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October 2, 2015

Did the man lift mountains as a hobby? by Savanna Kougar

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End of September howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Here’s another continuation of my recent flash scenes, *One Shade of Silver Wolf* and *Thundercloud yanked on his mental leash.*.  Thundercloud and Kailla are at Talbot Peak’s BBQ cookoff and faire, standing at one of the arts and crafts booths.


Did the man lift mountains as a hobby?

Kailla willed her feet to move, to become unglued from the sidewalk. She needed to walk away, walk anywhere…leave! … there was just something about the man standing behind her. That ‘something’ tingle-shivered through her as if she suddenly found herself naked on a iceberg. What the hell?!

‘Move!’ she commanded her feet, even as the man began to answer the carver.

“Perfect, Carl. Those silvery shades are most popular with our customers. Count on my brother, Storm, to be in touch soon.”

With the man’s towering low voice doing the silky dance through her, Kailla twisted around to get a glimpse of him. Yeah, she’d failed. But, who had a brother named Storm? And he was called Thunder…

Her gaze kept rising. Eye-to-eye with his fab-abs at first—covered only by the stretchy clingy, dark gray material of his muscle shirt—Kailla stopped at the over-large breadth of his chest. Did the man lift mountains as a hobby?

“New in town?” the man pleasantly inquired. Although, the undertone of his voice was electric, just like a coming thunderstorm. And her body reacted.

“Yes.” Somehow the word croaked out of her constricted throat. Her gaze found his face, having halted again at his neck… a strong corded column, yet not bulky. He wasn’t the prize fighter type as her Dad would say.

Kailla absolutely stared at his bold features. Viking…the stuff of a woman’s fantasies. Oh, damn…

“Thundercloud,” he introduced himself. He started to raise his hand, as if he would shake hers. But there wasn’t enough room between them.

Good thing. If she touched him… well, his hand might feel way too good … and she really, really didn’t want to get involved. Besides, who knew what manly mojo he possessed? And, who could miss his interest in her—shining like a neon sign in his lake-blue eyes.

“Kailla.” Yeah, involuntarily her name had escaped. What now? She could say something like ‘I need to go’ … ‘nice meeting you’ … then just turn away…

“Which carving is your favorite, Kailla?” he conversationally asked… yet that *lightning in the air* feeling still zapped her. And why did her name have to feel so good when he said it?

And why couldn’t he be a dolt with pathetically few brain cells. No, oh no, a super intelligence lurked behind those Viking eyes. Double damn. Her only saving grace, the hormone thing hadn’t kicked in… well, not fully. She could still walk away.

Instead… “They’re all beautiful. Amazing, really. I take it you like wolves.”

Something flickered in the depths of his eyes. A secret? Kailla usually knew when someone lied, or was being deceptive. She’d been that way since a small child.

She’d also learned the hard way, as a kid, that some secrets should be kept hidden. To protect the innocent. Yeah, some secrets could be misinterpreted, then used like machine-gun ammo to take someone good down. Throughout her life, she’d watched it happen, time and time again. And been victimized herself a few times. Enemies were around every corner, especially in the current super-surveillance climate.

“You could say I like wolves,” he smoothly responded. “There are several packs around here. I’ve seen them in the wilds.”

Eeriness washed over Kailla. “I saw a wolf just before arriving in town. A huge silver one. It was strange,” she tacked on, even as goosebumps slithered down her arms.

“How so?” Again that flicker, and a speculative darkening of his eyes.

“I didn’t think wolves chased vehicles. I know he wasn’t a dog. Unless, he was less than half wolf.” Kailla paused, assessing the man’s expression. “Are the wolves in this area aggressive toward people?”

“In the last several years there have been a few incidents of wolves being aggressive. However, so far, it’s been against bad guys. Those who have hurt others.” Thundercloud’s stance eased. His penetrating gaze remained the same. “No one was killed or hurt seriously. Although…”

“Although?” Kailla quirked a brow, sensing there was a complexity to the situation he wasn’t revealing.

An audible whoosh of breath passed between his admittedly gorgeous lips. “Some years ago before I and my brothers arrived, there was a change in the power structure of the town.” After a hesitation, he continued. “As I understand, a woman named Kitty was threatened after she wrote a letter to editor of the G & B Gazette. She complained about the change in the paper. The word ‘roadkill’ was used, and some charged, believed a werewolf pack had taken over Talbot’s Peak.”

“Wow… that is, is unusual.” Taken aback by his words, Kailla wondered that she didn’t take actual steps backward.

“That story brings in the tourists,” Carl, the wood carver, piped up. “Nowadays folks believe the wolves are like spirit-animal protectors. Right, Thunder?”

“Right. Like you say. Kailla, if you’d like to meet Kitty, she runs the library in town. She’s also Dante’s girl. He owns the business complex where my brothers and I have a nightclub.”

Nightclub. Images ran rampant through her head. A Viking hunk who apparently owns a nightclub. Did his brothers resemble him?

“That’s why all the wolf art?” Kailla figured she’d go down that trail, for now. That is, instead of explaining she’d already met Kitty, by phone, by Skype, and was about to teach computer research skills at the library. “People think of the wolves as protectors?”

Thunder gave a short nod. “Would you like a spirit wolf in wood form? I’d like to buy one for you.”

A gift. Double oh no! The man was real serious about getting to know her. Decision time.

‘Walk away,’ Kailla told herself. Repeatedly told herself. Say anything, make any excuse. Just leave.

Was she nodding in acceptance? Good God! What was she doing? Every particle of her wanted to cocoon for awhile. Lick her wounds. Adjust to life in Talbot’s Peak.

But no… other parts of her sparked to life. Unable to prevent her next words, Kailla heard herself speak. “Thank you. I’d like a spirit wolf, given I’ll be living in Talbot’s Peak. I’m sure I need the good luck, the protection.”

Did Thunder’s features just transform? What appeared to be a satisfied smile flashed across his face. His eyes glowed bluer, the gleam almost supernatural.

“Let’s find out which one is your favorite.” He pivoted and swept his arm over the display.

Still attempting to talk herself out of accepting a gift from him, Kailla tore her gaze from his face. She turned around, and with deliberate care studied the lovely carvings. Was there one that closely resembled the enormous silver wolf she’d seen charging her minivan?

“How about this one?” Carl reached beneath his table producing a carving that was substantially larger than the ones on the table. The running wolf had been carved out of a silvery wood.

“Oooh, I like it. Wait. Isn’t this too expensive?” Okay, her thrifty nature had surfaced. But, she didn’t want this Thunder guy thinking he could buy her, either.

Still, as Carl handed the beautiful powerful wolf to her, Kailla took hold. She wanted a closer look at the magnificent wood sculpture. She wanted to feel it. Yep, she was tactile by nature also. Studying the carving’s detail, she stroked over the wolf with one fingertip.

“Hardly too expensive.” Thunder spoke in a magnanimous growl.

“I’ll put it on your bill.” Carl’s enthusiasm at the sell couldn’t be missed. Okay, who was she to deny him a living? Not like artists had it easy. Usually.

“Why don’t I wrap that up for you?” Carl retrieved one of his attractive bags, and reached for the tissue paper.

Kailla handed over the wolf carving. The deed was done. She’d have to deal with the consequences. With that in mind, she faced Mr. Viking Thundercloud.

‘Thank you,’ formed on her lips. But before she could speak, he asked, “Are you hungry?”

Embarrassingly, her stomach growled. “Obviously hungry like a wolf.” Kailla grinned a little at him. “Missed some meals on my drive to Talbot’s Peak.”

“Why don’t we do a tour and decide which BBQ stand to try first.” Thundercloud offered his arm.



Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


September 25, 2015

High voltage might as well have zapped…by Savanna Kougar

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A pup-baby pic of Dugger, dingo shifter. ~grinz~

Autumn howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Can you feel the Halloween season lurking around the proverbial corner? Yep, like a werewolf on the hunt. All the weres, shifters, and supernaturals in Talbot’s Peak territory  are feeling the pulse and pull of this open-the-veil celebration.

Okay, as usual, I have time constraints. Also, the Muse insisted on continuing Keina and Drev’s erotic love story, Waiting For a Filly Girl, a SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS WIP. This is a good thing, since I’d love to get their story finished and pubbed.

So, here’s an *unedited, raw draft* of Chapter Forty. This scene provides a look at the Peak’s shifter culture, as well as a glimpse inside Dante’s Interspecies Pleasure Club… but, no, sad to disappoint, there is no x-rated action. Not yet.

Tagline: Ex super-soldier boy meets winged filly girl. Will they live happily ever after? In Talbot’s Peak territory anything is possible.

Setup: Drev, Keina, and Dugger, along with his mate, Symone, have just finished their guardian patrol of TP territory, and are now on their way to enjoy dinner together.

Chapter Forty ~

High voltage might as well have zapped Drev, given Keina’s eagerness. Damn, he hated like hell to deny her. And himself.

“Sorry, sweetheart. I’ll show you our home away from home before we leave. But we need to get back to the cabin. There’s a repair I have to make on the solar furnace.”

She pressed her head against his arm, and affectionately rubbed. “I understand, Drev. No…I don’t want to freeze.”

“Me either. But we have plenty of time to put on the feedbag, then take a quick look-see at several nightclubs. I promise we’ll make a night of it soon, my princess. We’ll dress to paint the town red.”

“Oooh, an official date night.” Keina brightly crooned.

Drev heard Symone chuckle behind him. “Did you know Dante recently installed a huge screen with a 3D view of each nightclub, restaurant, shop, the sports center…all the businesses?” She paused an instant. “It’s touch screen, and a layout of the Pleasure Club.”

“No. How recent?” Drev tossed the question over his shoulder.

“About three weeks ago, I reckon, mate,” Dugger answered. “Yeah, if you’re thirsty for a pint just jab a digit on the pubs, and they blossom up real nice to 3D. I’m telling ya that Dante is spot on the dot.”

“Yep, he percolates on hot. No debate there, my dingo-from-down-under friend. Have to say—never thought I’d be partnering with a werewolf, or hobnobbing with shifter and supernatural types. But here we are.”

“Here we are,” Keina echoed, as a large steel door slid open before them.

With Keina clinging to his arm, Drev stepped through to the well-lit guard room. He saluted the four bouncer types in his usual, easygoing manner. “How’s it howling, gentlemen?”

“Got a message from Dante,” the one in charge didn’t waste any breath. “He’d like a meeting with the four of ya after you’ve enjoyed dinner and drinks.”

“Sure thing. Did he specify where?” Drev asked, even as they moved toward another steel door that was opening for them.

“Dante said he’d find you. Not to worry about it. By the way, everything’s on the house tonight.”

“Thanks, gentlemen.” Drev saluted again, as they walked into one of the main corridors.

“Must be one bugger of a favor the alpha wolfman wants.” Dugger spoke once the bomb-impenetrable door locked into place behind them.

“Likely a major op of some kind.” After several instants of pondering on what might be up, Drev glanced at Keina. She met his gaze, and the love magic flowed between them overshadowing the concern in the depths of her eyes.

“Righto,” Dugger began. “Got a flea-itchy feeling somethin’ big and nasty is threatenin’ Peak territory.”

From his peripheral vision, Drev watched Dugger and Symone stride beside them, their arms entwined.

“Just as long as it isn’t another Franken-mammoth,” Symone bantered, but on a serious note.

“The Hellephant,” Drev answered Keina’s questioning gaze. “Whatever’s going on, it must not be a red-alert emergency.”

“Not friggin’ yet,” Dugger drily stated.

“Eat, drink, and be merry,” Keina chimed in, “then we face the monster.”

“Is that a cultural truism from your realm?” Symone asked.

“No, it’s a family dynastic thing. But celebrations are big in my world.”

Not wanting Keina to dwell on her banishment, or the looming threat of Prince Tretorff, Drev sought a way to change the conversation. “Speaking of celebrations, have you heard what Dante, and his crack staff, have lined up for the Christmas season…for Winter Solstice?”

Symone laughed in a manner that suggested happy overwhelm. “The list is long and amazing. Dugger has been after me to choose my favorites.”

“Anything my sheila wants.”

“Except for…?” Symone prompted.

“Except for…” Drev spoke when Dugger didn’t immediately respond.

“Except for,” Keina piped up, as the dingo shifter still hesitated.

“Crickey, gangin’ up on me. My aces pick this year is the Howl and Yowl Around the Yule Tree.”

“Howl and Yowl Around the Yule Tree?” Keina asked, puzzlement owning her voice.

“It’s a come as your beast-self celebration in the forest clearing closest to the club,” Symone explained. “With amenities for us human types. Hot cider, hot chocolate, hot toddies. Meat roasted on an open fire. Oh, and there will be veggie goodies for any vegan and the herbie shifters, of course.”

“Yeah, we’ll be howling and yowling carols to the Sacred Creator around a right, tall, handsome Douglas fir,” Dugger added. “A canine and feline back to nature rage-party, you might say.”

“I’ve promised to attend with my wild dingo. That is, if I get to put a leash on him.”
Symone’s lighthearted laughter followed. Drev glanced her way, given this was first time he’d known her to be this carefree.

“Leash, yeah, I can slip my head out of that noose anytime. But for you, gorgeous, I’ll act like a proper-trained poodle.” Dugger swung Symone before him and gave her a big loud smooch on the lips.

Drev couldn’t help but be a witness. He grinned down at Keina and they seized each other’s lips in a passionate but fast kiss.

Gathering Keina close to his side again, Drev winked back at Dugger. The four of them strolled toward the Ye Olde English Tavern, the first drinking and food establishment Dante had built inside the Pleasure Club. As Drev understood it, the alpha werewolf made constant improvements, and now included a neighborhood like pub inside. Usually, he frequented several other nightclubs.

“Yule tree?” Keina inquired. “I’ve heard of Yule logs.”

“Yule, or it’s known as Yuletide, sweetheart. It’s an archaic term for Christmas.” Drev hugged her waist. “It was originally a twelve day festival. The pagans liked to party.”

“Was it like “The Twelve Days of Christmas” song?” Symone asked.

“Probably a bloody historical link there.” Dugger reached for the ornate iron door handle.

“Wowser,” Keina burst out. “That door.” She stepped from Drev’s hold, flattening her hand on the dark heavy wood. “It’s similar to the castle doors in my realm.”

“Really?” Drev stepped beside his filly girl, his interest piqued bigtime. “This is a replica of a medieval castle door.”

“Medieval, of course,” Keina murmured. She lightly ran her fingers over the large bronze plaque in the center of the door.

“There Be Shapeshifters of Every Kind. Beware of Fangs, Claws and Tails.” Drev read the plaque out loud.

“They should add, beware of handsome dingo shifters,” Symone joked.

“Bang on,” Dugger growled. He eased the door open, waiting for him and Keina to step back. “Beware of a dingo shifter who wants his sheila. Bloody hell, we’ll rip through the belly of any beast.”

“Right with you, pal.” Drev burned with his own conviction.

Keina twined her arm with his. “That’s my stud man.” Adoration shone in her amethyst eyes, and she raised on tiptoe. “Mmm-mmm. You smell stud-virile. I can’t wait to get you alone again.”

“Patience,” Drev teased, and touched his lips to hers. “I want my filly girl well fed so she doesn’t run out of stamina.”


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


September 17, 2015

Thundercloud yanked on his mental leash. by Savanna Kougar

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Middle of September howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Here’s a continuation of my recent flash scene, One Shade of Silver Wolf.  Thundercloud figures the best way to meet Kailla is at Talbot Peak’s BBQ cookoff and faire.

Also, my author interview is featured today at erotic romance author, Kate Hill’s blog. Kate Hill is a wonderful, prolific writer. Check her and her books out at


Thundercloud yanked on his mental leash.

Thundercloud yanked on his mental leash. What was he doing charging at the woman he wanted as his mate?

She was human. Even if she liked wolves, was an animal lover, she couldn’t help but be frightened by a larger than average wolf running straight at her. Howls to Thor, even enclosed inside her minivan.

Reluctance knifed to his bones, but Thundercloud forced himself to slow down. He loped at a speed that kept her in sight, and thanked the Great Wolf One the woman appeared to be headed into Talbot’s Peak, rather than bypassing the town, owned by shifters and various types of supernaturals.

If her luscious scent hadn’t gripped his nose like a welcome vise, Thundercloud would have been salivating over the bounty of smoked-meat odors now wafting from the center of town. He’d planned on enjoying the Peak’s BBQ event, and a cold brew at Rattigan’s, after his run through the late summer fields and wild forested land.

To that end, Thundercloud had stashed clothing at the Ice Creamery. He and Kalindi, the half-angel half-goddess owner, had become fast friends during the last year. Cosmic-oddly, their friendship began when there’d been a dispute over an organic milk supplier. The farmers group had run short.

He and his six brothers owned and ran The Bohemian Thunder Club, located in Dante’s Pleasure Club complex. Their nightclub catered to women, and the men servers wore nothing but a loincloth. Often, the female clientele preferred cream and ice cream-based drink concoctions.

Kalindi refused to backdown, hurling a lightning bolt when his older brother, Thunderbolt, had attempted to hijack the milk truck by persuading the driver with a sizeable bribe. Instinct and adrenalin possessed him, and his brother had returned lightning fire…but only way above Kalindi’s head.

The very air crackled then, charged by their lightning-throwing battle. Thundercloud had stepped into the bolt-flying breach. He’d calmed the waters by profusely apologizing to Kalindi, even as Thunderbolt’s mate arrived on scene.

Krystal’s mere presence instantly sobered Thunderbolt, and his brother deeply, gentlemanly apologized to Kalindi, then offered reparations.

His own adrenaline fierce, Thundercloud followed the woman’s scent, and silently howled a whoop when he found her minivan parked at Talbot’s Peak Inn. On quiet paws, he trotted toward the check-in office, trailing her fragrance. He caught a few glances, but they were from other shifters.

Not willing to resist, Thundercloud raised to his hind legs, and peered through the side window. Dangerous Curves Ahead did not apply only to a highway. His tongue lolled out, and he panted with lusty appreciation.

He merely had a side view of her, but Howls to Freyja! Even her somewhat loose knit top and stylish pants couldn’t hide those blatant womanly curves. And her hair… Thundercloud stared. The copper-red color intensely gleamed, and had him wishing he’d already shifted to human form — improving his ability to see and enjoy the color.

His future mate had the long length tied back in a ponytail. Yet, even with his wolfen eyes,  Thundercloud could see the exceptional thickness. Caught by the beautiful profile of her face as she slightly turned, he huffed in a large breath, and was hardly surprised when his balls ached, wanting to volcanically erupt.

Before he busted through the window, Thundercloud gained his four paws, but hesitated. What was that? He cocked one ear, listening intently to his future mate as she spoke.

“I was tired. But after seeing that super amazing wolf, and the yummy BBQ smells, I think I’ll take a walk, enjoy the booths, and get something to eat. Haven’t eaten a decent meal since being on the road.”

That was all he needed. With the woman’s soft lovely voice singing through him, Thundercloud headed for the back door to Kalindi’s Ice Creamery. He could dress his human form, then stalk his to-be mate without stalking her. The BBQ cookoff and faire was a gods’ send.

Thundercloud began planning how meet her human to human, then begin wooing the gorgeous woman.


Unable to kick images of the large silvery wolf out of her thoughts, Kailla strolled along with the gathering crowd. The BBQ and smoking-meat smells beckoned her like a bevy of food sirens. Kailla figured she was far hungrier than she realized. But then, her stomach had been the last thing on her mind as she’d traveled to Talbot’s Peak.

Determined to start her new life, Kailla plastered a friendly smile on her face. Soon she caught a colorful glimpse of the arts and crafts booths. Wow! This was definitely her kind of town. So far, anyway.

As she passed by, on her way to the least busy BBQ vendor, Kailla scanned the various booths to decide which ones she wanted to check out. She frowned as the fifth booth she passed displayed more wolf-art products. What was with this town? Not like it was named Wolf Lake, Montana, or anything.

Kailla paused in her steps, admiring the beautiful wood carvings of wolves… and, were those werewolves? Then, her eyebrows shot up as she gazed toward the back of the table. Carvings of wolves transforming into human, and vice versa… good gosh! They took their wolf culture here seriously.

“Hey, Thunder-man, how are ya?” The artsy type guy sitting behind the table, that Kailla assumed was one of the carvers, spoke to someone over her shoulder.

Who would be named Thunder…a biker type? Curious as the proverbial cat, still Kailla decided not to turn around and look. She was in no mood to deal with any man, let alone a rough-around-the-edges biker dude.

“I’m doing quite well, Carl.” The man’s cultured yet deep-as-midnight voice caught her off guard. “I’ll be putting in another order soon. We sell a lot of your carvings at the club. The women love them.”

“I’ve gotten in a new supply of Northern Maple and Tupelo…those silver-gray shades you like,” Carl enticed.

Silver-gray shades of wood! Icy-hot shivers slid through Kailla, and she trembled from head to toe. Not to mention, her feet were suddenly glued to the sidewalk.



Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


September 5, 2015

…fierce as a flash flood… by Savanna Kougar

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Originally published at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS.

End of summer howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

Really, can you believe this is the first day of September? Gosh, time isn’t flying, it’s at quantum speed.

Today the Muse insisted on working on Keina and Drev’s erotic love story, Waiting For a Filly Girl, my SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS WIP. Here’s an *unedited, raw draft* from the beginning of Chapter Thirty-seven. This scene snippet is X-rated.

Tagline: Ex super-soldier boy meets winged filly girl. Will they live happily ever after? In Talbot’s Peak territory anything is possible.


From Chapter Thirty-seven

In erotic bliss, Keina undulated to the long powerful thrusts of her stud man. Her equess had been ignited to a heightened level, and the pleasure of their passionate coupling moved through her, fierce as a flash flood.

Their lips broke apart as Drev tangled his fingers deeper into hair. He quickened the strike of his cock, the rhythm still a smooth ebb and flow.

“Keina.” His raspy voice held it all, his love, his raw passion—how much he cherished her as his woman.

“Drev.” She sensually slipped her lips along his jawline, and roamed her hands over his back.

Running wild with passion, Keina clamped her legs tighter around his, and danced her hips at a furious pace. Her bliss surged becoming orgasmic.

Rapture storm-crashed through her, and eventually carried her over the sweet and sharp edge. She fell into the oblivion of orgasm, unable to call out her stud man’s name, unable to use her voice at all.

Drev lunged to her core, his cock filling her like the most potent stallion. Her ecstasy intensified, keeping her motionless.

With her eyes closed, she heard Drev’s virile groan, his extreme pleasure obvious. Gutturally, he shouted his climax.

Keina soared with him, her mind suddenly connected to his, as often happened to couples in her realm.

Becoming aware of her rapid breaths, Keina emerged, and felt her hands sweep over his back, slick with sweat. Her equess sheath spasmed around his cock, delicate bursts of pleasure.

“Keina, my filly girl.” Drev lovingly nuzzled her neck.

He raised above her, captured her in an embrace, and rolled them over so she lay sprawled on top of him. Their mouths immediately joined as if their lips had been magnetized. They kissed languidly, thoroughly, and with a depth of feeling that sent her winging high inside.

“Drev.” Keina fondled his nose with hers. “I love you, stud man.”

“I love you,” he intimately purred.

“I love you more.” Keina planted tiny kisses all over his mouth.

“I love you more.” His voice, the power of his feeling for her sent a bubbly-fizzy happiness through Keina.

Giddy, in a teasing tone, she repeated, “I love you more.”

Their battle of I love you’s began, interspersed with sweltering kisses, and the lazy twining of their tongues.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

August 27, 2015

One Shade of Silver Wolf by Savanna Kougar

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End of August howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

I’ve started what I hope will turn out to be a new series of flash scenes. We’ll see, given my *who knows what obstacles are next?* life.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Because I’m pressed for time, I’m not even going to do a read over as I usually do, so please excuse any glaring mistakes.


One Shade of Silver Wolf

She’d known he could never love her. Not as she desired. Truth: she’d been seduced by his scholarly knowledge, by his extraordinary super intellect. Yeah, Einstein meets Carl Sagan, mix brains and stir. Then stand back in pure awe. That was Professor Edward Kingston.

During their two-year relationship, he’d treated her more than decently, and loved her in what he considered to be the proper manner. But at a deep emotional level the about-to-be chancellor, Professor Kingston, was bankrupt — as bankrupt as The Donald Trump had been four times in his entrepreneurial, meteoric rise to reality-show stardom.

Oh, she’d told herself Professor Ed would come to love her with a passion unparalleled. What a big fat lie.

The infamous rose-colored glasses, her fierce passion to learn… but yeah, her ego weakness for greater knowledge — the opportunity to live in a high-intellect realm, and constantly utilize her mind, to keep learning — she’d let herself be seriously led astray.  As far as the deepest longings of her heart.

She let a sigh escape, one that blew strands of her coppery, always fly-away hair. As she moved down the hallway toward the stairs that led to Edward’s tome-filled office, her gut churned, as if creepy crawlies hatched out.

Damn. She didn’t want to do this. But there was a thing about being true to yourself. And it was time. Likely past time to say goodbye in a grownup, responsible manner.

To her best knowledge, Edward had even remained faithful, a mountain-tall plus for his overall stalwart character, given it was rarity in this ivory-tower campus culture. After all, affairs were de rigeur, and a way to climb the ambition-ladder for some.

She’d remained faithful as well, never stepping out on him. Not once. Oh, she’d flirted with the bevy of hunk temptations on campus. Those who put the one-night moves on her, and those with cheesy lines spoken in the throes of hyper-hormone activity.

Intentionally, she trotted up the stairway to keep herself moving. Not allowing herself to think, to entertain any thought about changing her mind, she lightly rapped on the heavy, late 1800’s door.

“Kailla, come in. You’re not disturbing me.” Edward’s deep resonant voice somehow soothed her. At the same time, anxiety tumbled willy-nilly through her middle.

“Edward,” Kailla closed the door behind her, a whisper of sound over the thick expensive carpet. “I’m on my way. All packed up.”

He rose from his leather desk chair, a tall distinguished man with cognac-brown eyes — deep-set eyes that held a universe of scholarly knowledge. Edward’s passion for research and learning had proven to be endless, and dominated their life together. .

As she’d come to understand after days of soul-searching, he was married to the exploration, to the mission of being educated, and educating others. Kailla respected his passion. It simply wasn’t her all-consuming passion.

Edward approached her, a gentle caring smile on his nobly constructed face. “Have a good time on your vacation, darling.” He lifted her hands, enfolding them within his.

“Edward…” Kailla drew in what felt like a whirlwind of breath. “I’m saying goodbye.”

“Goodbye?” Puzzlement colored his eyes.

“This isn’t easy.” Kailla raked her hand through her disobedient hair. “I’m leaving. I won’t be coming back.”

Shock hit his features. He turned and perched on the edge of his desk, his posture like a puppet held up with wires.

“I’ve given this a lot of thought…” Kailla swallowed back the lump about to choke her. “With you about to become chancellor… well, being with me won’t help you. You know that,” she emphasized when he was about to object.

“Face it, Edward. I’m a liability to all you hold dear.” Kailla ignored the dizziness threatening to drop her to the floor, and softly continued, “I’m the leopardess who can’t change her spots enough to fit in that rarified, ivory tower realm.”

“It’s what I love about you most, Kailla.”

Unable to stand the appeal in his eyes to stay… to come back to him in two-weeks time, Kailla turned away.

“You can’t be entirely tamed,” he added after a pregnant pause. “If you change your mind,” he began, ever the gentleman.

“You know, Beverly has been in love with you since she began teaching here. She’d be perfect as a chancellor’s wife. You can’t have missed how she dotes on you, especially when I’m not around.”

“No.” Raw pain owned his voice. “I haven’t missed her overtures. Be well, Kailla.”

“Be well, Edward.” She jerked open the door, and stepped outside. Tears welled up, and she clung to the stair railing as the salty wetness slid down her cheeks.


Thundercloud, silver wolf shifter, and second clan brother in his familial pack, loped toward the highway. His nose led the way.

Out for a long, muscle-stretching run through the fields and forests of Talbot’s Peak territory, he’d suddenly scented a delicious female fragrance. One that salivated his jowls, and caused his loins to ignite with savage need.

So what if she was human. Mostly human, anyway. Like as not, she didn’t know her full genetic heritage.

Thundercloud’s primal instincts ruled as he sprinted alongside the highway, searching for the vehicle he knew she drove. Somehow he had to find the woman, follow her. Claim her.


Weary from traveling, and ready to lose herself to a long nap once she reached the Talbot’s Peak Inn, Kailla concentrated on the few miles left before she reached her destination.

Checking her side mirror, she glanced longer this time. Her adrenaline jumped and kept pumping. Was that a wolf, a real live wolf racing toward her?

Slowing so she wouldn’t wreck, Kailla pulled off to the side, yet kept her minivan slowly moving. Transfixed, she watched the humongous wolf charge straight at her. The late summer sun caused his coat to appear silvery, as if each dark hair had been tipped with a drop of silver.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


August 19, 2015

“Why the hell are the car doors open?” by Savanna Kougar

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End-of-summer howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

So, for now, here’s the endpoint of Operation Crunch, my series of flash scenes around state agents attempting to intimidate Gil, the beloved mayor of Talbot’s Peak.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to finish my ShapeShifter Seductions WIP, titled: Waiting For a Filly Girl. It’s been hit and miss given the life obstacles going on. But I hope to have more writing time soon. Right now, I’m closing in on 40,000 words.


“Why the hell are the car doors open?”

At the first sight of their car — which looked as though a gang of thugs had taken metal pipes to it in a fit of mindless savagery, then a flock of seagulls had flown over and unloaded — Pete and John swerved toward the possible refuge offered by a couple of large cottonwood trees. Immediately, they were rushed by the *had-to-be* most humongous brown bear on Earth.

‘What a trophy kill,’ Pete thought, even in the midst of his adrenaline-fed panic. Even as he was forced to run like a madman back to their car by the snarl-growling bears surrounding him and John. In that instant, he knew without doubt, he would never ever go to Talbot’s Peak again. Shit, no matter if his career took a serious dive.

“Why the hell are the car doors open?” John shouted raggedly. Was the guy’s lungs about to fail him?

“Damn. Shit. It’s running, the car,” Pete panting-yelled moments later.

Figuring that was an invite to get the hell outta Dodge, Pete put his head down and charged like he’d done as a running back on the highschool football team.

“I’m driving,” John wheezed. “You can’t drive worth a crap.”

“Drive, for gawd’s sake.” Keeping his legs churning, Pete glanced over his shoulder.

The bears appeared to be slowing their chase.

With his heart thumping like it was about to expire, Pete dived inside the car, and slammed the door shut. At least, it shut. When John bolted inside, and tried to close his door, it took three quick desperate attempts.

Like a race car driver down the final stretch, John gripped the steering wheel hard, then stomped on the accelerator. They shot forward, the car jumping on take off.

As they sped down the highway, with John doing a helluva a job staying on the asphalt, the only sound was their harsh rapid breaths bouncing off the interior of the car. Pete had never breathed this hard, not even during good, hot monkey sex.

Miles later, their breathing gradually normalized. Yet, neither one of them spoke.

“Never,” John broke the silence, “Never gawddamn never will I ever set foot anywhere near that shit weird town. I don’t care if they threaten to take my pension away. I don’t care if I have to fucking resign.”

“I’m with ya, bro. They’ll likely fire us over this car. Fuck, how do we explain this?” Pete grabbed for the seatbelt as John sped around a curve way faster than the speed limit.

“Nothin’! To explain.” John clipped his speech, his gaze religiously trained on the road. “They can grill us, hook us up to a lie detector, we don’t know nothin’.”

Pete didn’t reply. Seemingly his brain remained undamaged, given the scenarios that played in his head. “Missing time,” he finally blurted out. “You know like the bullshit all those UFO abductees are always spoutin’. We can say we were abducted, probed in the butt.”

“Doesn’t explain the car, you class A idiot.” John spoke in a dismissive growl.

“Don’t call me an idiot, you three-stooges numbskull. It was you who said we’d further our careers.” Pete accusingly aimed his gaze. “*You* convinced me we’d get big fat bonuses for reeling in those local yokels. Remember, a-hole?”

John lessened their speed. “Don’t want to get pulled over by the cops,” he grouched.

“Yeah, what cop in his ever-loving, shit mind wouldn’t pull over a ‘beat to hell’ car with bird shit covering it. You’re dreamin’.”

“At least, I won’t be caught fucking speeding,” John mumbled gruffly. He switched on the wipers again — another try at getting rid of the smeared poop on the windshield.

“Hey, why don’t we shove this wreck over a cliff…make up a story about being chased by drugged-up wackos?” Pete brightened inside at the idea.

“Cameras in the sky. Google Earth. Remember, punk?” John glanced at him sideways.

“You gotta point, old man. But I’m trying to think us outta this shit-steamy mess.”

“Yeah,” John sardonically began, “why don’t we just text the NSA and ask ’em what’s on those satellite cameras? That’ll get us outta this shit-steamy mess,” he mocked.


“No, it won’t,” Blade Runner choked out, as he rolled on the floor of his ‘UFO’ laughing his furry bunny ass off. He’d made double-tech certain nothing had been captured by anyone’s sky surveillance.

He wasn’t laughing alone either. On another screen inside his craft, Dante and Kitty were holding onto each other inside her library office. Laughter poured out of them like the towering waterfalls on his homeworld.

On a third screen, the techie crew at the Pleasure Club, howled, roared, screeched, and cackled with laughter.

Yep, thank the rabbit messenger, underground Taltube viewers were in for a howling-yowling roller coaster ride of laughs. Later.

Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

Originally published at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS.

August 15, 2015

Drev nuzzled the nape of her neck… by Savanna Kougar

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Lazy summer howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

I’m taking a break from my OPERATION CRUNCH series of flash scenes. Instead, here’s an *unedited…so, apologies for any less-than-good writing* part of a chapter from Waiting For a Filly Girl, Keina and Drev’s erotic love story, and a ShapeShifter Presents WIP I’ve been working on. This scene takes place after a lusty encounter between my heroine and hero. Drev is determined to make love to his woman.

Tagline: Ex super-soldier boy meets winged filly girl. Will they live happily ever after? In Talbot’s Peak territory anything is possible.


Chapter Thirty-five

Satiated, Keina basked in the feel of Drev holding her close, in the feel of his cock still buried deep inside her equess. Most of all, she luxuriated in their love for each other.

“Thanksgiving,” she murmured long moments later. “This is perfect. You make me so thankful.”

Drev nuzzled the nape of her neck, then her shoulder, sending wonderful shivers through her. “You know I want to make proper love to you.”


“Like this.” Her stud man placed lazy kisses on the back of her shoulder.

“Mmmm.” Keina surrendered her back to him. “What you do to me.”

“And I like doing it.” His words sounded like a sexy purr as they poured into her ear.

Drev separated their bodies, pressing slow sumptuous kisses down her back. “You have the best lips,” Keina moaned. “And the best hands,” she praised several moments later when  he languidly stroked up and down her side.

Between the sensual onslaught of his kisses and his *take your time* caresses, Keina sweltered, arousal seizing hold of her fast.

“You’re melting my bones, stud.”

In answer, Drev slid his hand beneath her breast, taking gentle possession. Her nipple pebbled against his palm, and the pleasure of it swamped Keina.

As he planted a delectable kiss at the base of her spine, she whimpered. His tongue teased the sensitized spot, and a sizzly wave of heat spread over her pussy mound, then up her torso.

Drev nuzzled her lower back, causing Keina to go limbless. He moved up her spine, touching kisses and sexily rubbing his nose. When he pressed a searing kiss between her shoulder blades, Keina surrendered to another surge of hot-sweet bliss.

“Oooh, my stud man,” she crooned, as his cock began hardening again.

Passion ignited her blood, rousing Keina. She sensually stretched so his shaft slipped from her pussy. Feeling like a beautiful temptress, she rolled over, then linked her arms around his neck. “Drev.”

Tenderly, he threaded his fingers into her hair, and embraced her head between his palms. In slow-motion, their lips met in a kiss that deepened immediately. The impassioned press of their mouths consumed Keina, and flamed more liquid desire through every fiber of her.

She tightened her hold on his neck as Drev covered her with his muscle-hunky body. Could anything feel any better than his weight flattening her breasts, pressing her deeper into the mattress. Goddess Equine, no.
Their continuing kiss intensified to a depth of desire Keina never dreamed existed. It was pure magic.

Diving her fingers through Drev’s gorgeous thick mane of hair, she fondled. Her stud man changed the tempo of their ongoing kiss.

Not coming up for air—as their mouths moved and smoldered over each other—Drev cradled his long torch of a cock in the valley between her thighs. Keina trembled inside with the feel of his stud length, with the giddy anticipation of him taking her pussy again.

She undulated her hips, then widened her thighs, so his cockhead pushed against her clit.

“Whoa there, filly girl,” Drev gently ordered.

Unbidden, a song lyric sprang into her head. “Pull the reins in on me,” Keina breathy sang. “Linda Ronstadt,” she added.

“Yeah, I remember…I’ll be pulling the reins a lot.” Drev stopped her words by placing a dominant yet tender kiss on the corner of her mouth. Then, he made love to with his lips, blanketing her face with kisses.

“Oh, Drev,” she sighed.

Keina shivered with small rapid shudders, and moaned with pleasure as her stud man brushed more kisses over her cheeks. He teasingly nibbled her earlobe, then the tip of his tongue outlined the rim of her ear.

Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


August 6, 2015

“Got ’em spotted,” Ralph da bear signaled. ~by Savanna Kougar

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Summer-hot howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Once again: To Quote: “Our Talbot’s Peak saga continues. The bad guys have made pests of themselves, and are harassing our beloved mayor, Gil. Well, they just might be real sorry after Operation Crunch.”

Okay, how sorry will the bad-guy bureaucrats be having to drive a wolf and saber-tooth mangled car that has also been especially decorated by Miss Cardinal and her bird-shifter friends?

That is, after the bear shifters get done with them

“Got ’em spotted,” Ralph da bear signaled.

Kitty couldn’t help herself. Her stunned and feline-fascinated gaze glued itself to the super-tech screen Blade Runner had provided. Not to meow out loud, but she kept bending closer observing Carlotta’s fast and furious aerial maneuvers.

Yowls, her bird-droppings art on the shifters-gone-wild damaged sedan. Well, amazingly impressive!

Next, the cardinal shifter invited her feathered friends, and Kitty watched in astonished awe as they flew diving patterns, decorating the now mostly unrecognizable car. At some point, Carlotta’s leadership turned them into an attack flock. The mostly white splotches and splashes were applied with precision — as if they’d practiced as a drill team.

Applauding the motley-crew flock’s performance, Kitty clapped her hands, but softly so she wouldn’t alert anyone outside her office. Oh clawing-yeah, she made up her mind to recruit the fiery-spirited cardinal as one of her *keep Talbot’s Peak safe* team leaders. Carlotta was a natural.


“Got ’em spotted,” Ralph da bear signaled. Shifted, he spoke in bear-growling language, then tromped loudly toward the two state agents who still ran for their lives. “Those stinky suits are headed your way, Ben.”

Ben — Peak store proprietor and bear shifter — bark-growled ‘he got the message’. He’d brought his entire family to give chase — and likely to school the young’ns in who the real enemy was. In fact, the family had turned it into an outing, a picnic in the woods.

On sentry duty, Ralph merely listened to the rousing, running din of children-cubs having a real good time. He’d also scarfed down generous portions of their fare, and slurped up the dee-licious berry pie Mrs. Ben brought him. Earlier, he’d plopped his large frame down, and used the base of a huge maple tree as his personal lounger.

Yeah-hell buddy, it only took two good eyes, his alert ears, and a superb sniffer to know when the two human pests intruded.

“Here!” Drolun announced in bear grunts. Obvious as the blue sky above, the cave-dwelling bear shifter, moved on silent paws — given Ralph hadn’t heard his approach. Otherwise known as Tom Jones because he impersonated the performer at the Pleasure Club, Drolun was a master of forest survival.

With the piss-scent of the revenuers now filling his nostrils, Ralph crashed through the underbrush toward his scared-shitless targets. Intent on driving them back to their mangled car, he roared – although, crapola! his lungs didn’t cooperate too well.

Too many late-night movies with pizza and beer, he concluded. Time to get back to the gym and work out like the Rock.

“Got ’em in sight,” Ben bellowed. “The missus and the kids are baiting ’em like fish on hooks.”

Ralph burst into the scene. The three cubs squealed, and pretending to be afraid, they bolted toward mom. Mrs. Ben reared up and roared her motherly rage.

Frozen in the terror, the two human males didn’t even notice his lumbering noisy arrival — or Drolun who silently slipped through the trees opposite Ralph. Mrs. Ben bared her fangs. Fiercely snarling, she dropped to all fours, and charged. Ben followed, roaring his outrage, which was real enough…but had nothing to do with the safety of his cubs.

Ralph wheezed snarls when the two white-as-a-ghost humans fled in his direction. Summoning his strength, as if he fought the bad guy in a WWF fight, he galloped toward them.

Hoarse pitiful yells burst from their fear-constricted throats, and the two collided as they tried to race in the other direction. For instants, the ape-idjits pummeled each other with their fists, battling to be the first one to run the other way.

If he could have bellowed a belly laugh, Ralph would have sat on his rump, and let one loose. Instead, he advanced, doing his part to herd them back toward the car. NO ONE wanted these two dangerous bureaucrats stranded anywhere close to Talbot’s Peak.

“Oh fuck God! There’s another one!” the suit in the lead screamed.

Drolun, looking magnificently ferocious — like a bear should — charged. His muscles bunched and rippled beneath his thick luxurious coat as he running-stalked the pair. Even his gaze devoured the human pests.

From behind them, Ben and Mrs. Ben roared in chorus, and moved to cut off their escape. Their cubs followed, joining in with their little roars.

Terrified — Ralph heard their rapidly thundering heartbeats — the state agents wheeled back in the direction they’d run from. Scrambling to get their footing on the slick foliage, they then took off like hellhounds bit their butts.

Naw, hell bears, Ralph corrected himself. Dang it, he wouldn’t mind taking a huge ole chomp outta their fleeing asses. But Kitty — Dante’s love kitten and leader of Operation Crunch — had been adamant about there being no teeth marks on their despicable hides.

Yeah, yeah, right…no use in bringing in state hunters who’d take aim. Then, they’d have to deal with those podunks.

Ralph mentally chuckled as he pounded after the pair — was someone timin’ ’em? Their land speed had to be a damn record.

Between him, the Ben family, and Drolun, they kept the two suits herded as they attempted to veer off course — keeping them on course for their wolf-and-sabertooth wrecked of a wreck.

Wow, wowser-powser, who did all the bird-shit decorating???


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


July 31, 2015

Miss Cardinal’s Bomb Squad by Savanna Kougar

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Full Moon howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Yes, it’s been a busy day, so once again: *Continued from last week, a short flash scene ’cause that’s all I can manage.* … To Quote: “Our Talbot’s Peak saga continues. The bad guys have made pests of themselves, and are harassing our beloved mayor, Gil. Well, they just might be real sorry after Operation Crunch.”

Okay, how sorry will the bad-guy bureaucrats be having to drive a wolf and saber-tooth mangled car that has also been especially decorated by Miss Cardinal and her bird-shifter friends?

Note: Pat Cunningham introduced Miss Cardinal in one of her previous flash scenes.


Miss Cardinal’s Bomb Squad

Madder than a wet hen, even though she was a cardinal, Carlotta streaked through the sky. Another job interview had gone sour, south, whatever… because gosh, gee whiz, what the bird crap… the potential employers were always looking for ‘crap’ on the chair she’d occupied. The birdbrain idjits couldn’t even grasp the fact that when in human form, her body actually acted human.

Soaring over the highway out of town, Carlotta seethed, so hot with anger she wondered if she was about to internally combust… or, instead of spontaneous human combustion, it would be spontaneous bird combustion while in flight. Her grim mental chuckle followed that thought.

Wanting to wing faster, wanting to be impressively dangerous with a wicked beak and wicked talons, Carlotta wished she could temporarily morph into a bird of prey… an eagle, a hawk, a falcon, any raptor would do. But no, oh noooo… she was a mere cardinal, a songbird to be preyed upon.

What the…!!! A UFO parked on the highway… Carlotta screeched to an aerial halt… well, almost. Her wings fluttered rapidly as she braked, and attempted to hover at the same time.

Okay, she’d heard rumors about there being an ET residing at the Pleasure Club, who *get this* had his own disc craft. Curiosity grabbed Carlotta, and she flapped her wings to steady herself, then flew to investigate. After all, she doubted Dante and his super team, would allow a bad-guy ET to land in Talbot’s Peak territory.

Well, not without a battle. And no such fight seemed to be happening. Instead, as she closed in, two shifter bikers she recognized as Durk and Zeo, were attacking a car. Most savagely attacking.

Now Carlotta winged faster, her curiosity piqued beyond bearing.

Ah-ha! The state bureaucrats who’d made pest of themselves, it was there taxpayer-paid-for ride. Circling above the fang-ripping action, Carlotta realized the two state agents where nowhere to be seen.

Inside she cheered Zeo and Durk on, and wished deep inside she could mount her own ferocious assault. But no…she was only a small cardinal girl… even shifted to human, she was small, delicate in appearance. There was nothing intimidating or fiercely dangerous about her.

Frustration whipped through Carlotta. But WAIT! She did have a way to express her displeasure with the bureaucratic harassment the Peak had been experiencing of late.

Yep, cheepers creepers — as she liked saying — she had a way to help ‘decorate’ the car, too.

Bombs away, bird style.

Carlotta mentally smiled. And why not invite a few friends, any bird shifter in the range of her shrill rallying calls.

Once Durk and Zeo backed away, and began changing to their human form, Carlotta dived. With a new determined fierceness owning her, she dive-bombed the car.

Plop! Plop! Plop! She let loose.

Soon, she wasn’t the only bird ‘letting loose’. The sounds of steady plopping became a vengeful and beautiful music to Carlotta’s ears.

She soared high to get a better view. Noticing the white-drippy unevenness of their attack, Carlotta mind-squawked, ‘Tactical flock, everyone.’

Immediately, she and the other bird shifters became a  flock. Flying upward, they coordinated their flight, then circled above the car. With strategic precision, they dropped their poop bombs. Ploppity, plop-plop!


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


July 24, 2015

Durk and Zeo, Crunch Time by Savanna Kougar

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Leo Sun howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Yep, once again: *Continued from last week, a short flash scene ’cause that’s all I can manage.* … To Quote: “Our Talbot’s Peak saga continues. The bad guys have made pests of themselves, and are harassing our beloved mayor, Gil. Well, they just might be real sorry after Operation Crunch.”

Finally … Operation Crunch, It’s a Go!


Durk and Zeo, Crunch Time

“Smells like Blade Runner — our own alien Bugs Bunny — scared the piss out of those revenuer agents,” Durk yelled to Zeo. The wind ripped away his words, but Durk knew his motorcycle buddy heard him. They were a team on the roads and the highway that led out of Talbot’s Peak.

“What a stink!” Zeo roared above the wind, even as he roared his speed racer, zooming toward the UFO-stopped car. “What do those guys eat? Smells like they bellied up to a carcass with the buzzards.”

“Wahooooo! Look at them suits run.” Durk pumped his fist, yet didn’t come close to losing control of his cycle. “Almost faster than a speeding bullet.” He bent over the handle bars anticipating the crunching-destruction he and Zeo were about wreak with the deadly power of their fangs.

“Run, ugly rabbits, run!” Zeo celebrated. For a split second, he glanced at Durk, a feral grin on his face.

“Hell, don’t let Blade Runner hear you,” Durk shouted. “He’s an effing master with that ET sword of his.”

“Run, a-holes, run.” Zeo hit the throttle accelerating to what they called hyper-zoom.

Once they neared the abandoned car, Durk in concert with his best bud, Zeo … together they drastically cut their speed, then slid to a cooler than cool stop. Now only a few feet away from the doubled over, belly-laughing, life-size Bugs Bunny in a silver space suit, Durk removed his helmet without removing his gaze, as he knew Zeo did also.

“Hey, doc, what’s up?” Zeo wise-ass cracked, even as he threw a leg over over his bike, and dismounted.

The two of them sauntered toward Blade Runner, who remained bent over. His long bunny ears shook like the tails of bitch in heat as he continued chuckling. A surprise to Durk, the strange snort like sounds didn’t squeak.

“Operation crunch.” Blade Runner shot upward, his expression warrior-intense. “Go to it, boys. Dante asked me to remind you to spare the engine. We want those scumbag in suits to get the heck outta TP territory.”

“Sure thing.” Durk tore off his leather jacket, then slung it toward his speed racer. Not caring where it landed, he then yanked off his boots, and shucked his black leather pants. As he peeled off his white muscle shirt, his shift to wolf began. “Swear on the full moon,” he growled in his wolf-gravel voice, “I can’t wait to get my chompers around those fenders and do some real serious damage.”

“The roof is mine,” Zeo snarled around his emerging sabertooth fangs.


“Operation Crunch is a go,” Kitty whispered and leaned toward her super-tech monitor. Her blood ran on the wild side, and she held her breath waiting the few minutes it took for Durk and Zeo to morph.

Unballing her clenched hands, Kitty cast a quick glance at her office door to make certain it was locked. “On with the show.”

Huge hulking wolf and musclebound sabertooth tiger, otherwise known as Durk and Zeo … they leaped in tandem toward the hapless car. In a frenzied nightmarish attack, Durk’s snapping, jerking jaws, and Zeo’s monstrous plunging fangs … together they worked as a perfect team, mangling the once pristine sedan.

About five minutes later, all four fenders sported tooth holes and were crumpled  beyond recognition, as was the bumper, which now hung twisted, and at an odd angle. The roof and trunk, under assault by Zeo’s weight and gargantuan fangs, were now decorated by large, moonscape dents, and gnarly gashes that crisscrossed every which way.

“Now that’s primitive art,” Kitty murmured. She smiled.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


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