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January 20, 2017

Oops, Crash and Burn… by Savanna Kougar

Wyoming Cowboy 

Originally posted on the Savanna Kougar blog ~ 

New Day Howls and Yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

So last week, I had started a blog about the latest story I’m penning… that is, was *penning* for a BOXED SET… the whole venture has blown up, and blown apart… why? … lack of clear communication about the heat level of the stories… seems as though the author who put forth the parameters and asked for participation wanted  sensual and steamy romance, however she included erotic romance as an option without saying she wanted ‘tamed down’ erotic romance.., well, the rest of us just assumed: okay we’re writing erotic romance like regular… okay, that turned out to be a big dramatic problem, that ended in the yahoo planning loop being obliterated … whatever … if I knew how to do BOXED SETS I’d try it, given several of us would still like to go forward … but I don’t really have a clue about how to go about it, as far as formatting, and such… to be honest, I don’t know if I have the energy and time… it’s been tough these past several weeks … and this morning a connector hose on the hot water heater sprung several leaks … at least, I could simply turn the hot water off … but the problem still has to be solved, since my attempted solution DID NOT work… at this point, I’m hoping to order a new connector hose online, if I can find the right one… ~sighs~  

Anyway, last week I was going to explain a bit about the hero of my WYOMING SPACE ALIENS ‘contemporary’ erotic romance, that I was writing for the now nonexistent BOXED SET… “My hero, Dale for short…his first name is Daletori… is a true Wyoming cowboy, a horse wrangler. However, he’s not exactly an Earth human. True, two of his grandparents are pure Earth human…however, his people are known as the Rahtoul, and they arrived on Earth in the 1930s. Having a natural affinity for the ranching way of life, this original group of ETs established a small town and community in the midst of the Wyoming wildlands…yeah, the wonderful Western state of Wyoming is not that populated. Is it? 

Why did the Rahtoul come to Earth…well, it has to do with *freedom* … the culture of freedom for ALL sentient beings throughout the galaxy, as a whole. For, as it’s said, the cost of freedom is eternal vigilance—to paraphrase Thomas Jefferson. [Quotation: “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”] … yep, this is true even in a galaxy far, far away. Oh, and since this will be the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster or the Fire Cock … well, how much naughty fun is that?” 

Currently, given it was yesterday that the CRASH AND BURN happened… I’m not certain what my next move will be. I’m at ground zero, given my WYOMING WRANGLER story was tailored for this BOXED SET, and I don’t really think this novella works as a stand alone… not right now. 

Yep, all that time and energy and authorly research is very possibly wasted. ~Sad sighs~ 

However, a big shout out to fab author, Kate Hill. She featured a *story sample* from BLACK CAT BEAUTY at her blog on January 17th. ~ 



Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

January 13, 2017

The Full Wolf Moon In Wolf Peak Territory by Savanna Kougar

Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION 
Dante, the alpha leader of Wolf Peak, surveys his territory. 
Howls and Yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 
This year of 2017, the Full Wolf Moon is in the sign of Cancer, a cardinal water sign. This should give a big good boost to the emergence of the Aquarian Age ascension, to the quickening-continuing AWAKENING of humankind and Mother Earth herself.  After all, Aquarius is the sign of the water bearer. It’s certainly been a liquidity time just before and since the new year began…at least, around this Big Cat. Look around, the world is moving fast, changing fast now, like the constant and unending magnificent motion of an ocean. It’s my contention that timelines are joining, switching, and the immediate future is altering at a rate that makes it difficult to psychically perceive what will be true. This is one reason I haven’t continued with Volcano’s Angelic Headline Forecast over on the Title Magic blog. That, and I just can’t find the time to devote to this massive endeavor right now. 
Three of the white wolf shifter ladies enjoy the full moon’s bright rays. 
One of the Sentinel Guards on patrol at Wolf Peak. Protection of the pack and ALL the shifters and supernaturals in the community is always a priority. 
Singing to the Wolf Moon, a time-honored ritual and celebration. 
The girls paint their fur pretty colors and join in the howling good time. 
What cosmic dreams are made of…wonderful for a wolf’s spirit and soul. 
Dante’s right-paw wolf man wishes ALL a HAPPY HOWLING NEW YEAR. He’s seeking his mate. 


Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

January 5, 2017

She’s back… BLACK CAT BEAUTY Is Now Re-Released by Savanna Kougar

Yep finally, I was able to finalize and Indie publish Sable and Devon’s erotic love story. Here’s the Promo. The SMASHWORDS BUY LINK is at the end. And yes, BLACK CAT BEAUTY is in their Premium Catalog. Also, I’m waiting for Amazon Kindle to make the ebook live. 

Black Cat Beauty 
Chronicles of Sable Kiki, Book One 
Savanna Kougar 
Shapeshifter Erotic Romance, A Halloween Fantasy Novel 
Seduction by cattitude, Sable Kiki’s covert assignment is Devon Zant, rising movie star. Problem: she’s captured by his super-powered passion. 


A private Halloween party in a Gothic mansion hidden in the Hollywood Hills. Add one party crasher, Sable Kiki, a naughty black cat with a sexy wild human side. 

Her covert assignment from her devious, always-cunning father: use her seductive wiles to discover the truth about Devon Zant, a movie star/musician on the rise to super stardom. 

Posing as the superhero actor, Devon Zant, D’Torr has arrived on Earth seeking revenge for the capture of his younger brother, and to assist in stopping a powerful interstellar enemy. 

The leviathan warfleet of the Altirrux wants rule of all intergalactic trade routes to Earth, endangering the survival of D’Torr’s race, and all the inhabitants on the rare blue jewel, Earth. 


Sable Kiki … she’s back … 
Halloween Seduction With Cattitude and Claws 
How To Defeat a Hollywood Black Arts Witch 
The Brykkitv, an Alien Race of Men, Notorious For Capturing Catwomen Shapeshifters

Leashed By a Superhero For His Mating Pleasure 
Sable shivered within. An assignment from her father was an assignment from her father. And could not be ignored. 
Devon Zant was not to be ignored, either. His alpha male vibes demanded she come to him. 
Sable smiled feline-seductively, her natural confidence returning.  She tipped her head back, keeping her gaze beneath his as she approached. One step away from him, she halted. 
Instead of blatantly perusing his masculine assets—yet—she studied his classically carved features through her half-lidded gaze. The god Hermes and the half-god Hercules, blended as one—and definitely more strikingly handsome than either—that was Devon Zant’s face. 
From on high, his gaze scorched over her, tingling her skin. Glints of lightning sparked in the depths of his eyes, and she was astonished by how blue they truly were—not sky blue. Not Paul Newman blue. No, his eyes were deep iris blue, and so brilliantly luminous that for an instant she thought she observed an aurora of color slide across them. 
No wonder a movie camera, even in the age of digital, couldn’t completely capture the true color of his eyes. Nor could any camera do full justice to his hair. 
His auburn mane just brushed his shoulders and was nearly black, with fine streaks of burnt gold and bronze. She could analyze by the smell he hadn’t dyed the color. Au naturel, his hair was obviously a hairdresser’s dream. 
Full and wide, flirtatiously, Sable smiled. She flashed her gaze over him, her attitude one of pure female admiration. 
“Sable,” she softly rumbled her name for him. 
Excitement, like electrical currents, skittered through her as she waited and wondered. Would his smoky strong voice be sexier than the capacity of a digital mike? 
His gaze broke from hers, roaming over her auburn tresses, which were not quite as dark as his, and blazed with reddish tints. “Your hair?” 
“Not colored and like my name.” Sable used her voice to stroke him. Entice him. She languidly moved her hips so the thick waves of her hair rippled over her back and butt. 
“Beautiful. Gorgeous. I’ve never seen such lovely hair…Sable.” 
Oooh, Cat Goddess Bastet! Could Devon Zant stroke a woman’s ego. 
“I could say the same about your hair,” she breathlessly purred, even though being star-struck was so not her thing. 
“Have you ever cut your hair?” he asked, as if the answer really mattered to him. 
Sinfully, deeply, darkly male—his voice. Torrents of *take me*desire flooded through Sable. 
Her super sensitive ears also tuned into a tonal quality that was pure—clear as a bubbling mountain stream.  Sable realized as a lead actor, he touched the soul of an audience with his voice. 
“Not for years. I’ve only trimmed the ends.” Evidently, as she spoke, all the air deserted her lungs, and now rushed back into her lungs. 
“Good. Don’t ever cut your hair.” 
If she had willed it, Sable could have orgasmed over the velvety purr of his voice. 
Right there on the steps. In full view of him. 
Slow as a sweltering summer breeze in New Orleans, he reached toward her hair. His fingertips slipped down one strand as if she were unreal and about to vanish before his eyes. 
I feel like a mystical creature. Where’s my misty portal? 
“What’s your full name, Sable?” 
“Sable Kiki. I don’t use my last name.” She added a throaty purr just for him. 
“Neither do I, beautiful catwoman.” 
His tone held such mystery, she blinked. Her pulse hitched with sudden uncertainty, and surreptitiously, she sniffed for anything that would make him other than a topsider—or not fully human. 
Nothing. Nothing she could detect. 
“Sable Kiki.” More than a sensual purr, he spoke her name like a sacrament—at least, to her cat ears. 
She didn’t speak, almost unnerved,. Instead Sable stared at his broad superhero chest revealed by the clinging fabric of his simple button-down black shirt. 
His exposed skin , in the shape of a V, was the color of her cocoa when a third of it was heavy cream. Sable licked her lips, since he wasn’t watching. 
He gently lifted a long strand of her hair, sliding it between his fingers. “What is it you want?” 
You. “Are you gay?” 
Sable planted her fist on her slanted hip, even as she tilted her chin so her face was beneath his again. His intense gaze seemed to hunt every inch of her face. 
She gave him a sassy smile. A small grin curved his stunningly formed mouth. 
“Gay as in Zorro, The Gay Blade?” he asked. “Or gay as in, shall we gaily roll in the meadow of bright blooms, entwined, our bodies perfect lust against each other?” 
His eyes twinkled for only an instant. Languorously, he twined her hair around his forefinger, waiting for her answer. 
“You tell me…big up-and-coming movie star.” Sable deliberately traveled her gaze down, then up the impressive length and breadth of his cock’s bulge beneath the black pants that were just a few steps away from a superhero’s tights. 
I could come deliciously on that hunk of meaty sausage.Assuming it was real and not an anatomy prop. 
She sniffed, and her gaze flew to his face. The tip of his cock dripped with his male essence. 
For her? 
He skimmed his palm over her breast , then lightly circled her belly. Studying her eyes, he covered her loins with his hand, and rubbed, exciting her. 
Bastet, help! His alpha-male touch pleased her way too much. 
Deciding to play along until fortune favored her, Sable traced the dominant planes of his face. His features beckoned her artistic nature—and not to mention—owned her sheer female admiration. 
“A black cat always has her own comfortable bedroom.” Sable tried not to purr the words, but… 
“Don’t worry, my black catwoman, I’ll make certain you’re satisfied.” His eyes sparked as if they held starfire. 
Who was this man? No human… 
The scent of his scorching rut for her filled her nostrils, distracting Sable. She yearned to lazily undulate beneath him. She wanted to curl and stretch, be her cat self with him, then take his super man, strong cock inside her—all, as she lost herself in his starflame eyes. 
Don’t think like that. You can’t have him. He’s dangerous to everything, to everyone you love. 
Devon rubbed his cheek, his jaw against her fingertips. As she opened her hand wider, he brushed his face against her palm. The slight sandpaper scratch of his stubble heightened her passion, already threatening to rage out of control. 
Nooooooo…I can’t. 
His hand slipped over her mound and cupped, a pleasurable claiming of her. Sex-wise, the man knew what he was doing, alright. Soft zings spread through her pussy as he kneaded her swollen mound. 
He fastened his gaze on her face as if nothing, no one else existed. Sable knew bliss softened her features, and ignited her turquoise-colored eyes. 
“My wet black cat,” he praised. 
His gentle massage of her pussy only made Sable crave more of his touch, a fiercer handling. 
“I want you in my bed. I want you in my bedroom.” 
There it was embedded in his voice. He wouldn’t allow her refusal. Yet, she had to persuade him…anything to escape. 
“Un-trainable, I told you. You don’t want me in your bed.” 
“I prefer a challenge. Mild-mannered women don’t interest me.” 
Oh Goddess, no! 
Overwhelmed by how sexily he fondled her pussy, Sable moaned. She arched like her cat self. Closing her eyes, she widened her thighs as his fingers tantalizingly stroked the outline of her sex lips. 
“Come to me, my black cat beauty.” He smoothed his fingers beneath the scoop neckline of her one-piece catsuit, and skillfully peeled away the filmy black fabric. “Sable, I want you naked.” 
Before she could protest, Devon freed her shoulders, and rolled the thin Lycra costume away from her breasts. Using both hands—his manner intensely sensual—he eased the stretch fabric down her arms, over her hips, then pulled it down her legs. 
“God, you’re beautiful.” 

Published on January 1, 2017 

© Copyright 2017, Savanna Kougar 
All rights reserved 
Originally Published 2009 

Ebook-ISBN 978-1-59578-507-7 
Publisher: Purple Silk Books 
Cover Artist: Amanda Kelsey 
Novel: 40,600 words approximately  
Originally Published by Liquid Silver Books, imprint of Atlantic Bridge Publishing 
Original Editor: Jean Cooper 

Original Cover Artist: Anne Cain 
Sable and Devon invite you to read their love story… 
Will a black catwoman find happiness with an alien superhero? 



Will be available on AMAZON KINDLE

December 23, 2016

Winter Bird Scenes In Wolf Peak Territory by Savanna Kougar

Hot Rod Santa In Moonrise Lake, Montana 


Howliday and Yowliday greetings, shapeshifter lovers. 

So, on the authorly front, I have a few paragraphs left to revise…then BLACK CAT BEAUTY will be finished, and I’ll do the final work to prepare my shifter erotic romance for Indie publishing. 

Also, I’ve been working on my BOXED SET erotic romance… worldbuilding a small fictional town in Wyoming… and yep, gathering more and more details about my heroine and hero. My hero is being a bit mysterious and stubborn, however. Although, I do have a general idea about his family’s longtime settlement in this small town and the great surrounding grasslands. 

The birdie shifters of Wolf Peak are enjoying the holiday season. If they get too cold, their homes are only a short flight away. There are the various pubs and taverns in town, and on the outskirts … also a couple of good coffee shops, to get and warmed up. ~happy holiday smiles~ 


Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

December 15, 2016

Black Cat Magic for Christmas by Savanna Kougar


Howliday and Yowliday greetings, shapeshifter lovers. 

Here are some scenes from the Black Cat Christmas party this year in Moonrise Lake, Montana. 

Then, after the pics, here’s a flash scene, starring Sable and Devon, that I wrote after the original release of my shapeshifter erotic romance, BLACK CAT BEAUTY — coming soon, I promise. 

Nothing like a little holiday decoration. 

Not a happy party camper. However, th creamy egg nog perked him up later. 

Hanging your black kitten stocking with care…she needed a nap. 

Comfy Christmas Tree perch, a must have at a cat holiday gathering. 

I’m your perfect gift. 

And a good time was had by all. 

Mom, was this really necessary? 

Black Cat Magic for Christmas

December 14, 2009

Sable disrobed, tossing her elf costume into an untidy pile. She posed with one hand on her bare hip, taking a few moments to admire her human body in the dressing room’s panel of mirrors. A black cat girl could still be all sexy cattitude even as a woman. Reaching for her sumptuous, figure-hugging gown, she shimmied into it. 

Despite Devon’s interest in dressing her as pleased him, she’d secretly had the evening gown created. With time being short, Sable studied the drape of deep wine-colored velvet and satin. She made adjustments quickly, then moved to the vanity and made up her face like a torch singer.   

Finished, she peeked around the off-stage curtain to make certain the last child had left Devon’s lap and the event was officially over. They’d attended a charity party, at the dinner theater, for older unadopted kids. Devon had played Santa Claus, only as his Super Ace persona. There’d been more dancing to his band’s music, than actual ho-ho, traditional make-a-wish, lap sitting by the pre-teenagers. 

In league with Devon’s band to give him this Christmas surprise, Sable moved from behind the curtain. Strutting like Mae West, she walked toward the center of the stage as they strummed the opening strains of ‘That old black magic’. 

“Devon, dude, your woman has a special gift for you,” Rick announced. 

Sable seductively leaned her hip against the piano. A wide smile naturally formed on her face as Devon spun around. His impassioned gaze threatened to blister her skin, and was definitely a promise for later lusting pleasures.

Tossing her long waves of auburn hair that she’d intentionally mussed, Sable sang, “That old black magic has me in its spell. That old black magic that you weave so well.” Sauntering forward with the music, she crooned, “Icy fingers up and down my spine…the same old witchcraft when your eyes meet mine.”

Their gazes locked, and their mutual desire sparked between them. Devon started toward her, only halted by his manager’s hand on his arm. If he could have super-speed swept her up, and carried her away, he would have.

Languidly hitching her hips for a few strides, Sable halted. “The same old tingle that I feel inside.” Posing, she slanted her gaze over her shoulder. “When that elevator starts its ride…down and down I go, round and round I go.” 

She watched Devon force himself to sit down at one of the small tables near the stage. His hot gaze roamed over her body and he did nothing to hide the swell of his cock.

Pivoting, Sable swayed ever closer to him. “Like a leaf that’s caught in the tide…I should stay away but what can I do…I hear your name, and I’m aflame…Aflame with such a burning desire…That only your kiss can put out the fire…and your meaty sausage, she added mentally. 

Spreading her hand on the voluptuous curve of her hip, she taunted him by stopping and bracing her legs.  “You are the lover that I’ve waited for…The mate that fate had me created for…And every time your lips meet mine…” Sable bent forward pursing her lips. “Baby down and down I go, all around I go.” Leaning a bit more, she lazily shook her shoulders showing off her cleavage. 

Devon mentally glued himself to the seat of the chair. Sable saw it in his eyes. Yet, the hunger in his gaze ravished her without compromise. Sable shivered inside, scorched by the carnal heat only he could generate within her.

“In a spin, loving the spin that I’m in…Under that old black magic called love…under that old black magic called love,” she repeated. On the last lingering notes she straightened. Her breasts heaved and she panted softly. For him. For Devon.

“Sable,” he paused for an instant, “come here.”

Ignoring his hoarsely spoken command, she whirled and raised her arms in a sensual imitation of flame. With her back to him, she waited for the band to begin  her next song.

“Devon, keep your seat,” Rick encouraged. “Your woman has one more gift for you. I guarantee you’re going to flip your dick over this one.” 

With the sound of the sultry Christmas music, Sable lowered her arms. Turning toward Devon, she stroked her palm over one cocked hip. “Santa baby, slip your Sable under your big tall tree…I’ve been an awful good girl…Santa baby, so hurry down my chimney tonight.” 

Devon froze, now stuck to his chair. His sausage had definitely grown meatier in size and his piercing gaze followed her as if he might lose sight of her.

Sable moved closer, exaggerating her slow strut. “Santa baby, drive me like your convertible too…I want you to…I’ll wait up for you, handsome…Santa baby, so hurry down my chimney tonight.”

His dark gaze sliding to her hips, Devon patted his thigh, an invitation to sit on his lap. 

Feeling the low purr in her throat, Sable continued the song. “Think of all the fun I’ve missed…Think of all the men that I haven’t kissed…Next year I could be just as good…If you’ll just fulfill my Christmas list.”

Devon crooked his finger, beckoning her to come closer still.

Sable slowed, rotating her hips like an old-fashioned stripper. “Santa baby, I want your yacht.” Aiming her gaze at his cock, she sassily crooned, “And really that is a lot…Been a naughty girl in bed all year…Santa baby, so hurry down my chimney tonight.” Slinking nearer, Sable sang in a smooth purr, “Santa honey, there’s one thing I really do need…Your seed…Deep inside my flooded pussy…Santa handsome, so hurry down my chimney tonight.”

Devon shot upright, but didn’t approach her. Though, his hunk o’ meat looked as though it tried to approach her, given its thrusting size.

“Santa sexy, and fill my stocking with your sausage.” Sable swayed her shoulders provocatively, along with the sweltering music. “Give me your meatballs…For an extra good time…Santa sexy, and hurry down my chimney tonight.” As she inched toward Devon, Sable rippled the long fall of her hair, knowing how it affected him. “Come and trim my Christmas wreathe…With some decorations bought at Tiffany’s…I really do believe in you…Let’s see how much you believe in me.”

Devon’s eyes glowed, super-powered with an inner light, an indication to Sable that she’d savagely aroused him. Just the way she liked it, depending on her sexual mood, of maow-ing course.

Sinuously moving beside him, Sable rubbed her hip on his thigh as part of her performance, singing, “Santa baby, forgot to mention one little thing…No need for a ring…No need for a wedding…but, Santa baby, hurry down my chimney tonight…Hurry down my chimney tonight…Hurry, tonight.”

Raising on tiptoe, Sable twisted like the cat girl she was. Placing her lips close to his ear, she rumbled her best Eartha Kitt purr.

Before she could think or blink, Devon seized her, dipping her so low, Sable’s feet barely remained on the floor. Immediately, his kiss trapped her mouth with delicious ruthlessness. For long incredible moments, the unceasing press of his mouth thrilled through her limbs, and left her boneless inside his super strong hold. The molding of his lips over hers tempted Sable’s fiercest desires, until ultimately, she raged for whatever he wanted to do to her.

“Sable,” he growled privately. “You’re getting a ring whether you like it or not.”

“Meow, super man,” she breathy whispered against his mouth. “Put it around that meaty cock of yours.” 


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Kisses, Savanna Kougar

December 7, 2016

Lots of Cowboys In Wolf Peak Territory, Montana by Savanna Kougar


Oops! This is what happens when there’s a disagreement about how high the MERRY CHRISTMAS *welcome sign* should be — yep, between a horse shifter wrangler and a new cowhand at one of many ranches in Wolf Peak Territory. 

Siberian Husky shifter trying out his latest cowboy hat last summer. He’s hoping the available ladies in the town of Moonrise Lake will be impressed. 

Happy Howlidays and Merry Christmas Yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

What a wackadoodle strange day on my tame prairie … the neighbors’ half-grown cows have decided they like hanging out around my house, and have an escape route from their pasture that hasn’t been discovered yet … so that’s been all too fun. 

Anyway, I needed a mental break today so I decided to look at images of Christmas cowboys since my next hero is a sexy wrangler type, and I’ve been getting to know him. Yep, the Boxed Set planning is going fast forward now — No Title Yet — but with a possible release date scheduled for April 2017. And I’ve just begun to write. 

Also, there are ***Ranchers, Mountain Men, a Few Sheriffs and Their Deputies … there are Western Type Clubs inside Dante’s Interspecies Pleasure Club … some contemporary, and some Old West style clubs like fancy saloons for example. If I had time I’d go through my character list, and list them here. Including the cowgirls, the lady ranchers, and Sheriff Bunny Welch, of course. 

But, really, I need to continue finishing BLACK CAT BEAUTY — almost done. I got some good work done yesterday … yay!!! 

I had thought I’d be working on an erotic romance *taboo* novella next, starring a Highlander type, and set in another realm, where the historic Scottish culture is still thriving — a combination of ancient honorable code society with some advanced technology.  

But back to my Christmas Cowboys in Wolf Peak Territory … I think that will be my holiday celebration on this blog … we’ll see. I could get another whim … 


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Kisses, Savanna Kougar

December 2, 2016

Wyoming Wrangler…my next hero? by Savanna Kougar


December howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

A month of various holiday celebrations is here, and I hope yours is wonderful. Currently, I’m a bit under the weather, and having the treat myself with natural supplements just to get the routine stuff done. You know how that can go. At least, I’m not near as bad as a lot of folks—this particular allergy-illness seems to be happening all over. So, take care of yourself. 

Anyway, I’m still finishing up the last chapters of BLACK CAT BEAUTY. Yep, the best laid plans go awry. I wish I’d been able to republish a month ago. 

So, I miss writing flash scenes that take place in my fictional world of Wolf Peak Territory. But time and enough energy… well, it’s just not there. Apologies. 

Okay, I’m considering which of my WIPS to use for this project, as described in a previous post. That is: ***A bunch of us authors at ROMANCE WRITERS BEHAVING BADLY ~ …are looking at doing a BOXED SET of contemporary erotic romance.*** 

One of my WIPS is temporarily titled, Wyoming Wrangler … a contemporary cowboy paranormal erotic romance… love those sexy, down to earth cowboys. 

… WOW! An unwanted adventure just interrupted writing this post … all of a sudden,  no internet, no phone … it’s dark outside when I check my connection, and I’m fumbling around to open the phone box… well, it turns out the neighbor’s cows have just pulled my phone line with their big hooves enough to end the connection … fortunately, I could put it back well enough to regain connection, despite the pulled wires … yeah, don’t ask why it’s such a rinky dink setup, but it is… 

But anyway, here’s a short unedited snippet of how Wyoming Wrangler begins… 

Daletori  watched the woman he’d been watching ever since he’d first seen her three weeks ago at the Corral, the local whet-your-whistle bar and nighttime Western dance club. 

She’d been coming to the Corral regular on Friday and Saturday nights. Right now, Bruce, the local butthead, had her cornered at the far end of the bar, demanding a dance. She’d already refused him several times in a ladylike way. Crowding her like a bull in rut, he leaned inches away from her face while his beefy hand took hold of her upper arm.  

“You know you want it,” Bruce snorted in what he believed was a turn on to women. “You want to get laid.” 

“Get away from me. I want a real man…” she began. 

“Oh, you’ll get a real man, honey. We’ll start with dancin’. Get you all horny and hot.” 

Daletori saw red, to put it mildly. Setting his beer down, he rocked forward, and in the same movement gained his feet. Given his tread was naturally silent, Bruce didn’t hear his approach. 

“Hands off. The lady said no.” 

Bruce whipped around, moving his bulk surprisingly fast. His gaze narrowed. “You gotta claim? If so, no one told me.” 

“Ain’t got no claim yet. Thinkin’ about it, though.” He had been thinking about it, night and day day and night. However, nothing was straightforward, and she wasn’t one of them. 

“Make a claim now,” Bruce snarled for his ears only, “or, go nurse that sissy stuff you and your kin call beer.” 

“Shoulda knowed better’n to let your kin settle here,” he quietly aimed toward Bruce’s ear. 

“Wow,” the woman interrupted, her tone overly enthusiastic. “I had no clue you could talk, cowboy.”

Daletori knew she’d spoken to end their male confrontation. Already, he envisioned his fist smashing into Bruce’s ugly face. 


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Kisses, Savanna Kougar

November 25, 2016

Chapter Twenty-six ~ Thanksgiving Day Celebration by Savanna Kougar

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Keina, my heroine, in her realm 

Happy Thanksgiving howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

As an erotic romance author, one reason I write, is because I love the interplay between a woman and man — that shared intimacy which belongs only to them … the heart to heart communication as the couple learns about each other…the soul to soul sharing as their relationship develops. All that to offer the chapter below, starring Keina and Drev from WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL — their erotic love story set during Thanksgiving. 

Chapter Twenty-six: 
Thanksgiving Day Celebration 

The huge grin that split Drev’s face instantly put Keina at ease. She took hold of the raisins. Loving the way his eyes danced, the golden twinkle in their depths, she smiled in return. “You’ll have to tell me if I step over the line, Drev. I’m still learning about your Earth culture.” 

“No problem. Like I said, sweetheart, I’m stocked up to the gills.” Drev opened the cannister of rolled oats. “Besides, we always have the underground safe rooms at Bunkerville…inside the Pleasure Club.” 

“I’ll help any way I can. To keep us prepared, and stocked up.” Keina carefully measured out the raisins, pouring them in. She mixed vigorously, saying, “We horses know about healing herbs, too.” 

“You know what, sweetheart. There’s a story Dad likes telling occasionally. About the horse who healed himself of cancer.” From the corner of her eye, Keina watched Drev dip the measuring cup in the oats. “Back in 1840,” he continued, “a veterinarian put his prize stallion in a pasture to live out his last days. Instead of dying from cancer, the horse knew what to eat, and within a year he became healthy again.” 
“Really? I mean I believe it.” Keina took the cup of oats, adding them to her mixture. “More, please.” She handed the cup back. “We don’t have diseases in my realm like you do here. I’ve never heard that story. Is there more to it?” 

“Yep.” Drev added another cupful oats, and Keina folded them in. “This veterinarian noticed his stallion was eating strange plants for a horse. Then, when the tumor stabilized, he recorded which herbs they were. Eventually, the vet developed what is known as the Hoxsey formula.” 

“Hoxsey.” Keina paused, searching her memory. “Yes, we do know that formula in my world. I never knew the back story. Thank you, Drev.” 

“How did….? You mentioned reading about Earth history. Do you have natural healing books too?” 

“We do. Although, ever since we could travel to other dimensions, our magician priests have studied any and all healing methods for equines. Especially plant-based remedies.” 

“That makes too much sense.” Drev dipped out another portion. “More oats, right?” 

“Yes.” Keina slowly stirred as her stud man poured. “You know, Drev, it feels good to talk this way with you. Not to have to hide who I am…where I’m from.” 

“Feel free, my filly girl. I want to know all about you.” 

His lowered voice seduced her ear. Keina inched closer, even as she continued mixing in the mouth-watering oats. “Apples. Do you have any dried apple pieces. We could add them to the cookie dough.” 

“You bet. Comin’ up.” Drev set the cannister down, and Keina followed him with her gaze as he headed for one of his large cabinets. 

She added the final amount of oats, and as she blended them in, Keina caught herself happily humming. Yet, on the heels of being high on love, came the flying stones, or the voice of fear about her future with Drev. 
With all four of her inner-horse hooves, Keina mentally tromped the insidious thoughts into the dust. For now, the floaty glow of love was hers. Drev was hers. 

For now. 

“Here we go.” He tore open a large package of apple chips, then handed them to her. 

“Thanks, stud man. Mmm…the fragrance of apples, heavenly to this horse girl. As you know.” Keina shook in about a fourth of the bag, and set it down. “Should have put these in before the oats.” 

“Want me to use my big strong muscles to stir them in?” 

Drev spoke in a kidding tone. Yet, Keina heard his underlying seriousness. She relinquished the spoon and the bowl, and stepped back. Drev made quick work of mixing in the apple pieces. 

Keina stood on tiptoe, kissing his cheek. “Big strong muscles,” she sensually crooned to his ear as she stroked her hand down his brawny arm. 

“Why don’t you go get dressed like we talked about, my filly girl. The table is set. I’ll put this in the fridge, then go put on some fancier duds.” Drev turned and loosely embraced her. “We’ll give thanks for our bountiful spread, and chow down.” 

“I’m already grateful.” Keina paused, caressing his upper arms. “For you, Drev. And for all the food we’ll be dining on. Together.” 

“Go.” Drev broke them apart. “Change. Before I ravish you here.” 

With a sassitude flip of her hair, Keina whirled heading for the cabin’s guest room, which was now her room, and would soon hold all of her Earth belongings. Elation winged her steps, and formed the smile on her face. 
As she entered and saw the gown on the bed, where she’d spread it out earlier in the day, delight, then anticipation bubbled through her. She’d always found fabric shops irresistible. So soon after her arrival on Earth, on a whim, she’d designed the long flowing gown, then handsewn it. 

She fingered one of the draping medieval sleeves. Made out of an autumn-gold colored stretch velveteen, the simple bias-cut style skimmed her figure. When she walked, when she danced and whirled, the gown’s hem caressed her ankles. Keina adored the elegant sensuality. 

Stripping off her garments, she gave them a toss into the laundry basket. Having showered and washed her hair in the morning, after she and Drev had enjoyed a lusty yet leisurely coupling, Keina moved toward the rustic dresser. 

She picked up the tiny spray bottle, and liberally spritzed herself. The blend of essential oils misted around her, romantic and ethereal. Feeling deliciously feminine, she dressed within the cloud of scent. 

Picking up the gold filigree and pearl, hip belt she’d crafted, Keina enjoyed its loveliness, but decided on the simplicity of the gown itself. Pulling the band from her hair, she moved to the small mirror above the dresser. 
She snatched up her styling brush, and went to work until the waves of her hair bounced and shone. After placing the filigree belt’s matching earrings on her earlobes, Keina adorned her face with a minimum of cosmetics—just enough to enhance her features and cause her mood to be more festive. 

Oh for an Epona love-mating…how fun would it be to dress for Drev? 

Fantasy imaginings took over as Keina reached for the medieval-like headband she’d made out of the gold-threaded, embroidered trim she’d also used to edge the gown’s sleeves. 

Instead of tying the headband Native American style, she placed it on her forehead, and painstakingly tied the trim beneath her hair. Keina couldn’t help but smile at her reflection. She felt like a princess, a beloved princess. 

Not one who had duties to the realm. 

Free spirited, Keina dance-spun away from the mirror. Twirling several times, she relished the sliding caress of the gown against her body. 

With her heart tripping happily, she lifted the gown’s skirt, and slipped her feet into soft satin slippers the color of a glowing pearl. As she glided toward the doorway, a shiver slithered through her middle. 

Like a fleeing snake, it disappeared swiftly. Yet Keina realized, it was a premonition of serious trouble ahead. Had the stench-ass Tretorff formed his plan on how to abduct her, force her into being his bride? 

Halted in her steps, Keina shook her hair to clear her head. Mentally, she hoof-kicked the intuitive warning away. Just for now. 

Nothing, absolutely nothing was going to dampen her happiness at being with Drev, at sharing his Thanksgiving day celebration. 



Drev Zander, ex super-soldier, built a new life in Wolf Peak Territory. His traumatic past is fading. On the Guardian Team, he battles sinister enemies threatening the shapeshifter community. After a mysterious Pegasus ruins his T-day plans, Drev finds the woman he’s been waiting for. Will she rule his heart? 

Keina Svonj, winged horse shifter, is banished from her realm—the dastardly Prince has convinced the King. Flying above the Montana forest, Keina interferes with a hunter. She mind-melds with him, and realizing her mistake, makes amends. Passion explodes between them. Love follows. Will Drev save her from a forced marriage? 


BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5506268940242484050Run on the Wild Side of Romance

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

November 17, 2016

Sable buried her face in Devon’s chest… by Savanna Kougar

White Tiger Lovers In Wolf Peak Territory 


Autumnal howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

Well, *super moon* celebrations happened in Wolf Peak Territory, I can tell you. At least, it wasn’t overcast or raining cats and dogs ~smiles~ so, those in touch with the elementals and spiritual forces practiced their magick to encourage the clear, ink-black skies – and to bring forth blessings for the land, and for ALL. Two days ago, on the 14th, according to astronomers, the moon was the closest to Earth since 1948. Mother Moon won’t be this ultra-large and bright until 2034—so the experts say. 

Okay, with the extreme tensions of the presidential election, and other time-consuming factors, I haven’t been able to get much done on finishing up BLACK CAT BEAUTY. However, I am closing in. I’m hoping things will simmer down so I do have time and energy to finish and epublish Sable and Devon’s erotic love story…then, start on my next authorly project. It would be so lovely to be able to get much more done, and written. Good gosh, my frustration is just tough to deal with, since I want to be writing so many more stories…you know, working on my WIPS. 

Anyway, I’ve been looking at a few promo opportunities for WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL, given this is Keina and Drev’s Thanksgiving love story. Again though, time constraints get in the way. However, I just signed up at THE ROMANCE STUDIO for the TRS Thanksgiving promo party ~ 

And!…this could be exciting. A bunch of us authors at ROMANCE WRITERS BEHAVING BADLY ~ …are looking at doing a BOXED SET of contemporary erotic romance. So, we’ll see. Of course, I’m considering what story to contribute from my stack o’ WIPS. 

By the way, don’t forget the UNCAGED BOOK REVIEWS e-magazine for November 2016. The site has changed from a blog to: ~ and ~ 


Here’s a snippet from Chapter Seventeen of BLACK CAT BEAUTY: 

Fear gripped every particle of her flesh as a whitish yellowish beam surrounded them. Without thought, Sable buried her face in Devon’s chest, even as a long whoosh of light carried them inside. 

“Black cat beauty, your claws are sexy as hell. Later, we’ll play pin the cock in the pussy.” His voice tenderly rumbled over her, encouraging her to look at him.

With her tail twitching tentatively, Sable retracted her claws from his upper arms. She cautiously cracked one eye open, then met his gaze. 

“Welcome.” His voice slid over her dark and deliciously. 

Sable glanced to the side. Luminous violet lit the large area, and she could see nothing else. “Where are we? Besides just inside.”

“Decontamination. Nothing that will harm you or alter you in any way.” He lifted a swathe of her hair, then caressed his palm along the entire length.

With her confidence returning, Sable pricked her cat ears and attempted to peer  through the illumination. “Why did you bring me here?” 

“Home away from home,” he softly explained. His thumbpad tenderly brushed her cheek. “We are still in negotiations for colonization, Sable. This is our trade center on Earth.”

Jolted by surprise, Sable’s eyes widened, her ears angled to the side, and she whipped her gaze to his. “Your trade center. No one is allowed knowledge of—” She lost her voice.  


BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5506268940242484050Run on the Wild Side of Romance

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

October 21, 2016

Just Another ParaNormal Halloween~ Savanna Kougar


Autumn-glorious howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

What a wacky-cracky time in our world. Halloween is on the very near horizon,  streaking across the sky as creepily fast as one of those flying monkeys in the “Wizard of Oz”. [yes, clumsily worded, but you get the idea] 

So, my tame prairie is beautifully transitioning, and no! I am not looking forward to winter…way too cold! 

Anyway, a few days ago during my trek down to the mailbox, I saw a turtle with a kinda mossy shell that blended in so well with the foliage, I almost didn’t see him/her. Turtly never stuck her/his head out, and didn’t move…but it was so exciting, given I haven’t seen a turtle in a while. 

Then, today I visited the pear tree ’cause a whole bunch had fallen off, littering the ground. I picked up a few. It takes them awhile to ripen, but they are so good!!! Anyway, one of the pears was partially covered with yellow jacket bees who were feasting on the juicy flesh. I never knew bees liked fruit. 

But yeah, I really regret growing up in suburbia instead of on a working ranch/farm. Those skills would be far more valuable in these times, and I believe I would have enjoyed life much more – been healthier in mind, body, and soul. 

So, I’m still making progress on revising-expanding BLACK CAT BEAUTY, and I absolutely LOVE my new cover. 

Okay, some good news … the ROMANCE WRITERS BEHAVING BADLY blog has been resurrected, and I will be posting today, Thursday, the 20th. ~ 

Also, CONGRATULATIONS to ***Uncaged Book Reviews*** This was recently posted: 
“Uncaged Views Tops 17K – Just a huge thank you! Uncaged Book Reviews, Issue 3 – October 2016 has topped 17,000 views in 2 weeks! For a new emag, this is surpassing my goals already…”  ~ 

Note: Go ahead, if you haven’t, check out UNCAGED BOOK REVIEWS, the e-magazine at ~ I’m one of the featured authors in the October issue. KANDY APPLE AND HER HELLHOUNDS has a lovely review. 


And… here’s a promo for a Halloween Anthology, featuring my short erotic romance story: THE TIGER’S MASQUERADE 

Just Another Paranormal Halloween Anthology 

Here is K.A. M’Lady’s clever intro of all the short stories included in the anthology.

On the Darkest Knight of a Pixies Holiday, you’ll feel an A-mazing Grace, but beware of Love, Lies and Zombie Cries, for Samhain’s Visitor and His Girl will arrive at the Tiger’s Masquerade, followed by the Man in the Long Black Coat.

It’s Just Another ParaNormal Halloween at the Castle… Mojocastle.

By K.A. M’Lady 
~ ~ 



Blurb ~

Stacy wasn’t looking for a tiger-man to erotically and exotically fill her tank, then steal her heart. That is, until the Halloween ‘Call of the Wild Masquerade’ ball. But, what kind of tiger does she have by the tail?

Zyrru wasn’t looking for a human woman to un-tame his fiercest passions, and alter his royal life forever. After all, he’s only vacationing on Earth, and is almost engaged to The Princess. But, Stacy’s rosefire scent is irresistible.

Excerpt ~

Stacy slipped her hands over her gown’s full skirts reveling in the feel of the shimmering pink satin. Picking them up as elegantly as she knew how, she moved toward the mansion’s ballroom.

Excitement pounded her heart. Expectation had shadowed her all day and now it heightened. For what, she wasn’t  certain, except that her boss had teased her with promo pictures of the tiger men she’d hired for her Call of the Wild Masquerade ball.

Stacy paused at the arched entrance, sweeping her gaze over the huge room’s starry ethereal decorations, the ones she’d helped to arrange the day before. Not quite prepared for more than images of the Tame a Party Tiger men, Stacy came to a sliding halt on her dancer’s shoes.

Aware she looked ridiculously awkward with her arms akimbo and her body leaning forward, still, Stacy stared, and practically panted. Thankfully, her mask didn’t impede her breathing any, and she wasn’t wearing a corset, or she might have keeled over in an un-ladylike faint.

Exotic. Sexy. Gorgeously handsome.

Mygawd! Their bods were fighting lean, yet with beefcake muscles galore. At least, from what she could observe, since they wore updated versions of sixties’ sharkskin suits. Damn, who knew her heart could beat this fast over looking at a man? Okay, sharp-dressed tiger men. 



The Man in the Long Black Coat  
by  Susan Gabriel  

“Behold, I come as a thief in the night and I tell you, ye worship ye know not what.”


Mariah Bishop, the preacher’s daughter, lives in a town where religion and superstition are so deeply entwined there’s no telling where one ends and the other begins. But her father, the good Eldon Bishop fears there is something more than religious rapture stirring in the young Mariah.

When the mysterious man in the long, black coat blows into town and holds an old-time revival on All Hallow’s Eve, Mariah and the colorful characters which surround her are set on a course with consequences they couldn’t possibly foresee.

A-Mazing Grace   
by  D. McEntire  

Sometimes a wrong turn can be the right choice…


Halloween never meant anything special to Grace. That is until taking up an offer by her best friend for a night time trip through a local corn maze leaves her changing her tune—and her life. Coming face-to-face with a man sporting glowing red eyes and fangs, then rescued by a man who seemed just as unreal as the first makes for one hell-of-a wild night only she seems to remember.

Connell has hunted alongside his brothers for centuries, following a code to protect the secret of their race—vampires—by removing rogues vampires who refuse to blend in among society. That secret is threatened when wiping the memory of a feisty human female he saves from a rogue doesn’t take completely.

But, it isn’t her recollection of him that leads her deeper into his world. Arriving moments too late on the scene of her second attack by a rogue leaves him facing the choice of converting her or leaving her to die.

A Pixie Holiday     
by  Brigit Aine

Halloween brings all sorts of interesting things to Kira’s life, and some of them are worth it.


On Halloween Kira is able to go out as herself, with no glamour on and allow others to see her true self, a pixie  As she is trying to avoid the man her father sent years ago to try and marry her, she runs into a someone else, someone who makes her feel safe and protected.  Although she isn’t even aware that she needs protecting, yet.

Lance knows he needs to get Kira to like him, after all they are going to be married, but he has to keep her safe and get her to the conclave before any of that can happen.  And it seems as if those who do not want to see an alliance between the Pixies and the Wolves would do whatever it takes to make sure his plans are foiled.

His Girl
by  Sapphire Phelan  

Erotic paranormal romance with vampires.


My Girl was more than just a song for Evan McPhail and Aimee Saunders; it was the music of their love and passion for each other. For nothing could tear them apart, not even death.
Then Aimee vanished.

She returns to Evan thirty years later, no longer human. To the tempo of their passion, they prove that doesn’t matter.

Samhain’s Visitor
by Kiki Howell

Samhain’s visitors can be anything from dark and shadowy to sexy and full of surprizes.


When an uninvited visitor shows up during Sarah’s Samhain ritual, her Mute Supper is literally disrupted by cups and plates being tossed about.  Soon, the shadow weighing on her and the voices with cryptic messages incite terror.

But, help comes in various forms. And, one is sexy and full of surprises.

Darkest Knight  
by  Ashley Blade  


What would happen if you woke up one day a vampire?

Julie asked herself the same question many times, especially after reading one of her favorite paranormal stories.

Now what seemed like a fantasy world captured in descriptive words becomes her reality and she has to figure out if it was all it was cracked up to be.

Love, Lies & Zombie Cries
by K.A. M’Lady

When It Comes To The Heart, Something Always Bleeds


Jayda Oslynn knows what death feels like.  She knows the solitude in the darkness’ silence.  The lonely spaces between life’s last breath and the realm of the undead.

Like the women in her family before her, she’s had a life-long affinity with those that wander in the land between.  Some call it black magick or necromancy, but to the Oslynn family it’s always been known as death dealing.  And, whether a blessing or a curse, Jayda’s always been able to feel their feelings – their love and suffering, their happiness and sorrows.  The truth, when shared through her eyes, always has a way of being felt and seen.

This Halloween, Jayda finds that when dealing with the dead, some memories are better left buried, for the real truth never stays buried and hearts, once broken seldom seem to mend.

Buy Link: ~ 




BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5506268940242484050Run on the Wild Side of Romance

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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