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March 24, 2020

Victory Garden Revival In Wolf Peak Territory by Savanna Kougar

Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION.

Fae Sorceress and Her Wolf, They Are Forest Guardians In Wolf Peak Territory 

Spring has happily sprung, shapeshifter lovers. 

Most everyone in Wolf Peak Territory is enthusiastically planning and beginning to plant their VICTORY GARDENS, especially in the small town of Moonrise Lake–this also includes the two new small-town communities being built. Howls and yowls, of course there’s a friendly competition: That is, who can find and put up the best vintage posters–as seen below. 

First, though…  

Yes, I signed up.

Smashwords: Special One-Month Sale, Authors Give Back, Starts Friday

On Friday, March 20, Smashwords is kicking off Authors Give Back, a special sale that runs through April 20.

This is no ordinary sale. Several Smashwords authors suggested the sale out of their desire to help readers around the world who’ve seen their lives turned upside-down in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Readers everywhere are going through great difficulty. There’s the difficulty of social isolation as readers shelter in place at home. There’s the real concern that one’s family, friends and community will be harmed by Covid-19. There’s the economic hardship and uncertainty that touches everyone.

Books are powerful. They have the power to entertain, inspire, inform and heal. They offer safe harbor to readers in need of comfort, distraction, hope and a smile.

Huge VICTORY GARDEN projects are happening on all the farms and ranches in the Peak, as well. The Peak’s teenagers are being strongly encouraged to participate, to learn how to grow various vegetable and fruits–the best practices. Yepadoodle, ain’t no poodle [a common saying in the Peak now] … even the carnivore shifters are being taught basic agriculture. If they balk Dante, the alpha wolf leader, and his enforcement team, will put the big bite on them–yeah real bites to the butt. 

Those who live and work inside the massive subterranean complex that is the Interspecies Pleasure Club, which includes the enormous survival-prepper wing called Bunkerville, are planting their Victory Gardens too. 

Huge areas of natural lighting have been installed throughout. This includes everyone’s personal living quarters. Also, a specialized crystalline component has been placed inside the lighting system which causes plants to thrive.  

There was already an ongoing innovative operation to grow food in underground gardens. Of course, those with the most magic green thumbs are taking charge, instructing and inspiring everyone to grow their favorite fruits and veggies. 

Howls and yowls and lots of growls, given self-sufficiency is prized and encouraged in the Wolf Peak community, the producing of food–ranching, farming, the organic greenhouses–has always been a top priority. 

Now from the tiniest shifter tot to the sage elders of Wolf Peak Territory, all are involved in learning about Victory Gardens. Revered growers are sharing their wisdom. This includes the tried and true, the old-world ways of agriculture. 

Especially exciting to those who love and sing to their plants, the ancient ways of agriculture–some secret for ages, and some lost to time–are being rediscovered and/or revealed by the immortal Druids, the Faes and the Angel hybrids who have made the Peak their home. 

 Shhhhh…the ancient seeds are being gathered also…

Okay howls to Mother Goddess, if you seriously lack a green thumb then you’re on help duty — preparing the soil, distributing seeds and organic fertilizers, building more greenhouses. Small plots, large plots, the watering systems are being built, and the fencing put up where needed. 

Coordinating efforts is vital. Group meetups have become social, fun events where new friendships are formed.

And while telepathy is common in the Peak, connecting to each other with advanced communication devices is also key.

Everyone has their own quantum wrist device, originally built by ET engineers who live in the Peak. Yes, these extraterrestrials are into planting Victory Gardens, too.

 These wrist communicators are all important for several reasons. For one, the Guardian Teams, the protectors of Wolf Peak Territory rely on them now.

 The ubiquitous *track, trace, and database* cell phones of human society are a terrible danger to shifters, to the supernatural beings of Wolf Peak Territory. As well, the *kept secret* SkyNet type tech circling the Earth is weaponized, and has been deployed against the Peak. Often.

Various and assorted ruthless enemies want every shapeshifter and/or supernatural being destroyed. Forever. Worse are the black ops’ mad scientists who slice and dice, and gene-create Frankenstein-horror monsters — all to rule the world.

Another goal of Peakites is to help out the human population during the challenging, transition times ahead. Howls and yowls, major land changes are occurring, along with rapid and destructive changes in the weather. Growing large quantities of food worldwide has become and will become more difficult in many areas.

Yep, get in step. Victory Gardens of every size are a wonderful solution.

How to start a simple garden that can feed a family of 2 to 4

Natural News) In these troubled times, preppers can rely on their stockpile of supplies and a survival garden in their backyard or homestead.

But if you’re not a prepper and you’re worried about your family’s future amid the coronavirus outbreak, learning how to start a vegetable garden is one way to address your fears of running out of food to eat. (h/t

With a simple, all-purpose garden plan, you have a sustainable way of providing fresh and nutritious food for your family. If you have a 40′ x 60′ area in your yard with good soil, you can soon start a low-maintenance, raised row garden where you can grow vegetables.

Growing food in an organic garden isn’t just good for your family’s health since it eliminates harmful pesticides and GMOs, it also helps you save a bit of money for groceries. If you have excess veggies from your garden, you can preserve and home can them for future use.

Cultivating your own garden also gives you the chance to spend more time outdoors and exercise.

What does it take to feed an average-sized family?

The answer may vary, but the simple garden plan below details how much you’ll need to feed a family of four.

Depending on how big or small your family is, you can scale the plan to fit by adding or deleting rows. Use the plan below to determine a starting point for knowing how many plants you need for a good supply of food.

Consider what kind of veggies your family likes to eat. In general, (16) 20″ long rows can provide fresh food for a family of four.

A 26′ x 40′ plan is best for raised row planting, but you can also plant your crops in a traditional garden setting. A garden with a total of (16) 18″ wide x 20′ long raised rows is still manageable, even for a gardening beginner, but your job will be even easier if you go with raised rows.

Raised row gardens are low-maintenance because they require little weeding. Using simple cover crops, compost and mulch, raised row gardens also ensure that your garden has great soil quality and gives you better harvests.

The plan and suggested plant list below focus on veggies with great flavors, plentiful harvestsand ease of growing. If you follow this guide, you should harvest more than enough to feed a family of four.

The veggies in your garden will provide what you need for kitchen staples like fresh salads and soups, along with salsa and sauces. If there’s something in the list that you don’t particularly care for, replace it with a veggie that you’d rather have in your garden.

Plant list

  • Cucumbers and zucchini – Cucumbers can be eaten fresh or turned into pickles while zucchini are great for stir-fries. The latter is also a heavy producer.
  • Green beans – Green beans are good for both fresh eating and home canning. Green beans produce high yields and as a bonus, you can replant them several times for multiple harvests per year.
  • Heirloom tomatoes (6 plants) – These large mainstay tomatoes are full of flavor. Heirloom tomatoes are great on hamburgers or for canning.
  • Onions – Onions store well and can be used for many recipes. Additionally, onions are easy to plant in sets.
  • Paste tomatoes (6 plants) – Paste tomatoes are great for salads, canning, fresh salsa, pasta sauce and soups.
  • Peas – You can grow sugar snap peas or traditional green peas in your garden. Both are nutritious and can be used for various meal preps.
  • Peppers (12 plants) – Plant two rows of peppers: One for large bell peppers, and another for smaller snacking peppers and hot peppers. Use peppers for salads, soups or stuffing.
  • Potatoes – You can store potatoes in a cool, dark location, making them the perfect food for your winter stockpile. Grow two 20″ rows of potatoes to produce enough spuds for fresh eating and storing. (Related: Homesteading 101: How to make your own survival garden (and 5 vegetables to plant).)
  • Salad crops (e.g. lettuce, kale, radish etc.) – Use two rows for salad crops that you can plant in succession for continuous harvests from spring to fall. Salad crops likecarrots and spring onions can be planted on the outside edge of the rows so you can harvest them throughout the year.
  • Sweet corn – Two double rows of non-GMO sweet corn will yield enough for fresh eating, soups and for storing.

Start a home garden and harvest fresh veggies for your loved ones all-year-round.

Sources include: 1 2

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Savanna Kougar

March 18, 2020

St. Patrick’s Day Scenes In Wolf Peak Territory by Savanna Kougar

Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION.

Belated Happy St. Paddy’s Day, Shapeshifter Lovers. 

Apologies, I have been so incredibly overwhelmed with the crazy circumstances of life that there’s been no time to post. This includes getting more supplies. Living on my tame prairie I have to stock up. Not like there’s a store anywhere close, so I’ve I’m a natural prepper. 

And honestly, TP is the least of my worries. But good luck to everyone else. Who knows? Maybe there are huge pots of toilet paper at the end of the rainbow. 

As usual I was hoping for some creative writing time. I’ve had fabulous story ideas come to me. But no, not to be… 

Anyhoo, here are some scenes of St. Paddy’s day in Wolf Peak Territory.  

Over the rainbow flights were available. 

The faeries were out and about spreading their loving enchantment, their special magic. 

Infusing the plants with faerie love so they thrive into springtime, and have an extra magical glow. 

This little winged guy arrives and will begin giving out baby dragon kisses. 

Beautiful faeries abound in all shapes and sizes in the Peak. 

Atlantean Faery Princess from ancient Ireland, her portrait. She lives in the Peak teaching many of the children about their magickal talent and power. 

The wearin’ of the green top hat, part of the St. Paddy’s day parade in Moonrise Lake, the Peak’s first small town. Two more small-town communities have been started recently, given the large influx of shapeshifter, supernatural, and human families–many of them are specialty farmers and ranchers. They will be providing food not only for Peakites, but for those living outside of Wolf Peak Territory. 

One of the alpha shifter wolves has some St. Paddy’s day fun, putting out this poster. Yes, lonely howls, he’s seeking his forever mate. 

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Savanna Kougar

February 5, 2020

Year of the Ratto Warriors In Wolf Peak Territory by Savanna Kougar

Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION.

Don’t Mess With a Ratto Warrior and Expect to Live 

Midwinter howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

Yes, usually I would blog-celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Metal White Rat. However, with the terrible pandemic outbreak on mainland China…well, it didn’t seem very celebratory. Divine Intervention for the good people of China, for all of us worldwide. 

Prepare, and take care! 

Certainly, under the alpha wolf leadership of Dante, those in Wolf Peak Territory have been preparing for any and every emergency since the beginning of the Interspecies Pleasure Club in the year 2011. 

Bunkerville is the name of the subterranean wing that will house everyone in a survival situation. All in the Peak volunteer at this massively large facility that is an underground community and city with ever-larger areas for growing food. 

The volunteers include, of course, the Ratto Warriors, who are a rattoid species of shapeshifter. The Rat Pack Patrol as Dante named them, excel at fighting and battle skills. Yes, they are part of the Guardian Teams protecting Wolf Peak Territory. 

Also…surprise, fun surprise, the Rattos have formed their own version of the Rat Pack, performing at a Vegas-type of nightspot and lounge inside the Pleasure Club. 

A bit of info about the Year of the Rat: 

Chinese Horoscope 2020: Year of the White Metal Rat

Reveal what the Year of the Rat has in store for you

Simone Sanders

Chinese New Year 2020 begins on January 25, marking the Year of the White Metal Rat. The Rat is the first sign in the Chinese zodiac. It marks new beginnings, fresh hope, and rising excitement. This period, which continues through February 11, 2021, will be a time of tremendous optimism. It will be a great time to find a new job, embark on a passionate romance, launch a business, or try a new lifestyle. Rat years have tremendous rewards for upbeat enthusiasts, while Debbie Downers experience more setbacks than usual. 


The Dashing Ratto To the Rescue

Steampunk Ratto Hunting Enemies


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Savanna Kougar

January 13, 2020

Wolf Moon, the Sacred Howls of 2020 by Savanna Kougar

Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION.
Full Wolf Moon Howls, Shapeshifter Lovers.
Here we go! The heart of the matter will be fully revealed this year, as if the brightest full moon shines upon the most private secret ever. Whether personal or on the public stage.
Thus, those who are the deepstate/darkstate players will be more and more revealed for all the world to see… often, this will be to the shock, awe, and horror of those in our current society who have remained blissfully unaware. Deep trauma follows. Assist others were you are able or point them toward those who can help them.
In your personal life, that which must be known to ultimately serve you and others, to serve your spiritual growth, will be full-moon spotlighted. For, TRUTH is your sacred ally this year.
This will, of course, give you great clarity in major decisions that affect your future. Remember also, CHANGE is the name of the epic *Aquarian Age* game we are all part of during this spinpoint in Earth time.
As well, the Divine Heart smiles upon all of us this year. This will be felt and experienced mostly in our soul-deepest relationships.
One of the Powerful Witches of Wolf Peak Territory Walks With Her Wolf Protector In the Splendid Brilliant Illumination of the Full Moon
Drawing In the Sacred Wolf Moon Energies — This Inner Knowledge Will Guide the Ever-Growing Peak Community.
Howl Communicating With the One Great Wolf — A Spiritual Heart-To-Heart, the Fierce Flow of Blood In Tune With the Soul of the Universe,…Yes, It’s Time to Run With the Formidable Shifter Wolves Beneath the Magnificent Light of the Wolf Moon. 

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Savanna Kougar

January 5, 2020

Happy Howling Yowling New Year 2020 by Savanna Kougar

Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION.

New Year Howls and Yowls, ShapeShifter Lovers! 

Note: due to an unforeseen complication with my electric outlets…well, this post is late. Yes, the nasty-problem chaos continues…darn it!   

So, I find myself in forecast mode. Thus, here we go. 

Boom-boom! Bam-wham! the Aquarian Age launches with full-fantastic and fearsome force. No one will escape this new powerful paradigm. Know this: the global demand by THE PEOPLE of the world for 1776 FREEDOM will ring loud and clear.

For no darn doubt, this will be a momentous year in Wolf Peak Territory, in our very world …and in the lives of everyone gathered together on this spinning divinely-created sphere called planet Earth [stated with respect to flat earthers] … 

Your best bet. Be prepared! Be prepared mentally, emotionally, physically, and of course, spiritually. CHANGES will abound — CHANGES will be massive and rocket-explosively accelerate as never before known — never before experienced in a century of time. 

Yes, absolutely, enormous *GOOD VS EVIL* social changes did occur in 2019. However now, the mad-pace chaos of CHANGE — the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful in this world, will become a constant thunder-and-lightning storm around us. 

Hold onto your tails, if got ’em. More importantly, hold onto your brains. And use them. 

In this year of 2020, your personal choice will be to either embrace GOOD AND FREEDOM FOR ALL or to bow down before established, draconian evil, thus allowing your enslavement. To keep track of this global tyranny watch the fast emergence of the ‘social credit score’. For, this is the BIG BROTHER-1984 barometer. 

Also, during this frenzied and fun return of the Roaring 20s energy — yes, for many, there will be new and exciting opportunities for a loving relationship — for a passionate romance that is deep, and of the deepest heart. For, the heart energy expands beautifully.  

This, while many partners will dissolve their outworn and toxic relationships, deciding to move on. These breakups will be at a record-high level during this epoch turnpoint in time. 

As well, another upgrade happens between humans and animals, both pet/domestic animals and so-called wild animals. This means that a larger number of animals want companionship with a human, a human family. HOWEVER, the opposite is true, too. There will be more attacks by those animals who feel threatened and despise humanity. BE DISCERNING about which particular animal to trust. Not all of them want to be your friend. Not all of them will respond to a loving approach. 

On the paranormal scene, get prepared for a new heightened awareness — for your greater psychic awareness. This overall growth in intuitive ability, in mind powers, will totally impact everyone living on Mother Earth — in some critical way, or other. This is because examples and experiences of the Supernatural Realm will be undeniable to each one of us. 

Of course, there will be the continuing drip-drip disclosures of UFOs, and related phenomena. Watch the skies. 

As an Aquarian Age reality, the Space Force is here. Spectacularly loved by some, there will also be ferocious controversy as it takes mostly-public flight. The advanced energy tech, hidden from the public for decade upon decade, will slowly be revealed, and slowly become operational. Keep your peepers wide open because it won’t be massively commercial at first. 

The 2020 economic picture: rocky, bumpy, but keeps on keeping on for the next nine months. Take full advantage. Beyond that, what’s next is unforeseeable at this time. This is because the Federal Reserve bankster gangsters are being secretly undermined so they fall with the least damage possible to humanity, to our global financial system. 

This upending of the Babylon beast system might not be apparent to many, but will, nevertheless, allow a new economy of THE PEOPLE to rise from the proverbial ashes — slowly, of course. However, individual prosperity and sovereignty will begin to thrive. This will happen worldwide. And will follow in the protest-footsteps happening across the world. 

2020, this is the year of the roaring rebellion, the sound of every unique individual proclaiming the DIVINE RIGHT to live free and prosperous. 

The Sacred Howling In of the New Year 2020. GOOD and LOVE Be To You and Yours From Wolf Peak Territory!

The Cougar Seeress Peers Into the Future, Protecting All Those Who Live In the Peak. 

Howl-greeting the Divine and Glorious Promise of the New Year. 

Mountaintop Wisdom, Tuning Into the Great Wolf Spirit 

Werewolfen Couple Enjoying the Cosmic Beginning of the New Year, 2020 … Yes, They Are On the Good Side, and Are Beloved Members of the Peak Community 

Power Prayers From One of the Cougar Shifter Shamans In Wolf Peak Territory 

White Wolves In the Peak Sing, Welcoming the New Year

Visiting the Peak From Her Dimensional Realm, She Rides Her Tiger Companion Into the New Year of Earth. This Special Ambassador Has a Special Invitation. 

Their First Year in Wolf Peak, This Pegasus Family Feels Safe While Delighting In the Moonlight

Affectionate Play On New Year’s Day. This Newly Mated Pair of Wolf Shifters Are Young and In Love.

Wolf Couple Forest Bathing On New Year’s Day 

Snow Run, the Joy of Being Alive and Free In the Peak On New Year’s Day 

One of the Dashing Black Wolf Shifters, He’s Got His Eye Out For A Love Mate

A Bit of Bubbly, Yowls…Who Can Resist Celebrating the New Year?

New Year’s, Meow-Whatever — Bring on the Gorgeous Party Kittens

This Flying White Tiger Patrols the Skies of Wolf Peak Territory 

Soaring Through the Sacred Cosmic Frequencies of the New Year

Just For New Year’s Fun, a Pegasus Ride Through the Solar System

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Savanna Kougar

December 25, 2019

Christmas Eve Cometh To Wolf Peak Territory by Savanna Kougar

Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION.

Holly Jolly Christmas Howls and Yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

Santa is on the move, flying high through the dark starry skies. Absolutely, he’s making his magical deliveries in Wolf Peak Territory. ‘Course Santa gets a whole lot of help from the parents and relatives of the children. No one is forgotten. Dante, the alpha wolf leader, and his gift-gathering team make certain ALL are Christmas-cherished. 

Santa Claus soaring over the rooftops of Moonrise Lake, the small town in Wolf Peak. 

No need for that Teddy Bear in Santa’s toy bag. An old-fashioned train set will be circling the Christmas tree.

Lots of goodies inside this house for Santa to munch on, including chocolate chip cookies. 

Cowboy Santa, one the favorite ways to deliver Christmas presents in the Peak. 

You dropped your Christmas hat. It’s mine now, Santa.

Who wouldn’t want this little bear cub cutie waiting for them under the Christmas tree? 

This Wolf Peak family loves Christmas time. 

His first Christmas flight, this pony Pegasus is now part of Santa’s sleigh team, the one in the town square of Moonrise Lake… Goodness! How the children run to get a ride. 

One of the Christmasy Paintings inside the Dragon Shapeshifter’s mountainside castle, all to entertain the children. 

This baby dragon not only gets his own candy cane, but likes to give them to everyone who visits him and his family. 

Christmas festivities in Wolf Peak, this ranch family greets their party guests with a decorated horse. He’s a shifter, of course, and looks forward to dressing up every year. Neigh, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas… whinny… his favorite holiday song. 

This Guardian team chases after Santa Claus while patrolling and protecting Wolf Peak. 

On the perimeter of Moonrise Lake, some of the Unicorns stand guard keeping one and all safe. 

A Holly Jolly Howl for romance novels, always popular in Wolf Peak. 

Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Savanna Kougar

December 22, 2019

Winter Solstice Scenes In Wolf Peak Territory by Savanna Kougar

Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION.

WINTER SOLSTICE howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

This year in Wolf Peak Territory, the artists and the creative types took over several of the Winter Solstice celebrations by displaying their pictures. This past year, 2019, there has been a major influx of those walking the artist’s path. 

Now that Wolf Peak Territory has established Guardian teams, and an army of warrioresses and warriors always on patrol–and with the explosion of shops, eateries, and services in the town of Moonrise Lake and the Pleasure Club–well, those who seek such stability are making the Peak their home. 

This,  of course, enriches the interspecies community as a whole. Lots of love matings happening, too, I can tell ya. 

Howling in the New Light With Friends 

 LAST YEAR: White Wolf Goddess Shifter, She Howls Her Sacred Prayers To the Full Cold Moon ~ 

Beauty and Her White Wolf Beasts Celebrate the Winter Solstice

This Winter Solstice Picture Was So Beloved From Last Year, It Was Displayed Again. 

These Days Many Stag Shifters, Their Clan families, Are Arriving In Wolf Peak. For, the Word Is Spreading That Prey and Predator Have United In Universal Love.

A Magical Fantasy of Winter Solstice


Friendship In Wolf Peak Territory…Enjoying the Sunrise Together On the Winter Solstice 


Many of the Stag Shifters Adore Children Especially, and Become Their Companions 

Bringing Forth Fairy Magic For ALL In the Peak…Stag Antlers Are Cosmic Antenna

The Shaman Coyote Communes With the Powerful Forces of the 2019 Winter Solstice. This New Light Will  Shine Away the Shadows Covering the Brutal Misdeeds That Have Been Done Against Every Good Being On Mother Earth. Thus, the Good of Every Race, Color, and Creed–the Shapeshifters, All the Supernatural Beings…We Will Stand Together and Overcome This Ancient Sinister Darkness. For, That Cosmic Time Has Arrived. 

The Magic Druid Ways and the Fantastical Beings of Merlin’s Time Are Once Again Alive and Thriving In Wolf Peak Territory. 


During This Winter Solstice the Most Powerful Women Magicians Have Gathered Together and Are Joining With the Peak’s Circle of Witches. The Ceremony Caused Lightning To Dance Across the Skies. 

Dressed For a Splendid Medieval Celebration of the Winter Solstice. 

A Druid Woman, Joy With Her Animal Companions In a Forested Area of Wolf Peak Territory… They Honor the Sacred Winter Solstice. 

Bejeweled Radiance, a Winter Solstice Painting of a Child With Her Beloved Fox Companion. This Is a Favorite In the Peak. 

In Wolf Peak Fairies of All Shapes and Sizes Sparkle and Fly Everywhere. They Love Their Homes, and Being Part of the Interspecies Community. 

Keina so adores this painting of her, she put it on display again: “Keina, a Pegasus Shapeshifter, Makes An Appearance Thrilling the Children. She Stars in WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL With Her Hero, Drev, a Super Soldier”

The Family In Wolf Peak Is Always Cherished. There Were Several Fun and Fancy Winter Solstice Events Held Just For These Precious Families. 

A Winter Solstice Angel Spreads Her Beautiful Ephemeral Wings Above the Town of Moonrise Lake. 

Once Again, All Those In Wolf Peak Territory Offer These Warm Wishes To All of You!  

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Savanna Kougar

December 14, 2019

Winter Woman of the Battle Sword by Savanna Kougar

Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION.

Mid December howls and yowls, Shapeshifter lovers. 

Meet the latest heroine who now lives in Wolf Peak Territory, Saxia. I began writing a flash scene about this warrioress, one I hope to finish and post on this blog. ~hope, hope~ 

Yes, the title is: Winter Woman of the Battle Sword

Anyway, Saxia trains women in the use of a battle sword, whether ground fighting or on horseback. She has fit in wonderfully with the other warrioresses who have made the Peak their home. 

Although of late, Saxia is experiencing a big case of loneliness. She also feels out of place during the holiday season, celebrated with great gusto in the Peak, and of course, in the small town of Moonrise Lake. 

This is because her home culture is quite different in certain ways. No, Saxia isn’t a shapeshifter, either. Yet she does own certain supernatural abilities common to her ancestors. 

Above in this gorgeous image… this is Saxia as a child with one of her guardian riding stags–she has two. They were given to her at the time of her birth. 

Saxia also has two giant-sized white wolves to watch over her. She has two magnificent white war horses, stallion and mare. And two huge polar bears that have been especially bred over the ages as protectors for her people. 

Saxia’s clan is from a remnant population that once occupied the land of Hyperborea. To quote from many articles: “In Greek mythology the Hyperboreans were a race of giants who lived “beyond the North Wind.”

In those very ancient times, Saxia’s people escaped a catastrophic event on Earth. Currently, they dwell inside a chain of enormous, crystal-shining caverns. Away from the human population on Midgard, or topside Earth. 


Saxia chose to live on Upper Earth for several reasons, one being she adores bathing in the warm light of Sol, or what we call the sun. Also, she deeply felt the calling to teach those in Wolf Peak Territory her olde world knowledge, and her battle skills. To contribute to their incredible thriving community, one that is helping to save everyone, every being on Earth from a massive evil force that would parasitically feed on, and enslave humanity. 


Of course, Saxia has a hero… but that’s for another post. Hopefully… and hopefully I’ll be able to post a Winter Solstice blog next. And maybe, just maybe I’ll be lucky enough to finish this flash scene… maybe… 

Run on the Wild Side of Romance  


Savanna Kougar

December 6, 2019

White Stags of the Tuatha Dé Danann… the Squirrel Invasion… by Savanna Kougar

Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION.

Early December howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

Isn’t that a gorgeous Celtic-inspired image? Well, once upon a time, during the age of the Atlantean colonization–that is, after the fall of the Great Atlantis civilization because of a series of catastrophes and catastrophic wars… when the Tuatha Dé Danann, one powerful sect of Atlantean magicians… when they arrived in Ireland, many of the women had white stags as pets, and as protector animals.

These psychically powerful women would ride about the splendid lands on their magnificent elegant beasts. At that time, telepathy was common between humans and their most beloved pets. As well, there was an art to breeding beautiful and intelligent companion animals. Domestication as it evolved later, was never part of Atlantis culture.

Can you imagine this pleasure? Prancing, galloping across the emerald isle while astride your own white stag?


Okay, my authorly endeavors are still suffering. I’ve made a little progress. Why so little? I am still putting out numerous, what I am now calling ‘brushfires’ in my life, and more just keep popping up–for several months now… big, very big sighs. 

One of the latest ‘brushfires’ is the squirrel invasion of my attic. Okay, there have been squirrels in the past. One was a very nice squirrel who rarely made noise and would curl up above me when I went to bed. I suppose for the warmth. However, the latest batch are rambunctious, noisy, destructive. It used to be I could chase the naughty ones out when I banged the attic, spring-loaded door. 

Nope, not these latest bad critters. They just wait it out, and continue their rampage through my attic when they think it’s safe. Now, of course, I don’t want to harm these squirrels, no matter how pesky. I just WANT them out of my attic. After all, there are numerous large trees–perfect for squirrel nests, many of them occupied, yes. But there’s plenty of good places outside to build a comfy cozy nest, and lots of good building materials. 

To chase these stubborn squirrels out, I’ve tried several methods. Okay, they don’t like incense. So I burn sticks near ventilation openings. It hasn’t been enough to solve the problem though. I read that squirrels don’t like peppermint. I’ve tried spraying, and placing peppermint-oil saturated cotton balls in the attic, which does seem to work for awhile. 

These long-tailed, furry little monsters are so loud, tumbling about I can’t sleep. So, I’ve done battle, shouting at them…I even purchased one of those piercing loud party horns… hurts my ears, I can tell ya … yeah, this battle is so not fun when you trying to get some sleep. When you need sleep. 

And, while the terrible horn noise does get their attention, and the little beasts quit tormenting me for awhile… but oh no, they don’t leave. I’m forced to hear their tromping-about antics, their destructive scratching and chewing. I think they’re dropping and playing with nuts, too. 

Well, two days ago I discovered why these squirrel pests refuse to leave. They’ve built a nest inside the overhang from the roof, yep, right next to my bedroom. So, risking life and limb I got on a step ladder and shoved a couple of peppermint-oil swathes of cotton into the nest. That stopped them for almost a day…that and the incense I keep burning… well, to sum up for now, today, instead of risking a nasty fall, I used a squirt bottle to spray peppermint-infused water beneath their nest… we’ll see… 

Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Savanna Kougar

November 29, 2019

Thanksgiving Love From Wolf Peak Territory by Savanna Kougar

Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION.

Thanksgiving howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

Yes, LOVE to everyone from everyone in Wolf Peak Territory. 

A most wonderful time of feasting, and a plethora of celebrations happened in the Peak. Given the various multi-cultures, and the many spiritual traditions, the festivities will continue throughout the Autumn days–absolutely enjoyed by All, of course. 


The dog shapeshifters of Wolf Peak gather together, and dress up to entertain the children. This is a real favorite every year. 


Being with loved ones…feasting, talking, hugging…that is most treasured by ALL in Wolf Peak Territory. 

Note: I had planned to finish a flash scene for Thanksgiving Day. As usual, I didn’t get that accomplished. No time, and my energy ran out. ~sighs~ I am hoping I can finish it, anyway. 


Run on the Wild Side of Romance  


Savanna Kougar

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