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October 31, 2012

“Polar bear. Right?” by Savanna Kougar


Fish, peanut butter and cod liver oil treats were hidden inside jack o’ lanterns for the polar bears at the Hanover zoo in Hanover, Germany on Oct. 25, 2012. (AP Photo/Nigel Treblin)

Happy Howl-o-ween, shapeshifter lovers!

All good thoughts, vibes, and prayers to everyone who is affected by the Frankenstorm, as it’s been called.

It was a harrowing day emotionally, and with Superstorm Sandy brutally striking the east coast, focusing on writing a post was difficult. And seemed somehow inappropriate.

However, I hope you enjoy this little flash scene I conjured up.

“Polar bear. Right?”

“Polar bear. Right?”

The woman wearing an elaborate mask of white feathers and rhinestones spoke in a lilting lovely voice. Dhukalos, glad for his own concealing mask, roved his gaze over her nearly naked body, concealed only by a sheer white flowing garment adorned with glittery stars and moons.

Compared to his size, she was a petite thing. On the slim side, the woman reminded Dhukalos of a fairy swan princess. Although, he well knew by her enticing fragrance, she wasn’t a swan shifter. What her supernatural kind was, he couldn’t say, and that intrigued him further.

New to the social scene in Talbot’s Peak, and having just escaped the zoo, Dhukalos felt at a very distinct disadvantage. Somehow Dante had convinced him to attend the Haunted Masquerade Ball at his elegant supperclub.

“Yes,” Dhukalos performed a small bow, “you have guessed correctly. I am sorry to say I cannot return the favor.” 

His swan princess smiled, and Dhukalos mentally licked his lips as he stared at her pretty mouth. He wanted to kiss her lush rosy lips. However, he’d never had the pleasure of kissing any woman. Except his mother and her kin before he’d been captured as an older cub.

“I would say also you are the descendent of a royal lineage known as the Vexyrth.” With a triumphant tilt of her head, the woman regarded him. Her ice green eyes glistened with confidence.

Flummoxed to his core, Dhukalos possessed not a clue how to respond. He sensed no malevolence toward him or his kind. Yet, secrecy was prized because of ruthless enemies that had hunted the Vexyrth for over a century.

He offered a smile, then his arm. “I’m not at liberty to discuss my lineage. Would you care to dance?”

“I can’t resist.” His swan princess twined her arm with his. “You’re a striking figure, and I’ve always had a fondness for long locks of white hair. In your case, my mysterious polar bear, white hair tinted with gold and… I believe… the color sienna.”

“You are the irresistible mystery, lovely woman. Why does my nose fail me in identifying your kind?”

Dhukalos enfolded her in his embrace, and silently thanked his dance instructor for her diligence in teaching him the popular ballroom styles. Even Gypsy Red Wolf had refined his technique, learned so long ago with his extended family, deep in the warm colossal caves of the Arctic.

“Perhaps, because I am not a shapeshifter, Mr. Polar Bear.”

With superb grace his swan princess followed his lead, and felt so fragile and seductive, Dhukalos couldn’t help but wonder what she would feel like in the throes of passion. His own limited experience came back to haunt him in these moments.

While in captivity at the zoo, he’d only been able to manage a sexual liaison with two women. After learning how to control the camera inside his enclosure, Dhukalos had shifted at night, pretending to be part of the cleanup crew.

Coupling lust had ruled the two women. The romance and kissing he’d seen, while with his extended shifter family, seemed foreign to their natures. Even so, the second woman, unknown to her, had provided his opportunity for escape.

With the arrival of a delivery truck, Dhukalos had taken advantage, relieving the driver of his uniform. Next, he claimed he’d lost his key card, and the woman, a new employee, had opened the gate. Freeing him.

“Not a shapeshifter,” Dhukalos whispered near her delicate ear. “You feel as dainty as a fairy in my arms.”

“You could say, I am a Seer.”

She pressed closer, and Dhukalos tightened his hold on her slender waist. To his fortune, the melodic lively music guided his steps.

Already, he was lost in her unusually radiant eyes. The feel of his masquerade swan princess against him, her soft firm breasts — Dhukalos never wanted to let her go.

‘Seer’ echoed through him, and a faint memory began tugging at him. Like an apparition it teased the edges of his mind… until…

On instinct, Dhukalos spun the legendary being from the dance floor, then stopped in his tracks. “Mermaid,” he spoke only what he could say about her identity.

She lightly placed her hand on his chest, her gaze thanking him for his discretion. “Yes, my polar bear, you do remember the teachings of your youth.” She slipped her hand downward in a caress. “To explain what you wish to know, I am here to assist ‘the’ Dante, as we speak of him, with my gifts to ‘mind-see’ those who would harm him, and destroy Talbot’s Peak.”

She smiled, captivating Dhukalos completely. “That is how I found you after you escaped the zoo.”

“And sent those my way to tell me about this haven for shapeshifters,” Dhukalos finished, hearing her thoughts clear as ice.

“I knew you could not return to your family at this time.”

“No. It would be far too dangerous to them. I could not.”

“Dance with me again.” Her words were soft appeal, and her eyes glowed with real desire.

Stunned, yet wanting nothing else, Dhukalos gathered her against him, and whirled his masked mermaid onto the dance floor.


Wishing you shapeshifting love on the wild side…


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

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October 24, 2012

The Unexpected Pet by Savanna Kougar

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Dragon Pumpkin Carving 
Tuesday kisses, shapeshifter lovers.

A BIG WOLF HOWL of thanks to everyone who stopped by and participated in The Bewitching blog hop.

This Flash Scene continues Sio and Dallas Red Cloud’s story. Hope you enjoy.

The Unexpected Pet

“Punkin’ Chunkin’,” Dallas explained to Sio, then slipped his arm around her waist.

His naive, ‘from another world’ woman stared, enraptured as one of the catapults launched another large pumpkin. Cheers and howls erupted as the plump giant sailed through the crisp chilly air. Missing the target, it bounced on the hard ground, bursting in great messy chunks.

“Oh, splat!” she yelled under her breath. Heedless of his arm, Sio hopped up and down with the enthusiasm of a child — certainly a match for the Talbot’s Peak’s youngsters surrounding them.

After their first long lunch together, Dallas had lured ‘the loveliest woman he’d ever seen, and smelled’ into an official date. But, only by promising to be her guide during the various Halloween-Samhain events around town.

He’d discovered during their conversation that Sio — while highly knowledgeable about American Earth culture — was a total newbie when it came to trick-or-treat.

She’d tilted her head, a puzzled frown on her radiantly beautiful face when he talked about costume parties and other spooky celebrations. With her chin planted on palm, a smile on her rosepink lips, she’d eagerly listened to the stories he told about the wacky weirdness that gripped adults like a slavering werewolf, which included humans, shapeshifters, and the supernatural crowd.

After much reflection about their punkin’ chunkin’ date, Dallas decided to bring Sio to the kiddie-land version of the catapult war zone.  War zone, because he was damn certain pumpkins would be flying fast and furious, given the recent the family feud between the McMahon werewolf boys and the Ewing bighorn siblings.

That is, if he knew Nick McMahon at all. And he did, having surveilled the editor of the G&B Gazette since arriving.

“Smack! Crash!” His Sio Rio bounced beside him.

Even through the padding of their coats and clothing, Dallas felt the shapely curve of her hip and thigh. Whoa there, he silently reminded himself and his rising cock.

He’d have to move real slow and easy with her, if he meant to win her affection, her heart. Besides, Sio possessed the zapping power to knock him off his feet. Should she want to.

“What is this odd obsession with hurling fruit?” She leaned against his side, her small frame a pleasure Dallas couldn’t find words for.

‘Course, his blood was busy flowing elsewhere other than his brain. “Obsession?”

“First the tomato hurling art at Rattigan. Then those boys used my apples as play weapons. Now, it’s flying bombastic pumpkins.”

“Bombastic. Yep, they sure are.” Dallas searched his uncooperative faculties for a quick answer. “Something primitive about it. And good for the soul. Better than smashing heads, don’t you think?”

“Violence avoidance. Yes, that makes sense. And it’s fun, too.”

Her little hand found his, and she held on sweetly. Dallas watched her follow the flight of several pumpkins flung toward the large cardboard castle. Since not many had struck, the makeshift construction still stood proudly, banners waving.

“What about the seeds?” she asked long moments later. “Who is going to plant them?”

The concern in her voice had Dallas inspecting Sio’s flushed face to make certain she still felt well. Her scent told him she was just fine, and enjoying herself.

Before answering, Dallas took a moment, indulging in her fragrance. Lifted by the brisk breezes, her feminine perfume filled his lungs, and invigorated his cock. Once again.

“Tell you what, Sio Rio,” Dallas spoke as inspiration came to his rescue, “if no one claims those seeds we’ll just have a picking-up party, and save them for next Spring.”

“Oh, can we? I could have my own pumpkin patch. Like I saw in all those pictures on the internet.”

Dallas was about to reply when he heard her softly squeal, “Oh no.”

Rigid now, Sio stared skyward. Following her gaze, Dallas had to blink several times. But damn he saw what he saw.

Not that he hadn’t ever seen a dragon before. He and his super soldier team had encountered them on their giant slaying missions. So far, there’d never been a reason to tangle with one.

Dallas telescoped his gaze automatically switching to his eagle eyesight. The small dragon’s scales mirrored the color of the sky as he winged swiftly, diving toward the launched pumpkin.

“Hey! Daddy, what happened to our pumpkin?” the young girl demanded.

“He ate it,” Sio whispered.

“He did eat it,” Dallas echoed, marveling at the dragon’s agile maneuvers, and the quick final snap of his jaws.

“Don’t worry, honey lamb,” the sheep shifter father assured. “Here’s another one. Let’s get this baby in the air.”

“No! Gnothos, stop,” Sio loudly whispered. “Stop.”

Dallas watched as the dragon circled the large park, clearly intent on devouring the next pumpkin. “Gnothos?”

“My pet dragon. He must have followed me here… somehow. He wasn’t supposed to. My sister promised to watch him,” his Sio explained in a rush of words.

Gnothis rode the afternoon thermal, his long neck snaking as he scanned both sky and ground. “He’s not dangerous to anyone, is he?”

“Not unless I’m threatened. No. But, he adores aerial sports… Gnothos is what you call a vegetarian. I have to make him quit before…” Sio squeezed his hand hard. “Oh, no!”

“What the –” the older boy managed to control his tongue. “Mine’s gone too. I swear the castle was in my sights, and about to go down.”

“It’s probably stuck in a tree, moron. You couldn’t hit the side of a barn. Remember the baseball game you lost us?” another boy taunted.

“Mickey, I warned you about your manners. One more word and we’re going home.”

As Sio turned to face him, Dallas removed his gaze from the cavorting dragon. “How do I help, beautiful?”

“I’m not certain how to direct Gnothos to my house, once I make contact…”

“Will he wait in the bed of my truck? He can munch on the pumpkins beneath the tarp.”

With a smile that lit him up, Sio spun around. Hell, Dallas figured he’d been blasted by a blowtorch, the way her eyes became bright as the sun.

Sio stilled inside his arm, and Dallas sensed her vibrational change as she telepathically spoke with her pet. Dallas sure as all get out, hoped the dragon wouldn’t prove to be an obstacle. No matter hell or high water, he intended to make Sio his own.

“What is that, up in the sky?” an older girl shouted.

Wondering what his next move should be, Dallas watched her point to the thermal, where Gnothos had been.

“I don’t see anything,” her sister mocked. “You need eyeglasses like the teacher said.”

“It’s not there anymore. And I did SEE something. And I am not wearing glasses. They’ll only get lost or stepped on when I shift. Dummy.”

Glad Sio whirled to face him again, Dallas witnessed the triumph in her gaze. “Gnothos is waiting for us,” she whispered. “I better get him out of Talbot’s Peak.”

“Something wrong?” Dallas questioned as Sio hesitated, then glanced over her shoulder.

“I don’t want to, to leave all these seeds.” Her palms lightly landed on is chest, thrilling him down to the pointed tips of his boots. “They need to be planted.”

“We can do some seed saving later,” Dallas drawled. “How about collecting them beneath the moonlight, once we put your pet to bed.”

She nodded, and her expression became a mixture of seriousness and happiness. “See, Dallas, you’re already better than the men on my world. None of them would deign to help me… seed save, is it?”

“That’s right. We’re seed savers.”

Dallas roped her shoulders with his arm, pulling Sio close as they walked toward his truck. He wouldn’t tell her he celebrated inside like a dang drunk fool because she’d been forced to leave her homeworld, after denying marriage one too many times — and celebrating because she preferred him.

Not yet, anyway.

Wishing you shapeshifting love on the wild side…


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

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October 16, 2012

Cometh The Bewitching Blog Hop ~ Oct 19-21

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Tuesday kisses, shapeshifter lovers!

Treat yourself to a bewitching array of fun, flashes, eye candy, and PRIZES! The HOP begins on Friday, the 19th. And, if you refuse this invitation… well, there just might be a werewolf tracking you down… and once he finds you, he just might persuade with a few nips to your tail end.

Okay, then, no flash scene today. The muse is saving her creative energies for the blog hop. However, here’s the latest, *close to the end of the story* Chapter of my WIP. It’s a transition scene with no sex, and no violence… but, you may enjoy it anyway.

Please, just remember it’s UNEDITED and rough around the edges.

From the Kougar’s Writing Den ~

Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys

‘Unedited’ Chapter Seventy ~

“Victoria, a pleasure to see you here. Happy New Year.”

Dontoya stood as the slender attractive woman approached his table. She carried herself with a bit more confidence than when he’d last seen her, and that pleased him.

Several months before he and Zance spotted Sherilyn, Victoria had caught his eye for a short while. However, he’d soon realized after an in-depth conversation they had too little in common.

“Happy New Year, Dontoya.” Victoria smiled in that shy but endearing way of hers. “I hear you’re happily mated now. Congratulations.”

“I am. Thank you, Victoria.” Since she appeared nervous, slightly wringing her hands, Dontoya figured she wanted to talk with him, beyond the usual pleasantries. “Have a seat, and we’ll catch up. Or am I keeping you from dancing in Anthony’s arms?”

“No, no you’re not.” She lowered herself gracefully, if a somewhat stilted. “Anthony is…is talking with Nick about the newspaper business. All that good ole wolf boy bantering they do is too much for this gal.”

 Dontoya seated himself watching Victoria shake herself, as if casting off negative vibes.

“Understood.” Dontoya gave her a grin. “May I pour you some champagne, Victoria?”

“Kind of you to offer. No, thank you. I’m bubbly clear up to here.” She swept her hand to the top of her head, and smiled, a giddy expression on her face. “My Anthony never skimps when it comes to the luxuries of life.”

“Are you two staying in Talbot’s Peak? Or is Alaska still home?” Dontoya offered the plate of biscotti the waiter had brought with their coffee.

Victoria selected one, and took a dainty bite. “This is just a visit. The grand opening of the Midnight Stardust, and a stay at the Pleasure Club…it was simply too irresistible.”

“Dante is a magician when it comes to building his underground empire. I’ve never witnessed its like in all of my long lifetime.”

“Speaking of underground empires.” Victoria twisted restlessly, and took a large obviously nervous bite of the biscotti.

Every hackle Dontoya owned as cougar, stood on end, like he’d been struck by lightning. His inner tail twitched. “Something you’d like to share?”

 After swallowing, Victoria drew in a big rush of breath, then squared her shoulders. She looked him straight in the eye. “Ever hear of the buried black pyramid…located near Mount McKinley?”

Warnings he’d heard from other shamans, since his youth, swamped Dontoya.  In the next instant, a tsunami as his own ‘knowing’ seized him. “It’s been activated.”

“About to be activated. If what I overheard is correct.”

Dontoya calmed the ocean of turmoil inside him. “Start at the beginning. Can you do that, Victoria?”

“It’s short and sweet, really.” She paused, and dragged in a sustaining breath. “I was working the late shift…classy establishment for the late night crowd…anyway, I was serving these two men at the bar. They were, were good looking enough in that yuppy-wealth sort of way.

“But, their eyes were odd, slanted differently. I don’t mean like someone who is Asian. So, because of that, I paid more attention to what they were discussing. And they were deep into it. Turned out to be about this strange enormous pyramid.”
Victoria shuddered delicately, and Dontoya observed the memories in the depths of her eyes. “Go on,” he gently encouraged. “I’m listening.”

She nodded, visibly bracing herself. “I couldn’t believe it when they said this pyramid structure was underground near Nome, Alaska. But,” Victoria squirmed, restless.

Dontoya automatically placed his hand over hers, and she continued. “They said it would be a beacon to another race…once inhabiting Earth…when they let it gain full power again. Can you believe that?”

Images of that other race, as they were depicted on the ancient scrolls of his people, flashed before his mind’s eye. Dontoya figured the men she’d overheard were hybrids, human and R’sarryun.

“The universe is teeming with life,” he purred soothingly. “What else did you hear?”

“That it has something, something to do with the increased activity of the sun.”

“The pyramid is on a galactic timer. Or, to explain it this way, it’s been tuned to the celestial events of 2012.”

“Do you mean the whole Mayan calendar thing?” Victoria’s eyes widened, reminding Dontoya of an owlet.

He curved one corner of his mouth, grinning. “A collision of cycles. The end of an age. And the possible return of those who are the progenitors of the star nations.”


“Nothing is written in stone, except where it is written,” Dontoya joked, wanting to put her at ease.

“Like the Earth events recorded in the Giza pyramid?”

Dontoya nodded, recalling all that he’d been taught. “Yeah, like that. Several ages ago, one of the black pyramid’s purposes was to serve as a power station for some of the craft that are labeled UFOs, in these times.”

“I knew you would know.” Turning her hand beneath his, Victoria took hold, and squeezed. “There wasn’t…wasn’t anyone else I could talk to…about this.” Her gaze suddenly brightened with curiosity. “Star nations?”
“The sacred wisdom once guiding civilizations like early Atlantis. A time when the people lived in harmony with the Earth, in celestial harmony of the universe.”

“A beautiful thought,” Victoria wistfully sang. She withdrew her hand. “May I stay in touch?”

“Of course.” Dontoya sat back, steadily gazing at the wolf shifter who eyed him with yellow-eyed suspicion.

Dontoya suppressed his urge to belt out a huge laugh. Instead, he drawled, “Happy New Year, Anthony.”

“Happy New Year.” Anthony moved to stand behind Victoria, placing a possessive hand on her shoulder. “Seems as though I thoughtlessly ran off my Tory. My only excuse, Nick and I have newspaper ink flowing through our veins, instead of blood. Although,” the dominant wolf offered a semblance of a smile, “we’re turning into relics in this digital age.”

“Me and Zance appreciate the downright convenience of the internet, but we believe print is more valuable than ever. We’re savin’ every copy of the G&B Gazette. Another savage solar storm hits, like the 1859 Carrington Event, and we’ll be ahead of the game.”

“Dante’s designed the Pleasure Club like a super Faraday cage.”

“Yeah, we’ve hardened the ranch’s electronics against both an EMP or a CME.”

“You mean electro-magnetic pulse and coronal mass ejection,” Victoria quietly added. “We’ve been preparing too.”

“Tonight is for celebrating.” Anthony reached for her hand and twirled Victoria from her chair, then offered his arm.

After their parting words, Dontoya mentally filed away what he’d learned about the black pyramid. Nothing could be accomplished at this point in time.

Desiring nothing more than to be with his Sherilyn, he rose moving to a position where he could more easily view her and Zance. They spoke with Sergei and Gypsy. Talbot’s Peak’s own fortuneteller was gorgeous in a scarlet gown that flowed like water over her curves.

Mind-hearing Zance telepathically reach out to him, Dontoya stilled. Moments later, he closed his eyes, and entered his shadow-walking state.

Sensing for Tod’s presence, Dontoya searched the supperclub. While he could feel the vibration of his light body, Dontoya couldn’t pinpoint the precise location of Sherilyn’s long lost brother.  

Wishing you shapeshifting love on the wild side…


Savanna Kougar  ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

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October 10, 2012

The Star Kindred and the Super Soldier by Savanna Kougar

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Tuesday kisses, shapeshifter lovers.

The colder weather has hit, and what remains of the leaves on the trees, after the drought, are now falling in dribs and drabs. It’s a strange Autumn here on the tame prairie. However, that won’t stop Halloween, and the early ‘blog hop’ celebrating we’ll be doing here at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS. Stay tuned…

The Star Kindred and the Super Soldier  

They weren’t squeezy-mushy, ‘on their way to being rotten’ tomatoes that Siolastre placed in the sack… but, perhaps Louie, the strange, rat man, chef creature and his buddy, Gil, a bespelled, equally strange squirrel man… would find the apples, the ones no longer tasty to the deer and the other wildlife… worthy to create their wall art.

Although, as she considered it, the color might not be appealing… not like the blatant red splash of thrown tomatoes… however, nothing ventured, nothing gained… and she did want to make friends in Talbot’s Peak… at least, try to make friends on this outpost planet.

“Here you go,” Siolastre crooned to the bravest doe in the small young herd. She gave the apple a bit of toss, and when the animal didn’t startle but sniffed, then crunched the fruit, she began gently tossing the pile she’d collected just for the herd close to them.

The gnarled apple tree had become her friend. One of three trees belonging to the small isolated place she’d purchased on the edge of the forest, the spirit of the oldest tree was a gracious and generous being. And she was heavy with her fruit.

Siolastre had taken to gathering up the red beautiful apples since the fruit tasted similar to what she enjoyed on her home planet, and the winter season was near. She’d also promised to plant many of Minerva’s seeds.

Placing her palm on Minerva’s rough bark, Siolastre thanked her, and communed for several long moments. After speaking with the other two apple trees, she picked up her buckets and bags heading toward her kitchen.

Since arriving some four months ago according to the earth calendar, Siolastre had spent most of her time upgrading the crude living space, and walking the land around her. She’d made positive inroads with most of the creatures, and the various plant spirits.

Now, the time had come to make ‘contact’. Siolastre giggled at the reference as she changed her garments. With care, she created her plain Jane look, including the wire-rim glasses she wore to somewhat disguise her eyes.

For many an hour, Siolastre had lingered in town observing the shapeshifter-supernatural population. So far, she’d kept her distance, mostly reading novels at the library, and using the computing device at the popular coffee shop.

Although, she’d made it a point to shop at the various establishments, and to partake of the different food types found at the many eateries. That was how she’d been introduced to the tomato hurling art form inside Louie’s restaurant.

From her back table, she’d watched utterly fascinated by the uninhibited comradely behavior. Drinking in the raw chaos of emotions, so unlike her world, Siolastre remained far longer than she’d intended.


After parking her old minivan in the closest spot to Louie’s place, Siolastre checked her rearview mirror. She made certain her outrageously pointed ears were covered by her unruly wavy hair, and the oversized brown fedora she liked wearing.

“You look unappealing enough,” she whispered, then picked up the rotten apple filled bag, and her matronly purse.

Moments later, she squealed in surprise and horror at what she’d done. She’d been mentally rehearsing her opening words to Louie, Gil, or one of their employees about the apples… now… oh, starburn!

The man held his nose, and his mid-section, obviously in pain. She’d slammed her door square into him. Accidentally, of course.

Gingerly stepping onto the street, Siolastre faced her terrible deed, and wondered how best to help. Apologizing hardly seemed adequate, and she’d need to closely inspect him before offering her considerable healing ability.

If her powers went awry, she could harm the man severely. Especially since, by the energies of his aura, he carried several shapeshifting sets of genetics.

“I’m… I’m so sorry… are you… are you injured badly?”

His hand lowered and she stared into a pair of dark silvery blue eyes that were startling in their level of brightness — especially beneath the brim of his black cowboy hat.

“You must be good at mesmerizing…” Siolastre firmed her mouth to halt the flow of her words. Maybe he didn’t want her to know about his paranormal talents — even if she did know because she couldn’t help it.

“You,” he burst out, as if he growled out smoke.

“Me?” she squeaked, and clung more tightly to the door she hadn’t shut yet. “You’re bleeding, your nose. Oh no. I’ve got tissues.”

Whipping around, Siolastre grabbed the box. Before she could pull any out, and attend to him, he jerked out a couple.

Feeling useless, she watched him dab at the blood, which had already stopped flowing. His shifter metabolism quickened, and she knew his body made rapid repairs. Thank the Heavenly One!

“Where are you headed, pretty lady?” he asked moments later, a decided twinkle in his eye.

“Uh… to Louie’s place, Rattigan’s. If you’re okay…”

Not sensing any danger from him, other than a male on the prowl after a female, Siolastre eased the door of her minivan shut. Given her dowdy, and completely unsexy appearance, she possessed no idea why he’d be mating-interested in her.

“I was looking for a bite myself. Dallas, Dallas Red Cloud is my handle.”

He waited a beat for her to respond with her name. “Mr. Red Cloud, or is it Mr. Cloud? I don’t think…” Curiosity won out, and she asked, “Is it because of your hair color? A handsome shade of dark copper,” she added in case he mistook her question. “I mean…”

“Thanks for the compliment.” Gently, insistently, he took hold of her apple bag. “Why don’t I give you a proper escort, Miss No Name? We can get to know each other better over lunch, and maybe you’ll tell me your name.”

Before she knew it — except Siolastre was intensely aware of his touch as he cupped her elbow — she was being ‘escorted’ toward Rattigan’s. “You’re what they call a super soldier, aren’t you.”

She felt him almost stop dead in his tracks. Only he didn’t, probably due to his extreme training. Calm and steady, he kept them moving along the sidewalk.

“Knew there was something extra special about you, pretty lady. I’m retired from that life. Permanently.” With a gallant flair, he opened the door for her, then placed his hand on the small of her back as they moved inside.

Siolastre had to wonder what she’d inadvertently gotten herself into… more importantly, how to extricate herself.

“What can I do for youse, Dallas, Miss?” Louie eyed the large sack of apples Dallas held, and his nose twitched.

“Uh, I… I brought them… for throwing at the wall.” Louie’s gaze suggested she’d lost her marbles, as the quaint American saying went. “Like the tomatoes,” Siolastre lamely offered.

“Oh.” Louie rocked back. “Yeah, the tomatoes. Sure, I remember.” Before he switched his gaze to Dallas, Louie’s expression suggested she’d still had one too many of his brews.

“Sorry, my misunderstanding. I’ll just go now.” Siolastre turned to leave, but Dallas caught hold of her upper arm, his hold on her firm yet tender.

“Tell you what, darlin’, we’ll just save these in case one of the presidential candidates makes a visit to Talbot’s Peak. Or any of them smilin’, lyin’ politicians. I’ll throw the first one.”

Siolastre had to smile. Not only because of Dallas’s real enthusiasm, but because he’d played the gentleman, rescuing her from an awkward situation.

“Another time, Louie. You’ve got great chow.” Dallas pivoted and took her arm, moving them outside.

“I hardly know what to say… Dallas.” Grabbing a huge breath, and releasing it, Siolastre took the plunge through the galactic gate, as the saying went on her world. “My name is Sio. Like Rio, only with an ‘S’.”

“First seen you at the library, Sio Rio. My, my” he drawled, “that has a nice poetry ring to it. Hope you like that little nickname.”

“Not bad. I think I can live with it.”

“I’ll just stow these apples in my truck, and we’ll head on over to another dining joint close by. Louie’s a great guy, a damn good cook, and I sure do enjoy those late night poker games of his, but his Jersey-boy manners could use some improvement.”

“Are you sure you want… want to do this? I mean… I don’t think I’m any prize. And… and we’re worlds apart.” As in light years apart, even if we are star kindred.

“Made up my mind I was going to meet you, Sio Rio. Though, I sure didn’t think it would be ’cause your van door hit me like runnin’ bull.”

Dallas halted them beside a pickup that looked more like a monster truck. Quickly opening the passenger door, he placed the apple bag inside.

Once he closed it, he leaned toward her, his face nearing hers like they were on a romantic date. His male scent filled her lungs, then filled her soul.

Stunned, Siolastre stepped back but he gripped her arms, the hold of a man determined to be her lover.

“Star kindred,” he intimately rasped. “It’s been awhile since I heard that mind to mind.”

Startled that he’d read her thoughts, she demanded, “What do you mean?”

“My mother. Her ancestors were from another planet, another human race splintered from the humans inhabiting Earth. Star kindred, that’s what she called them.”

“Yes,” Siolastre whispered, because that’s all she could say.

“You know, I got a real fierce thing for pointy ears, and gals who wear glasses… glasses that can’t hide those sparkly pale blues eyes of yours.”

Of course, her glasses would slip down her nose just as he said that. Of course, her mouth would hang open. Of course…

With a smile that smoldered her insides from the tips of her toes to the roots of hair, he slowly brought her beside him. “After lunch you can tell me why you’re here. All alone on a world far, far away.”


Wishing you shapeshifting love on the wild side…


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

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October 3, 2012

Scots Best of Breed Tavern by Savanna Kougar

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Late Tuesday kisses, shapeshifter lovers.

My goodness, I feel like I’ve run a marathon or two, just trying to get my flash scene written, and finally finished. So, the flash is rougher and more unedited than usual. But that’s the best I could do, given today’s huge ole roadblocks.

But, hey, Halloween feels like it’s just around the corner, and we have a ‘before’ All Hallow’s Eve blog hop coming up the 19-21.

With all the lusty kilt fun we’ve had recently, I thought the pic above would add to the mood. And, while my flash scene hero isn’t one of those fine handsome gentlemen, he is attired in a kilt.  

Scots Best of Breed Tavern

Zeiran “Duff” McDuff of Vretland growled low in his throat, his Scottish brogue coloring the rough sound. For moments, he stared into the high blaze of his carefully nurtured peat fire.

Gods, the overripe earthy smells tended to his soul, and also filled his new tavern. Located outside of Talbot’s Peak, Montana in the deep forest, his establishment was a mile and a stone’s throw from Dante’s Biker Bar.

Duff bellowed his lungs, inhaling the reminders of his Scottish homeland — his preferred home since the 17th century. But the itch to relocate hadn’t been eased by scratching when in his dog form, so he’d followed where it led.

Though, Dante was a bonnie lad for a werewolf, placing his prized tavern inside that underground marvel of a structure didn’t suit Duff. Too much like trying to breathe inside a tomb for his liking.

A practical matter, indeed, he’d constructed a tunnel to the fine living quarters he’d purchased inside the Pleasure Club. Duff hadn’t lived to his ripe old age by being daft in the head, as he was proud of reminding others.

During this turn from one age to the next, nothing on the grand dam that was Earth would remain untouched by the Cosmic Changes — as the time was called by the few of his ilk who remained on world.

“Off to a rip roaring start,” he muttered in a low bark. Duff had little use for the high tech of this time, except when it came to tracking superstorm weather, and the ominous land change events.

After tossing down a bit o’ scotch, Duff propped one of his admittedly ‘too-brawny legs for the lasses’ on the great hearth. He’d spent the better part of a month building it himself out of huge slabs of stone.

Laboring was good for the soul, as the old ones preached. Duff couldn’t disagree. 
Using his own two over-sized hands, he’d done most of the work on the tavern fit for a king. Though, the gods knew, he’d built the Scots Best of Breed with the hope that some in Talbot’s Peak would consider it a second home.

Duff well knew drumming up business could be a challenge, given all the quality pubs, bars, and taverns in this shapeshifter haven. Duff had wanted his own place, having always appreciated the atmosphere of a pub, and talking companionably with the locals.

Leaning forward comfortably, Duff listened to the crackling flames with pleasure and satisfaction. He arranged his favorite wool kilt so the fire already warming his laddie and his cockles, allowed for more direct heat. On a chilly Autumn evening a man had to keep himself comfortable.

Reaching for the heavy iron poker, Duff had just taken hold when he heard a tiny shriek. He cocked an ear toward the front door, listening.

Truth to the gods, it might have been the wind singing through the shutters. His nose offered no new scents. Now his spine was a different animal.

Tingles of the electric sort used it as a race course. That meant… a low crying moan reached his ears.

Duff wheeled around fast charging for the tavern’s entrance. Only in his stocking feet, he came close to slipping and crashing to the floor.

Seizing hold of the large brass handle, he jerked the door open. Duff stepped onto the threshold, and pierced the darkness with his gaze.

She had to be here. He knew the distress call of a Lyroris fae. Though, the gods knew, he hadn’t heard such since his youth wandering through the tall heather and bounding over the highlands.

‘Where are ye?’ he mentally whispered.

The offal smell of demon predators hung heavy despite the night wind. There had to be a pack of at least ten of the nasty relentless creatures. Duff was well aware the little fae could only shield herself with invisibility for so long.

A faint sound that could have been the wind pricked his inner Scottish dog ears. In moments, he’d leaped toward the nearest pine tree, found her huddled beneath a pile of pine cones, and scooped her up into his arms.

Duff raced with her to the tavern. He could have chased the demon pack, made them turn tail. But his priority was tending to the fae.

He slammed the door shut with a back kick of his foot, and made short work of the distance to the hearth. Huge dark eyes, dull with pain and shock, regarded him as he knelt before the fire.

“You’re safe, wee one.” Feeling her limp exhaustion, Duff kept her cradled in his arms. “I’ll give you me strength, if you’ll accept it.”

It was as the fae gave a fragile nod that Duff caught more of her scent. “You’re not just a fae, are ye?”

“Shapeshifter,” she mouthed.

“That’s why you fled here, to Talbot’s Peak. You’re a fox shifter.”

Her eyes answered him, and Duff plumbed their depths. Her life force was close to vanishing. But that wouldn’t happen. Not on his watch.

“Lass, why don’t I just hold onto you for awhile, and get some life in ya. Then, I’ll be fixin’ you some broth.”

She dimly shimmered, his wee fae fox, then closed her eyes. But he felt it, her strong will to live.

Duff swiveled his great bulk around, and seating himself on the hearth, he cradled her on his lap. The blaze behind him would feed her too. Already he felt the fire spirits interact with her depleted energies, increasing her strength.

Wishing you shapeshifting love on the wild side…


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

This blog was originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS.

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