before he begged his filly girl to return. Now. Instead, he asked, ‘Is Symone mind-speaking with Dugger?’

‘She’s in contact. When you see what looks like fireworks popping off, that will be our first attack.’

‘Last thing I want is you and Symone in the crossfire.’

“Don’t sweat any bullets,’ his filly girl attempted a bit of humor.

‘Super soldiers don’t sweat bullets. We eat them for breakfast like cornflakes. Uh, like oat granola.’ Lame, Drev my man, but it was the best he could do while worrying about his woman.

“Oat granola. Good one, Drev.’

‘You’re feeling strong, right, Keina?’

‘The battle mare is large and in charge.’

Drev had to crack a grin at Keina’s twisting of societal phrases. Far more crucial, he felt her strength. Temporary relief flooded him. ‘She is. I feel her.’

‘Teamwork, stud man.’

‘Yes, we are a team.’

‘Head’s up. We’re about to do a strafing run.’

‘Keina, can you do the vid thing inside my head?’ Drev thought better of it, a split second later.  ‘Wait, will that take too much of your energy? Will you lose combat focus?’

‘Drev, they’re attacking!’

‘How many?’ His heartbeat thundered. If he had to leap off this heap of boulders, race toward those freaking-ass drones.

‘Ten. Signing off.’

Frantic yet controlled, Drev searched the horizon for any sign of the drone swarm.  One, two, three seconds, he heard the soft echoing blast of Symone’s plasma rifle.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


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