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March 27, 2013

The Capricious Wolfen Countess by Savanna Kougar

Full Moon kisses, shapeshifter lovers.

Winter has returned to my tame prairie, with a thin blanket of snow and lots of glistening icicles. There’s a Full Moon in Libra tomorrow… definitely a time to balance out your life. Or, in my case walk that tightrope of trying to get everything done, but never succeeding.

I did get some promo-ing done for my ShapeShifter Seductions’ release: HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS. For a couple of excerpts just click on my page above.

So, my flash scene for today… it’s rough around the edges, and not fully developed… but I like the idea, which was inspired by Pat Cunningham’s post a week ago Monday, titled: “Horse Whispering”… and by Kirsten Lynn’s wonderful guest post at Wild and Wicked Cowboys, where she blogged about — yes it’s a real sport, Cowboy Polo — the history and the present.

And, since I’ve always wanted to learn how to play Polo, well… besides, my Muse wanted to play this way, and I’m too worn out to deny Her anything.

The Capricious Wolfen Countess

Kwolfie swung around sideways, getting comfortable in the library’s old stuffed chair. She kicked off her loosely tied running shoes, and dangled her bare legs over the cushioned arm.

Probably a relic from the fifties, the chair smelled like someone’s garage. The variety of odors rather appealed to her sensitive canine nose, and Kwolfie inhaled deeply as she cracked open the paperback romance novel — a new one she’d been counting the days to read.

Given her three brothers, along with her sire and dam, teased her nonstop about her taste in literature, Kwolfie usually escaped to the Talbot’s Peak’s library. Because no matter the torment, she just had to indulge her insatiable appetite for paranormal erotic romance novels, especially the shapeshifter love stories.

Grrrr…go to dog pound hell, she mentally cursed her annoyingly uncouth brothers.  Although, she gave them high marks for being true protectors of their wolf shifter kind.

With anticipation zinging through her, Kwolfie turned the pages to chapter one. Before settling down to lose herself in the story, she wiggled with excitement, and gave her unruly hair a toss.

As she focused on the opening paragraph, Kwolfie halted the uninhibited swing of her legs, crossing them. But her reading enjoyment was interrupted.

Aware she’d become the object of someone’s scrutiny, Kwolfie didn’t look up. Instead, she carefully sensed for malevolent intent. She’d undergone rigorous training by the three Mages, who had traveled to Earth with her extended family — about three spins of sun now.

Feeling no threat from the man standing behind the nearest row of bookshelves, Kwolfie put up her mind shield, and blocked out his thoughts. After all, she only had about an hour of Earth time to read before one of her brothers would track her to the library, and make a smirking, big-lump nuisance of himself.


Holy hell, it is the countess. Stunned that he’d found her so easily, Dak nearly forgot about the rare prize he held, the autobiography of a polo pony shifter.

He stared at the alien-world wolfen countess, downright captured by her girl-next-door beauty. As she dangled her legs over the arm of the chair, then swung them in a carefree manner, his tongue almost lolled out.

Down, son, he told is cock, no misbehavin’ in a public library.

Dak forced his gaze from her naked shapely legs, even though her human gams begged for his touch, and so much more. Damn, the council’s snake shifter informant hadn’t spoken with forked tongue.

Having observed the royal cruiser’s approach to Earth — some three years ago — from a high point in the Rocky Mountains, the Lupine Council had attempted to mind-scan their off-world relatives. Only able to learn the ratio of males to females, and verify they were an aristocratic family pack, the Council elders decided to use their network of informers.

He’d been summoned now that they’d finally gotten some info. As a dilute Lupine, or what some called a half-breed, Dak moved easily in the human world. Over the years of going on these scouting missions, he’d learned the ropes, and earned the top spot.

Most comfortable in the world of cowboys as a lone wolf type, he currently worked on a Sheridan, Wyoming ranch that was famous for their first-rate polo ponies. And heckfire, if he hadn’t developed a real yen for the sport.

Dak fought the urge to make immediate contact with the countess. The beguiling beauty’s mind shield had slammed him out so fast, she hadn’t known he tried to telepathically probe her.

Just as well for now, Dak figured. But, he had gotten a mental glimpse of the book she’d buried her pretty little nose in.

One of them romance novels with all the explicit sex. Dak decided as he watched her read like there was no tomorrow, all curled up and wolf-woman adorable — oh, yeah hell, believe it son, he’d read one of them erotic romances out loud to her. He’d read every last one of ’em in the shapeshifter town’s library.


~ Happy Full Moon Howling ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

March 20, 2013

New Menage Release ~ Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys by Savanna Kougar

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Almost midnight mews… HAPPY SPRING, Kitten Coos... colder on the tame prairie, the type of damp cold that goes straight to your bones… however, at this point, any moisture and any amount of rain is a good thing, so the Kougaress is not complaining.

Well… yes, it FINALLY! happened, the Kougar’s latest book is e-published at Smashwords and is on Kindle… but, it ain’t over. Right now, this Big Cat author is struggling with the formatting to upload to AllRomanceebooks. Plus, the whole checking the EPUB format thing. Yeah, dialup doesn’t work too well for that.

However, here it is…

Authoress news and mews ~

IT’S LIVE! Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys by Savanna Kougar

So… here are the blurbs, and a description…

Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys


Savanna Kougar

Shapeshifter Seductions Presents:

An Erotic Romance Menage Novel

A woman desperate to save herself and her prize horses.
Two shapeshifter cowboys who want her as their woman.

When Zance, a timber wolf shifter,
and Dontoya, a black cougar shifter,
find Sherilyn dying due to a reckless driver,
there is only one way to bring her back to life.
But, that’s only the beginning… 


Warning: Get ready for a helluva ride in and out of the bedroom. This novel contains lots of tender and fierce erotic lovin’. There are bad guys on the trail of the heroine, a sorceress who won’t take no for an answer, and a horror-movie showdown. The finale: New Year’s Eve at the grand opening of the Midnight Stardust Supperclub.

Beware, Danger Ahead! Shapeshifter violence, guns, and dark magick are involved.

The cast of secondary characters includes an alpha werewolf, shapeshifters of many types and stripes — a sprinkling of other supernatural beings/creatures — and a palomino stallion. Oh, and at least, one human.

Please note: This is an M/F/M menage love story, where pleasuring the heroine is the sole focus of the two heroes. There is ‘no’ sexual relationship or touching between the two men. This book also contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable. That is, menage fun and fantasy scenarios, and backdoor play/intercourse.

And, here’s the longer blurb…

Sherilyn hides out on her small ranch near the odd town of Talbot’s Peak, Montana, determined to save her prize horses from being stolen. She has no time for men. Besides she’s been down that heartbreak road one too many times. The hitch: she didn’t bargain on two shapeshifter cowboys who decide she belongs to them.

Zance, a timber wolf shifter, and Dontoya, a rare black cougar shifter, are longtime pardners. Having built up their immense ranch in the supernaturals community, they’ve settled into a cattleman’s lifestyle. Now they’ve finally found the one woman they both want as their mate.

Currently available at SMASHWORDS and on KINDLE ~

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Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

March 13, 2013

From the shadowed corner of the shifter biker bar… by Savanna Kougar

Tuesday kisses, shapeshifter lovers.

Good news on the editing front for HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS. Right now, I’m down to the last chapter and a half. Then, the challenge will be formatting.

Hey, who knows, maybe miracles will occur, and all will go smoothly. An Indie author can dream, anyway.

Although, I am looking forward… actually, jumping up and down ecstatically… to finally offering a ShapeShifter Presents Erotic Romance Novel. ‘Cause, I loved penning this menage love story. And, I love our shapeshifter and supernatural cast of characters here in the Peak. 

Sadly, this year, we’re not part of a St. Paddy’s Day blog hop. So, here’s wishing you a Happy Wearin’ of the Green!

So, kudos to Pat on her flash scene from yesterday. But, what happens after ex-Mayor Link earns the title of Deep Throat?

From the shadowed corner of the shifter biker bar…

From the shadowed corner of the shifter biker bar, Zryker observed the drunken, high-spirited craziness. Amused in a twisty bent way by the banana-dildo contest he’d just witnessed, Zryker settled back, while telling his cock to quit imitating a big banana. It wasn’t getting un-peeled anytime soon.

Not with his current, big-reward arrangement. Recover the stolen goods, and return to the desperate owner with no fuss, no muss. And no prosecution of the thief.

Therein, lay the obstacle. The unidentified thief had proven so elusive, the trail so diabolically serpentine, Zryker was down to one possible lead.  Rosa Terranova had bolted fast from Amarillo, like the snake roundup hunters were about to grab her tail and bag her.

He knew for certain she hadn’t committed the crime, given her whereabouts could be accounted for — some sort of ebook expo. Zryker happened to be present in the hole-in-the-wall snake shifter hangout, when Rosa had hip-rolling slithered inside — shortly after the heist.

Liking her style, Zryker had surreptitiously watched Rosa snack on mice bonbons, her nose buried in her e-reader. He knew her by reputation, given the number of husbands she’d disposed of… not that he blamed her.

One or all of her ex-husbands could have creepy-crawled inside the mansion… and, well, hell hoot ‘n holler… swallowed the owner’s priceless heirloom collection… then shapeshifted to human, and answered the call of nature.

Zryker propped his boot on the opposite chair, and coiled his human fingers around his tall warm glass of southwest pinon ale. He downed a few swallows while keeping a covert eye on that sexy sinuous babe, Ms. Sugah, herself.

He also waited to see what would happen now that the ex-mayor had earned the dubious title of Deep Throat. Talbot’s Peak was one kickin’ hoot of a town, as he’d discovered since arriving a couple of weeks ago.

After tracking Rosa to her new position with the library, Zryker had soon discovered she wasn’t talking about nothin’ nohow, when it came to Amarillo, and her past. No matter his smooth charmin’ approach. And not even for a price. A big price.

Either someone had her damn good and scared. Or she was protecting the son of a viper. Or… various scenarios flashed through his mind as he quaffed his ale.

Zryker hadn’t been able to get a Spock-like mind-hold on Ms. Sugah either. Her mental shields had slammed him out. But, now that she’d been drinking freely, his chances just might be improved.

If he could get her talking, or slip his way inside her mind… Zryker sure didn’t want to use his rattler fangs on her… numb her a bit, then mind-lock with her.

He did own some honor, despite being a real sidewinder. Zryker grinned to himself, and drained his ale. Besides, he owned a certain fondness for Rosa, more for her flamboyant personality than wanting his lusty snake between her thighs. Not that he wouldn’t oblige if…

Zryker eyed Lamar’s swishy undulating approach. So far, he’d stayed down range  of the boa constrictor, but seemingly his luck had run its course on that front.

“Hola, stranger. Don’t we have some scales in common?” Lamar seated himself without ceremony, and offered his hand.

“Scales, right. But you squeeze and I poison.” Zryker gripped his hand, careful not to make it a strength contest. “Lamar, isn’t it? Yeah, I’m new in town. Zryker is the handle. Rattlesnake is the species.”

“Noticed you eyeing the slinky, banana-sucking queen of the hour. Just made Ms. Rosa’s acquaintance myself. You two have a romantic history, a love unrequited thing?”

“Nope. She has some info I need. Think of me as a private dick.” Zryker figured there was no point in saying anything else.

“But not a dick interested in going down on my dick, if I’m reading your preference right, chico.”

“You’re reading me right, Balboa. You’re also cramping my style…at the moment.”

“He cramps everybody’s style.” The wolf shifter gave Zryker an apologetic grin. “Come on, I’m getting lonely… drinking alone. Rufus has been eyeing my ass…”

“Got the message, lover.” Lamar uncoiled smoothly, springing from his chair. “Later, private dick.”

Zryker grinned widely instead of answering. He stilled as ripples of awareness rolled over his skin and his inner scales.

At first, he couldn’t determine if an enemy stalked him… or, oh holy ice water, not her.

“Diamondback scum,” the woman’s rich melodic voice cursed him. As well it should.
At least, from her scorned point of view. Even though, she’d been barely sixteen at the time. And he’d left because he was a gentleman, when it came to not taking advantage of a lady.

“Santoza, fancy meeting you here in a bad girl’s bar. What would your family say?”

“Hiss, hiss, snake boy. Get ready to rumble and make like a caduceus. I’m about to twist the life out of that devil-horny hide of yours.”

“Wanna play Twister, do you, babe? I’ve got the perfect Garden of Eden, if you’re…” 

From the corner of his eye, Zryker watched her launch at him like an enraged cobra. Okay, granted, she was a cobra shapeshifter.

She hit him full on, and Zryker wrapped his arms around her tight. The chair slid against the wall, then creaked loudly as she writhed with a fury that caught him off guard.

Freeing one arm, she pummeled him with her fist while trying to wind around him, and choke off his air. The chair rocked precariously.

When her undulating attack didn’t cease, one leg of the chair buckled under their weight. They crashed to floor, rolling and twining in the spilled beer, on top of the peanut shells.

“It must be a lover’s spat,” Zryker heard Lamar shout like a circus ringmaster. “Place your bets here, chicas and chicos. Does she win? Or does he?”

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March 6, 2013

Dante’s Love Song by Savanna Kougar

Tuesday kisses, shapeshifter lovers.

So, once again I have neglected my flash scene in favor of editing HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS, my ShapeShifter Seductions erotic romance menage. Gotta go with the flow, since I’ve already had so many roadblocks.

Right now, I’m on the final six chapters, and there is! light at the end of the editing-cave tunnel. At this point in the story, Sherilyn, Dontoya, and Zance are enjoying New Year’s Eve at the grand opening of the Midnight Stardust Supperclub — designed by Dante, and located inside his underground Pleasure Club complex.

One of the reasons, my Talbot’s Peak story is now over 100,000 words is because many of the Peakites have cameo appearances, and are integral to the overall plotline.

In this scene, Dante dances with Kitty, the woman he loves but can’t make his own yet. He’s written a song only for her.

Dante’s Love Song

From ~ Chapter Sixty-nine

Once they broke eye contact, Dontoya gestured with his coffee cup. The three of them gazed in that direction, seeing Dante escort Kitty to the middle of the pearly rainbow floor.

As the alpha werewolf romantically took his beautiful little cat shifter in his arms, strains of music began over the sound system.

“Dante’s song,” Sherilyn reminded.

My forever love, midnight stardust when you finally come to me,
Our gazes cling and once again I am fierce with ecstasy.
My arms lock around you, grateful to hold you one more time.
When our hearts embrace, I hear the rhythm and the rhyme.

My forever love, beneath midnight stardust skies where we run free,
Our hungering lips welcome each other passionately.
Always the sweet fever of our kisses steals away the night.
For, I am yours, my soul twined with yours during daylight.


~ Have a Magickal and Miraculous Week ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS ~ Turning Into Your Wildest Desire


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