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February 28, 2013

X-Six Sentences ~ Chapter Sixty-two by Savanna Kougar

Snow Moon Miracles and kisses to one and all. Howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

So, a huge ole snowstorm hit my tame prairie. Although, I didn’t lose power, and didn’t get the brunt of the white out conditions… thank you, Divine… the phone line went on the fritz, and I lost my dial-up connection at about five thirty in the morning. I was closing in on the end of my flash scene. But, since I didn’t finish, I’ll plan to post on Thursday.

Also, with all the updating the computer issues, this post has been delayed. ~big sighs~

In the meantime… here are Six X-Sentences on my ‘coming soon’ erotic romance menage.


Chapter Sixty-two:
Sherilyn whimpered against Zance’s lips…

Sherilyn whimpered against Zance’s lips, wanting Dontoya to handle her breasts beneath the hot swirling water. He rumbled a growl, then smoothed his palms over her generous curves.

At the same time, his shaft slid up and down her pussy slit. Sherilyn drowned in the pleasurable sensations, as Dontoya glided his hands over her breasts, boldly fondling.

Her moans vibrated Zance’s mouth, and his tongue penetrated, lustily tangling with hers. The flavor of his cheroot–blended with his man’s taste–sizzled her pussy parts even more. 

~ Have a Magickal Snow Moon Week ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

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February 20, 2013

Zaig sauntered into town… by Savanna Kougar

Wednesday kisses, shapeshifter lovers.

I spent most of my writing time today editing HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS, and got quite a bit done. I’m about two-thirds finished, and figured I’d better go with the flow while I could. Yeah, especially given all the roadblocks there’ve been.

Thus, hopefully for your enjoyment, I let the muse run fancy free, and this is the result… so far.

Zaig sauntered into town…

Zaig sauntered into town, his curled tail tight to his back. Given it was nearing midnight and snowflakes pelted him, not many were around to witness his arrival in shapeshifter-landia, otherwise known as Talbot’s Peak.

Being a Shiba Inu dog shapeshifter, and only weighing about twenty pounds when soaking wet, Zaig figured he needed a positive male attitude. Oh hell yeah, he heard and smelled the werewolves and the big cat shifters roaming, enjoying the wintery night in the forest close to town.

No need for him to be dinner, though. But he sure could use some dinner. His stomach growled, agreeing.

Where? He couldn’t morph to human. His energy had been too doggone depleted.  ‘Doggone’, he was already thinking in the western lingo he’d been studying.

Using the last dregs of his energy, Zaig strutted his stuff, and headed toward the late-night bar with the most enticing scent. He’d escaped from the Billings, Montana animal shifter, just in the nick of time before his balls would have been nicked off.

Ouch-howl! Zaig shivered, remembering.

Sprinting for his life, he’d squeezed through a door that was about to be shut. As the good-hearted humans chased after him, Zaig dodged and darted through traffic.

Running as far and as fast as possible, he’d continued his journey to the Red Silk Garter Saloon. Owned by his jackal shifter buddies, the Old West saloon was one of many bars and businesses located inside Dante’s underground complex — so they’d explained to him.

Even though, Zaig performed card tricks for partying fun and not for profit, Drew and Dune had offered him a position at the saloon. Knowing Zaig’s ability to deal was slicker than most card sharks, they’d promised him a good salary, and a place to bed down.

Being at loose ends, and with no prospects… hell-yip, with shapeshifter hunters suddenly on his human tail, Zaig had made a run for it, as his dog self. With the Ninja like bastards shadowing him through four states, he hadn’t been able to contact Drew and Dune.

Finally shaking the hunters’ dogged pursuit, Zaig had curled up inside a vacant dog house, only to be picked by animal control. He’d been in a dead-tired sleep.

Now, salivating from hunger, Zaig broke into a trot beneath the shop awnings where the snow hadn’t accumulated. The fragrance of raw and cooking meat drove him forward.

He hoped someone would have a heart, and feed him at what was obviously a late-night bar. Zaig well knew he looked like an underfed stray. Hell, maybe a pathetic one at that.

If no one offered him a meal, he’d rely on his super quick agility, on his wily skills to steal a bite or two, as much as he could gulp down.

“Omygawd, pup,” a woman’s concerned voice interrupted his dash for the opening door. “What are you doing out here on this freezing cold night?”

Before he knew it, Zaig had been scooped up — hugged against a bosom he only wished he could see as his human self. Even through the woman’s expensive wool coat, Zaig felt her ‘make him drool’ shape.

With his hunger temporarily forgotten, he sniffed her scent — like a rose warmed by  sunshine, but earth-musky and womanly. She wasn’t a shifter, but she wasn’t only human either.

“Put that mangy thing down,” a man’s arrogant, cultured voice commanded.

“I will not.”

“You will. Or we’re–”

“We’ve been finished for a long time,” she interrupted, her tone like a bitch who’d endured too much, and was making her stand.

“Your father won’t be happy, Saffina. We have an agreement.”

“I don’t give a flying you know what. Right now, I’m going in that bar. By myself. I’m going to make certain this dog is fed. Report that to father for all I care.”

With that, Saffina hugged him a bit tighter, and marched toward the door someone from inside was opening for her.


~ Have a Magickal and Miraculous Week ~ 


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February 13, 2013

Valentine’s Day is Looming ~ Flash Scene by Savanna Kougar

Tuesday kisses, shapeshifter lovers.

Yes, it is now the Chinese Year of the Snake, so get your slithery sexy on. And, of course, Valentine’s Day is looming on the near horizon. This Thursday, in fact.

We here at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS, are putting together Valentine’s Day flash scenes for your shapeshifting pleasure. And we are working to put together a small blog hop for shapeshifter lovers.

That said, I must apologize for the following flash scene. It’s not very Valentiney. However, my energies remain low, and getting the Muse to cooperate was not easy. 

Still, I’m planning to write a romantic follow-up for Valentine’s Day.

What Would Be My Dream Valentine’s Day?

TV STATION HACKER WARNS OF ZOMBIES IN MONTANA: KRTV says on its website the hackers broadcast that ‘dead bodies are rising from their graves’ in several Montana counties. GOTTA LOVE MONTANA!

“Now there’s a headline. And, hell, here I am in the freeze-your-butt-off state of Montana.”

Szarelle stared at Steve Quayle’s website on the tiny screen of the handheld computer her captors allowed her. Not a smartphone, of course, and she had no way to text or communicate with anyone.

Fascinated by the news headlines Mr. Quayle updated regularly, and by the breakthrough books he wrote — two of them being “Giants and Ancient History” and “Genetic Armegeddon” — Szarelle checked in several times a day.

Yeah, what the ‘f’ else did she have to do? That is, when her scientist captors finally left her alone.

So far, she refused to shapeshift, despite the various forms of persuasion and torture she’d endured. From promises of wealth … to gawd knows how many methods of hypnosis … to the cocktail of drugs they pumped inside her … to waterboarding, and what Szarelle euphemistically called ‘shock therapy’.

Only the amount of electrical current they’d hit her with would have killed a herd of elephants. Of course, the ‘pain compliance’ had begun after discovering she was somehow immune to their various, highly advanced mind control technologies.

Even their micro implants failed. Her body simply ejected them.

“Six months and counting in this dungeon out in the middle of snowy nowhere.” With a sigh of disgust verging on hopelessness, Szarelle placed the palm-sized device on the one tiny table, then leapt up from her primitive bunk.

She moved the few feet to the small, ground level opening that served as a window, then stood on tiptoe. A heavy blanket of snow as far as the eye could see. Yeah, not that far.

Being depressed should have killed her by now. Even if nothing else did. So far, anyway.

Out of habit, Szarelle strained to see as much as she could. Even though, she faced east, the gentle glisten of light and the long indigo shadows told her that sundown was near.

Szarelle hugged herself tight, and shivered. The thin shift she wore didn’t do a damn thing to keep her warm. But that was the point.

They wanted her to shift into her furry warm animal self. No, the mad effing scientists didn’t want to kill her and dissect her.

That is, if she could be killed. Szarelle didn’t own a clue.

She shuddered at the thought of being dissected while still alive. Returning to her bunk, she sat on the edge. Her shoulders slumped forward, every ounce of her feeling dispirited.

Yeah, nearly defeated, Szarelle admitted to herself.

What the freaking hell, she didn’t even know what breed of feline-canine she was supposed to be. Her years of fanatical research had provided nothing but a scholar’s knowledge about the ancestors of every discovered species of canine and feline on Earth.

Szarelle lived in the hope that the latest archeological discovery would give her the answers … anything, anything at all.

Before being weaned, she’d been orphaned. A kindly, wolf shapeshifter couple had taken her in as one of their cubs. They’d had a litter, and she’d grown up with four siblings, two sisters, two brothers.

Howls of agony, she missed them. Most likely, her family still believed she was happily hanging out on the beaches of Jamaica — living the good life, mon.

Szarelle mewed a sound of pure despair. The only thing identifying her had been a makeshift paper collar, with what her adopting mother had assumed was her name written on it.

Her chin dropped to her chest, and Szarelle didn’t move. Misery owned her.

On top of her dire circumstances, how cruel was it that Valentine’s Day loomed? Her very favorite holiday of the year.

Okay, it was damn stupid to be fretting over such romantic, hearts and flowers silliness when captured by the nerd ghouls from the ninth ring of shadow-government hell. At least, she assumed it was some secret, military industrial complex thing.

Clenching her eyelids, Szarelle slowly raised her head, and let it fall backward. With the pain of desperation ripping through her, she fisted the thin pad that served as her mattress, and rocked back until her head thumped against the cement wall.

If there’d been a ghost of a chance that chewing her way out with her large, razor-sharp fangs, then digging to the surface using her fearsome claws, would work … but from what Szarelle could tell, the pod like structure had to be four feet thick.

Escape. She willed herself to escape. She daydreamed constantly, vividly of escaping.

That is, when they weren’t prodding and poking her, and figuring out some new way to torture her. Then doing it day in and day out.

Szarelle had created so many movie escape scenarios, even written the scripts in her mind … that if she ever did … well, she had to escape. Somehow.

But, maybe a career as a screenwriter was real possibility.

After forcing herself to change positions, to lay as comfortably as possible on the bunk, Szarelle stopped herself from shivering. With her hands behind her head, she ignored the cold.

“If I could … what would be my dream Valentine’s Day?” Closing her eyes, she focused, and let her imagination take over.


Daejh paused on his way back to the lean-to, and the fire his brother carefully tended. He lifted his nose to the wind, in the same way he’d do, if in his lynx form.

“Female perfume,” he announced to Dryce. “What the scat would a woman cat shifter be doing out here? By herself, and in her human shape?”

Quickly rising from his haunches, Dryce stepped away from the campfire. He sniffed for several long moments, his nose flaring noticeably.

“Cat?” he asked. “She smells more like a dog shifter to me. But the aroma is downright enticin’.”

“Think she’s lost? In trouble?” Daejh grabbed his parka, slipping into it fast.

“We better find out.” Dryce zipped up his parka. “This ain’t a fit night out for cat or dog, and especially not a human.”



~ Have a Magickal and Miraculous New Year ~ 


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February 6, 2013

Immortal Shapeshifter ~ Part Four by Savanna Kougar

Wednesday kisses, shapeshifter lovers.

The Chinese Year of the Snake begins on February 10th. I must imagine our beloved Lamar, the Peak’s snake shapeshifter extraordinairre, will be in his scaly slithery glory this coming year. Stay tuned for Lamar, Itzi, our dragonkind shapeshifters, and other serpent shifters joining the cast of characters.

And, stay tuned for our very first ***ShapeShifter Seductions Newsletter***. Gypsy Red Wolf has penned her predictions column for the year, 2013.

Yes, indeed, Zephan and Solanja’s story continues. The Muse is insistent, and since my energy remains low, she gets to win. This week my heroine, Solanja, stars with her voice. I hope you enjoy.  

“Might be, Mr. Lion Dragon Man.”

Immortal Shapeshifter ~ Part Four  

Craggy, Solanja thought. Zephan’s rugged and unique features intrigued her beyond her original fascination with him–when she’d feverishly studied the ancient merchant records.

“Lion Dragon Man at midnight,” Solanja repeated his words, as she lowered her cooled coffee mug. “Your appearance does remind me of a lion. A male lion, that is.”

“Rawrrr,” he boomed in a teasing manner. “I’ll take that as a compliment. Of sorts. Better’n looking like a scaly dragon.”

“Some dragons have a noble countenance,” she defended, unable to take her gaze off his face.

His gaze sharpened, and Solanja witnessed the high intelligence he hid behind his mountain-man demeanor. “Seen many dragons?”

“A few. Mostly sightings from afar. One was very close and personal. A shapeshifter.” Solanja grinned, remembering the colorful character in the Scottish Highlands.

“Around here, it’s shapeshifter-landia. But you know that, don’t you?” Zephan reached for her mug. “Refill?”

“No, thanks.” Solanja gave her hair a shake before answering. “We’re aware. My white-heart side is aware of the growing population. Yes. Although, since we haven’t monitored anything, I doubt we have a clue about what is really going on.”

“The black-heart side?” Zephan’s narrowed gaze assessed her, and she felt his automatic mental scan of her thoughts.

“Before I left to search for you, I did some mind sleuthing. To what end, I’m not certain, since I didn’t want to tip the black-hearts off about my leaving, or your location.” Solanja gulped in a large breath, and let her gaze fall from his. “They know. From what I could gather, their Seers keep watch on the Tiger Yakuza, a place called the Pleasure Club, and Brandon Wayne.”

“Brandon is a personal friend.” Zephan’s harsh tone knifed through her, and Solanja resisted the urge to jump.

“Sorry. Not you I’m aiming for, Solanja. Apologies,” he emphasized.

The gentleness in the depths of his dark topaz-colored eyes–the gentle energy waving from him, calmed her. Still, before Solanja could halt herself, she wrapped her arms around herself, then rocked back against the firm but overstuffed couch.

“Truth is, from what I could determine, the psychic and technological shielding around this area defeats the black-hearts from discovering much of anything.”

She watched him ponder her words, a distant expression on his face. “That, in itself, might be painting a target on our backs here in the Peak.”

Solanja slightly shrugged. “Might be, Mr. Lion Dragon Man.”

Mygawd, she liked calling him that. She also liked his giant handsome stature more than she cared to admit–even though, he wasn’t a real giant, as she and other white-hearts had battled before. If you could defeat them psychically, the double-row of teeth giants were easy to slay.

“Although, there’s a bigger game afoot, as you’re aware,” she continued, as he began to rise. “Like world domination.”

“It’s who the psycho bastards are in league with, that’s got my innards churning.” Zephan offered her a hand up.

After placing her hand inside his, Solanja asked, “Do you mean the demonic entities? Or, the lizard kings and queens, as we refer to them?”

“The space-flyin’ lizards,” he answered, pulling her upward with unexpected gallantry. “They’re mean suckers in a fight. ‘Course, ice bullets stop ’em dead, given that cold reptilian blood of theirs.”

“Freeze guns do work,” she agreed.

“Freeze guns?” Zephan’s blatantly interested expression tickled her.

“A scalar weapon that can be set to a freeze frequency. I would have brought…but, they’re too easy to track.”

“You’re one intriguin’ woman. But I’m forgettin’ my manners–such as they are. Do you need to refresh yourself?” His thick dark brows lifted in a way that caused Solanja to smile.

“Not yet. The coffee hasn’t made it that far. Besides, I..” she began, uncertain about what tact to take with him. Most men didn’t have this overwhelming tingly affect on her. Actually, none that she could recall, which left her more quivery-weak inside.

“Beef stew with lots of vegetables suit you, Solanja?”

“Anything hearty would hit the spot.” When her hand shook slightly, Solanja tightened her grip, hoping he didn’t notice. Ridiculous on her part, she knew. With his supernatural powers, he could read her like a book. Almost.

“You’re safe here,” he spoke after a moment, his tone low and reassuring. “Tell you what. Once we’ve chowed down, I’ll give you the grand tour.”

“Your underground weapons collection?” Solanja raised a brow, and arrowed her gaze at him.

His grin started slowly, but spread from ear to ear. His gaze positively beamed at her as he let go of her hand, then offered his arm.

Solanja twined her arm around his, her heart thumpity-thumping. An instant later, her heart lurched hard, but this time, it wasn’t from Zephan’s nearness–his manliness.

The search for her was on. Both the black-hearts, and her family, used every psychic and tech means at their disposal to find her location. Damn.

She’d taken great pains, explaining in a letter delivered to her cousin, why she’d decided to disappear. Obviously, that hadn’t worked with her parents. Damn again.  

“No worries, Solanja,” he interrupted her reeling thoughts.

“No worries for now,” she murmured in agreement.

Solanja moved beside him as if it was something she did everyday. That wasn’t lost on her, even with danger looming like a tribe of charging cannibalistic giants.

“We’ll figure out a way, if it’s needed, to stay hidden. Right now, my stomach’s growling for some grub.”

The quiet determination in his voice eased her. That, and Solanja’s own knowing there was time to fortify their defenses.

“Right, Mr. Lion Dragon Man.” She lightened her tone. “No use chancing you going Manticore on me, if you don’t get fed.” 

Why not? For now, the frequency shield around the Talbot’s Peak area remained invincible.

“Plenty of extra room here,” Zephan conversationally began, “and I’ve got a spare underground room I think you’ll like.”

“You’re telling me, there’s a room without weapons? Not that I mind. Although, the gun oil does…”

“I’ll clear it out,” he interrupted, his voice bantering, “and you can decorate it however you want.”

Second thoughts about imposing on Zephan had Solanja halting in her tracks. “Are…are you certain? I mean, after awhile I could…”



~ Have a Magickal New Year of the Snake ~ 


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