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June 26, 2012

Underdog To Save the Day, Starring White Fang by Savanna Kougar

Tuesday kisses, shapeshifter lovers.

Thank You! To everyone who stopped by during the Sexy Summer Blog Hop. And congratulations to all the winners.

So, yesterday I unexpectedly heard the lyrics of the theme song for Underdog, a Saturday morning cartoon that was one of my favorites as a youngster. Thus, this flash scene was born in my fertile imagination. Hope you enjoy and it is X-Rated.

Underdog To Save the Day, Starring White Fang
Pasha leaned back against the large alabaster column, the coolness pleasing to the bare flesh of her back in this summer heat. She gazed skyward then giggled, a rare occurrence for her.

To contain her laughter, Pasha covered her mouth. She had no intention of missing one moment of White Fang, her super wolf lover, wearing the Underdog costume he’d purchased just to entertain her.

One morning he’d caught her enjoying the silly cartoon character on that internet phenomenon called YouTube. Pasha had been researching superheroes in the mortal world to gain more insight. After all, being a goddess had its limitations when it came to such things.

Somehow she’d cyber-stumbled upon the noble canine with his cape, ferocious snarl and steely gaze. Fascinated, and tickled by some of the similarities to her White Fang, she’d begun studying what was called a Saturday morning cartoon.

As she watched White Fang dramatically straighten his arms high above her, Pasha smothered her giggles. He leaped into flight from the rock ledge of the enormous, natural grotto. His Underdog cape, woefully undersized, billowed behind him as he flew toward her through the glimmering dusk sky.

White Fang, muffled by the mask’s muzzle, announced in his baritone voice, “There’s no need to fear, Underdog is here.”

“Underdog…Underdog,” Pasha cried out, imitating a needy heroine. She hadn’t been able to quite convince herself to play the part of Sweet Polly Purebred, TV reporter, and the female who put the besotted glint in the caped canine’s eye.

When the cartoon’s theme music unexpectedly began, Pasha almost jumped like a scaredy-cat, nearly embarrassing herself. Above her, White Fang exaggerated his circling flight in a comical way.

Gradually, he descended singing, “When criminals in this world appear, and break the laws that they should fear, and frighten all who see or hear, the cry goes up both far and near for…”

Understanding her cue, Pasha smiled, then shouted in a singing voice, “Underdog. Underdog. Underdog. Underdog.”

Adding to his role, White Fang punched the air with his fist. Soaring, he sang, “Speed of lightning, roar of thunder, fighting all who rob or plunder…”

“Underdog. Underdog. Oh save me, Underdog. Only you can save me.”

Pasha panted at the sight of her canine superhero. Only White Fang could save her with the ferocity and finesse of his carnal passions. To keep herself steady, Pasha reached behind her clinging to the column.

After a midair spin that caused a lovely whirlwind around her, White Fang landed and stood about twenty feet before her. He ripped off the mask, tossing it aside.

“When in this world the headlines read,” he intoned in his deep alpha voice. “Of those who’s hearts are filled with greed.” He moved toward her, his gaze piercing her like an obsidian blade. “And rob and steal from those in need.” For moments, their gazes clashed, lightning desire battling lightning need — then their gazes melted into each other. “To right this wrong with blinding speed goes…”

“Underdog. Underdog. Underdog. Underdog, oh please, save me,” she whispered, no air left her in her lungs.

White Fang halted, his mouth mere inches from her own. His virile scent wrapped around her as tangible as a cloak, and intoxicated her like the most potent wine.

“Speed of lightning, roar of thunder…fighting all who rob or plunder,” he rasped in a growl, his lips hovering above hers. “What brainless, bumbling fool dares threaten you?”

“An enemy only you can save me from…with a kiss.”

“Only a kiss?”

White Fang pressed her against the column, his body deliciously scorching hers. He captured her wrists inside his super strong hands yet his touch remained deceptively gentle.

“Please.” Her lips brushed against his. “Do whatever you need to do…to save me, superhero.”

Pasha cat-moaned with her desire as White Fang pressed closer, flattening her breasts against his granite-hard chest. He rumbled a wolfish groan, and their lips seized each other.

Sensually they explored the shape and texture of each other’s mouths. Then he kissed her hard.

The unrelenting crush of his lips shivered fire through Pasha, and caused her nipples to beg for his touch. Commanding her surrender, White Fang tightened his grip on her wrists.

Pasha’s legs weakened, a response only he could draw from her. With a rough growl, White Fang broke his mouth from hers. He nipped kisses on her swollen lips, teasing.

Yet, his lips didn’t persuade. He tasted her mouth with the savageness of his passion. Pasha arched against him, thrusting her mound against the super strength of his rigid cock.

The thin fabric of her shift and White Fang’s costume tights did little to lessen the extreme heat of his shaft. Wanton from his punishing kisses, and the feel of him, Pasha braced herself against the column, wrapping her legs around his hips.

As she embraced the pillar that was his manhood with her sex lips, and rubbed, White Fang groaned vibrating her mouth. “Pasha,” he poured in her ear.

He released her wrists, his hands caressing up her arms. “I want you beneath me in our bed.”

Pasha didn’t argue despite her wildness to mate with him here and now. White Fang’s tone had been demanding, dominating.

“Yes, super dog.”

Wishing you shapeshifting love on the wild side…


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

This blog was originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS by the author.

June 21, 2012

Chapter Forty-Nine by Savanna Kougar

Bring one, bring all! Time to get your ‘read’ on, and enjoy an eyeful of yummy hotness. Plus, win prizes.


Summer Solstice kisses, shapeshifter lovers.

Since penned a flash scene for the blog hop, you’re getting my WIPs latest ‘unedited’ chapter. Apologies for the lack of a setup, but I’ll just let it stand on it’s own.

~ From the Kougar’s Writing Den ~

Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys

Chapter Forty-Nine

Sherilyn followed the stream of sequin like stars, and knew she dreamed. A sense of reality enveloped her, more than she’d ever experienced while lucid dreaming.

When her starry path swirled upward, then vanished, Sherilyn drifted inside the mouth of a gigantic object that reminded her of an upside down tornado. Only nothing spun.

‘Void,’ she mentally spoke. Ascending slowly, she attempted to see where the enormous spiral formation ended.

As Sherilyn focused on the narrowing funnel, dread suddenly swamped her. She stilled, trapped.

A tidal wave of sheer fear gripped her, and she dove downward. Relief flooded through her when she saw Dontoya rising to meet her.

Protectively, he embraced her essence with his astral body. White light flashed around them, and Sherilyn found herself back in bed.

Realizing she remained in the dream state, Sherilyn wondered why her memory of what had occurred simply disappeared. The only remnant was a feeling of terror. ‘Am I okay?’

‘You’re safe, precious mate. But no more dream wanderin’.’

Dontoya raised his arms heavenward. In a singsong voice, he chanted in a way that made Sherilyn aware of his Native American heritage. Yet the sound of his power prayer, as she thought of it, held more resonance, and unique notes.

The last thing Sherilyn remembered as she entered the realm of dreamless sleep, was Barney pushing his way beneath her arm — the feel of her rabbit’s soft fur as he cuddled close.


“Mornin’, sleepyhead.” Zance stood, and with a big sexy grin, he indicated her place at the sunny breakfast table.

“Good morning, handsome.” Feeling somewhat shy, yet also adored and tingly exuberant down to her booted toes, Sherilyn took a seat.

“Hungry?” Zance poured a glass of juice for her, then lowered himself into a chair across from her in that swaggering way of his.

“Yeah, but I think the edge has finally worn off my hunger. Is that a good thing as far as healing?”

As Sherilyn lifted the glass something flitted across his eyes. She took a quick swallow of the cherry flavored juice, then nervously tossed her hair.

“You’re mendin’ just fine.” Zance paused, his sharp golden gaze assessing her. “I had one of my ‘knowings’ about the future.”

“Something you want to share?” Sherilyn automatically took another drink of the yummy juice, her gaze leaving Zance for only for an instant. The solemnity of his features concerned her.

“It’ll hold, sweetheart. I’ll discuss it with you and Dontoya later. Now why don’t you enjoy your breakfast?” With a careless sweep of his arm, Zance uncovered a cast iron skillet. “Like fried potatoes with onion, and green and red pepper?”

“Smells delicious.” Sherilyn helped herself, and as Zance filled another glass with milk, she ate hungrily.

Once she’d taken a long sip of the raw milk, then wiped her mouth with a napkin, Sherilyn observed Zance closely. “Bet your ‘knowing’ has something to do with those bully disgusting creeps, the Templetons.”

“Are you sensin’ them?”

“It feels like a damn lifetime of sensing them. I’m right, aren’t I?”

“Looks like your highschool friend, Madeline, did her job. A private dick showed up at your ranch. Me and Dontoya had Marcy’s niece move in with her boyfriend. Carmella’s a tough little gal. Only gave the hired dick the same phone number on my business card.”

The grinding wheels of her thoughts took over, and the old familiar fear stabbed her insides. “So, it’s a matter of time before they track me down.”

Zance took hold of her hand squeezing tenderly. “Sherilyn, me and Donny-cat got plans.” He paused, his eyes flaring to feral gold. “It could get ugly. Don’t mean to spoil your breakfast, sweetheart. But I got to prepare you.”

“Ugly…” Sherilyn hauled in a breath, loving the way Zance held her hand. “I’ve had nasty run-ins with them and their hired goons. And it’s feeling like final showdown time. But, how ugly are we talking?”

Zance looked her straight in the eye yet stroked her palm with his thumb. “Me and Dontoya might have to shapeshift to our animal forms, and go real primitive.”

“Oh.” Sherilyn knew what he meant. However her mind couldn’t quite go there, shutting off the visual that wanted to form. “To protect me, right?” she murmured.

“To protect my precious mate.” Drawing her hand beneath his lips, he placed a kiss near her thumb, making Sherilyn sizzle with desire.

“You know, sweet thing, those bastards won’t stop comin’ after you.”

Damn if Zance didn’t sound like an old-fashioned western hero. Sherilyn would have melted toward him like an eyelash-batting, gooey heroine if the Templetons weren’t about to rear their effing heads.

“True. I know.” She sighed and felt her shoulders slump. “The Templetons are criminals down to their very last cell. And no law enforcement agency will ever stop them. Too much bribe money, and lawyers that are slicker than a corral of greased pigs.”

“Yep, that’s why the Good Lord made those of us who will stop them.”

“I never thought of it like that. It does make sense, though.” Sherilyn twisted inside with conflicting emotions. “It’s just that…that I was raised to be ever so civilized. Too damn civilized, and look where it’s gotten me.”

“In my arms, sweetheart. And in my bed.” Zance winked outrageously, squeezing her hand again.

Sherilyn couldn’t help but answer him with a sassy smile — a flirtatious toss of her hair. Still, foreboding now clung to her. “The plan you and Dontoya have…when and where?” She frowned. “What exactly are you planning to do?”

“Tell you what, why don’t we talk about it this evening? Goin’ over the details will take some time, and the ranch needs tendin’.”

Sherilyn nodded. To calm her jittery nerves, she drank more of her milk. “Given Talbot’s Peak is…is different. Shapeshifters in control and all. Okay. But how are you going to deal with the Fed authorities if, when–?”

“There’s another complication, darlin’.”

Dontoya strode toward them, obviously attired for their riding date in well-worn but heavy duty jeans, a thick plain leather belt, an impeccable dark blue flannel shirt, and durable cowboy boots that shouted high quality workmanship.

He looked eat ’em up sexy.

“Complication?” Before her mind’s eye, the image of a woman appeared. Sherilyn jerked backward as if zapped by an electrical shock.

“You see her, don’t you?” Dontoya asked.

Resisting the urge to tremble like a damn leaf, she asked, “Is…is she a relative?”

“No. Her people are genetic cousins from the beginning times.”

Dontoya seated himself, and intently searched her face. Fascinated, Sherilyn stared at the banked fires in the depths of his eyes. Even so, his gaze remained enigmatic.

A lump the size of a baseball formed in her throat — so it felt. Sherilyn swallowed, and managed, “Who is she?”

Wishing you shapeshifting love on the wild side…


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

This blog was originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS by the author.

June 12, 2012

Plastic rapier in hand, she approached the door. by Savanna Kougar

The Legend of Zorro Poster

Tuesday kisses, shapeshifter lovers.

Yes, here is Part II of my flash scene from last week, Zoronado, Black Stallion Shapeshifter.

Plastic rapier in hand, she approached the door.

Sharla knew it was silly. In a way. Her endless erotic fantasies about Zorro.

But why not indulge herself? Finally.

She’d been assured her Zorro fantasy could be fulfilled.

Why not give herself the birthday gift she really and truly wanted? After all, the Pleasure Club was for experiencing and exploring sexual pleasure in a safe environment.

Besides, temptation shouted her name. Repeatedly. And, with an intensity Sharla could no longer resist.

Okay, truth, she’d never come or ‘come’ close to doing anything like this before.

Oh, she’d tried to analyze why and get over it. At least, limit how often the masked swashbuckler all in black demanded she surrender to his desires in the most passionate and hedonistic of ways. Then become his forever.

Right on time, Sharla heard the sounds of vigorous swordplay in the hallway of the Pleasure Club. Plastic rapier in hand, she approached the door.

Excitement seized her to the point Sharla felt lightheaded, causing her to fumble with the handle as she cracked the door. She peeked out, and almost didn’t believe her eyes.

Zorro. Life size. In the hallway dashingly dispatching an enemy with the swift and precise play of his rapier.

Be still her heart, his footwork was more than impressive. Where in the world had the staff found this man?

“Halt! You scoundrels.” Sharla stepped into the hallway brandishing her plastic replica. “How dare you interrupt a lady’s slumber.”

“Only a moment, lovely woman. Then I will attend to your need for slumber.”

Zorro spoke without lessening the aggressiveness of his attack. After a series of thrusts faster than her eye could follow, her fantasy Zorro flicked away his foe’s sword. The point of his rapier pressed against the hollow of the Old California soldier’s throat.

“Be gone with you, left-footed fool. If I find you in my presence once again, your blood will water the ground.”

“Yes,” the actor gurgled out.

With swashbuckling elegance, her Zorro removed the point of his rapier, and stepped back several paces. Clutching his throat the man pretended to scurry away.

However, Sharla caught the slight grin on his face and the roguish light in his eyes. Still, a gal could pretend it was all real, couldn’t she?

Imitating Catherine Zeta-Jones in the 1998 movie, The Mask of Zorro, Sharla presented her blade. “You will leave immediately, coward behind the mask. Or I shall best you, then relish how your manhood suffers at my skill.”


Zoronado knew he indeed was in danger of being bested by the beautiful woman who weakened his arm while strengthening the blade of his loins. Long dark curls, that looked to be tinted by the reddish rays of sunrise, framed a face the angels no doubt praised in song.

Most certainly, he would praise both her face and shapely figure in song. A delight to his carnal senses, her bosom was provocatively displayed above the white satin corset.

With a bold eye, Zoronado admired the lovely deep curve of her waist, then the rounded flare of her hips beneath the matching satin bloomers.

“I have promised to assist in your slumber, senorita. I cannot in good conscience abandon you.”

Meting out his own challenge, Zoronado crossed the tip of his rapier with hers. She didn’t flinch despite the very slight trembling of her hand. He arched a brow beneath his mask at how much he desired her trembling as he pleasured her.

“Your promise is forgiven, masked man. Leave before I must run you through to protect my honor.”

Her gaze never departed from his, as though she would truly fight him. Zoronado basked in her high spirit even though they role-played.

“Ah, yes, honor.” He flashed a grin. “It is an honor to gaze upon your womanly beauty.”

In defiance her chin tilted a bit higher. “You toy with me as if I am a woman you hire for your bed.”

How neatly she set the trap. Zoronado longed to engage their blades for an instant or two, then claim her against him. When he’d agreed to this night at the Pleasure Club, curiosity had won out, especially after watching his fantasy heroine during her ballroom dancing lessons.

“The fire in your eyes is quite formidable, senorita. Yet, there is a glint that begs for my lips upon yours.”

“More fool you!”

With an expert lunge, she struck his blade to the side. Amused, Zoronado parried with her, merely deflecting her enthusiastic attack.

For fear his real rapier could catch her unaware, he slipped his blade beneath hers, and gave a quick twist of his wrist. Her replica flew from her hand, and clattered to the stone floor.

He lassoed her waist with his arm, and hauled her against his side all while her luscious scent seized his nostrils. Zoronado stared at her impassioned face, her wine-red lips, her half-lidded eyes, the color of ripe Muscadine grapes.

“Unhand me,” she spat with some force, even as her body betrayed her.

His fantasy prize clung, melting against him, and he felt her passionate heat through their garments.

“Quite contrary to what I desire. Your slumber is assured, brave senorita, once I have my most wicked way with your womanly flesh.”

“Oh,” she gasped out, then heaved fast breaths. “You dare ruin my virtue.”

“I dare. Although no names have passed our lips, you belong to me.”

Stud wild for her — wild with the feel of her soft breasts crushed against him, Zoronado kicked open the door. Striding swiftly, he carried her within, and tossed his rapier to the side.

From the corner of his eye, he observed the point of the blade embed itself in the period wooden chest. With another well-aimed kick, he closed the door.

“How did… did you… you’re like the real…”

Without halting, but halting her words, Zoronado lifted his beautiful woman into his arms. Their gazes merged, and he paused in his steps. “The blade, merely a convergence of celestial forces.”

“Again, you toy with me, masked man.”

Zoronado smiled. “This night I shall toy with every inch of you, my most lovely senorita.”

“Make me faint,” she whispered. The tone of her voice suggested she couldn’t quite believe her ears.

“If you desire,” Zoronado teased and promised. As he carried her toward the canopied enormous bed, she felt like the essence of luxury and lust against him.

“I can’t believe you’re this strong.” Her soft voice and words pleased his ears.

‘It’s all in the breeding,’ he almost spoke aloud. However, now was not the time to tell her about being a stallion shapeshifter.

The moment Zoronado placed her upon the bed, he captured her sweet full mouth beneath his. With his fierce and relentless kiss, he told his fantasy woman how much he wanted to ravish her senseless.

Wishing you shapeshifting love on the wild side…


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

This blog was originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS by the author.

June 5, 2012

Zoronado, Black Stallion Shapeshifter by Savanna Kougar

Tuesday kisses, shapeshifter lovers.

Today belongs to the planet, Venus. Yes, the ‘Goddess of Love’ rules.

From Volcano’s Angelic Forecast ~

On the AWAKENING front, the planet, Venus, transits across the face of the Sun on June 5th. This is a landmark astronomical event, and won’t occur again until the year, 2117. The last Venus transit across the sun happened in 1884.

In accordance with the AWAKENING, this rare and magnificent event is the key to the 2012 energies. Not only is the HEART activated to a higher frequency at this time, these good, good Venus vibrations bring in the full awakening of the ‘feminine’ in divine partnership with the ‘masculine’.

Also, the portal, or the heavenly stargate now opens to dimensions beyond the imagination — offering to everyone the full realization of humanity’s potential.

Note: Since writing this forecast I heard different dates for other Venus transits across the sun.

Zoronado, Black Stallion Shapeshifter

The full moon blazed high in the heavens as Zoronado galloped on the trail at the base of the mountain. His blood raced furiously. Not because of his fast pace. A wild horse herd was in danger from ruthless poachers who planned to sell those they killed to a local slaughterhouse that distributed to European markets.

Earlier in the evening, Zoronado had overheard the four men’s cruel plan as they wolfed down steaks and guzzled beer at the Hole In the Wall bar and grill. They’d scouted out a small herd, and knew where the horses rested for the night.

Many of the mares had foals. The stinky brutes had laughed loudly as they discussed the way they planned to ambush the entire herd with their high-powered rifles, then load the carcasses onto a semi-truck.

Zoronado had continued listening as the bastards tossed down more beer, boasting about how many women they would fuck at a nearby brothel’s notorious booze party on Saturday nights.

If the four had merely been down on their luck, Zoronado would have offered assistance. But one long look at their energy fields, and he’d known they were stone-cold killers through and through.

Determined to protect the few remaining horse herds in this part of Montana, Zoronado had frequented the out-of-the-way bar. For several months now, he’d gathered up any intel he could while in his human form.

So far, he’d been able to foil several attempts to round up the horse herds by ill-informed ranchers and government agency thugs who didn’t give a damn about the well-being of the herds. But wanted the under-the-table bounty on them.

With his hooves ringing on the stone trail — intentionally to make himself a target — Zoronado lifted his muzzle sniffing the night winds for the precise location of the brute killers. All too easily, he recognized their signature stench, and drummed his hooves toward them.

The instant he caught sight of the four unloading their rifles and night scopes from a pickup truck, parked close to the semi, Zoronado raced faster. He bugled a scream, and as the sound blasted through the clear air, he lowered his head, charging.

“What the fuck?!”

Zoronado heard ammo being loaded. He thundered toward the human beast who raised his rifle first.

“What the holy shit? What’s that black devil doin’?”

Skidding to an abrupt stop, Zoronado reared and flailed his hooves, knocking away the weapon. When the man tried to run after it, Zoronado struck his chest with the flat of his hoof, sending him to the ground.

“Shoot the shit bastard!”

Wheeling on his back hooves, Zoronado launched toward the next man. In a few strides, he rammed his shoulder into the poacher’s midsection. The rifle flew out of his grasp, and he cussed with pain and rage.

“Blow his fuckin’ head off.”

Spinning his hind end, Zoronado bucked with precision. He lashed out with his back hoof, and felt the man’s jaw crack, then break. His weapon clattered on the ground.

“Kill him! Make that black devil into ground horse meat.”

Whirling again, Zoronado aimed for last man’s kneecap. Crunch, a direct strike. As the big brute howled in agony, Zoronado spun to face him.

The killer raised his rifle, and fired. Snaking his neck at the same time the bullet grazed his shoulder, Zoronado clamped his teeth on the man’s arm, and shattered the bones in his forearm.

Letting go quick, Zoronado snatched the rifle with his teeth, and backed away. He flung his head tossing the weapon into a dense prickly thicket. On a rampage now, Zoronado seized the other three rifles in turn, flinging them into the thicket.

Seeing the glint of a hunter’s knife, Zoronado screamed in fury as he charged. Before the man could fully aim and hurl the deadly blade, Zoronado was chest to chest with him. Twisting to the side as the ‘pond scum’ struck for his neck artery, Zoronado snapped with his teeth at the same time. He crushed the poacher’s wrist.

Shrieks of pain reached his ears for a long while as Zoronado galloped away in triumph. Deep within his heart, he smiled, knowing the wild horses had been spared death this time.


Sharla knew it was silly. In a way. Her endless erotic fantasies about Zorro.

But why not indulge herself? Finally.

She’d been assured her Zorro fantasy could be fulfilled.

Why not give herself the birthday gift she really and truly wanted? After all, the Pleasure Club was for experiencing and exploring sexual pleasure in a safe environment.

Besides, temptation shouted her name. Repeatedly. And, with an intensity Sharla could no longer resist.


Wishing you shapeshifting love on the wild side…


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


This blog was originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS by the author.


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