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December 28, 2013

Why All the Snow Animals in Talbot’s Peak by Savanna Kougar


Howliday New Year greetings, shapeshifter lovers.

I hope to have a New Year’s Eve surprise for everyone soon.

Meanwhile, here’s the fourth installment starring Drey, the wolf rancher, and Korinne, who has escaped to the Montana wilds after her ex-husband stole her most of her wealth.

Why All the Snow Animals in Talbot’s Peak

Drey wanted to leap and bound like a young cub after a butterfly, and say he’d find a reindeer herd tomorrow. The wisdom of his years prevailed, though. Korinne needed time to adjust to him, to the idea that he was serious about bringing reindeer to his ranch.

“Why not?” he answered her question. “I’ll do some research. Find out what’s possible.”

Korinne’s eyes glimmered with a mustard seed’s worth of hope, to his eye, before she averted her gaze. She placed her bowl on a small, rough-hewn table beside the rocker, then hugged herself. “I know where Jingle’s relatives are. I kept track over the years. Once Dad became housebound… and I… well, he gave them to a wonderful family in Wisconsin. They raise Christmas trees, and are fairly isolated. Although, they do give sleigh rides in the town closest to them.”

“Once this snowstorm eases off, and I get back to the ranch, I’ll give them a holler.” Watching from his peripheral vision, Drey saw her wan tiny smile. He deliberately eased his posture, and finished off the stew and cornbread.

“That would be like a Christmas miracle,” she softly replied, picking up her bowl. “I have a question for you.”

Drey set his bowl to the side, glad for the opportunity to gaze full-on at her face, beautiful despite the fine lines of stress. “I might have your answer,” he drawled teasingly.

“You might.” Her glance pinned him for a moment. “Why all the snow animals in Talbot’s Peak? I mean when I was in town the other day, the yards were littered with all kinds of animals built out of snow… instead of snowmen. Especially wolves,” she added.

“Seems like birds of feather flock together, meaning lots of us who care about animals, domestic and the wild ones, have moved to the area over the years.” Studying her expression, Drey continued, “Lots of wolf sightings around here. The big cats, too.”

“Can’t say I’ve seen that many sightings of wild critters. Except for birds and the usual, like raccoons and rabbits.” Korinne gave a little shake of her head, her long braid sinuous against her flannel-covered breast. “Of course, I stay close to the cabin. And usually have a fire going.”

Drey debated with himself whether he should take the conversation farther on down the trail… about him being a wolf shifter and all. “‘Round here we let nature take it’s course, for the most part. We only hunt for food. Now if there’s a rogue, a killer, then we ain’t got no choice. Happens rarely, though.”

Korinne eyed him, and her mouth tipped upward in a quick smile. “At least, there hasn’t been a starving pack of wolves at my door… or coyotes,” she offered, referencing their prior conversation. “I have seen a few coyotes, and their tracks.”

Dang those Vance brothers. He had competition. Drey kept his grimace to himself.

Zip and Zap, as they were known, were coyote shifters. They’d wrangled a regular gig crooning old-timey and popular western tunes at the Pleasure Club in the recently added cowboy bar and dance club. The one sorta modeled after that John Travolta movie. What was what it… “Urban Cowboy”… damn their moth-eaten hides!

“Yep, lots of coyotes been movin’ in lately. Seems as though there’s enough room for them and the wolf packs.” To lighten the mood, and find out more about Korinne, Drey asked, “What was your favorite snow animal?”

“Well, there was a reindeer obviously made by younger children. They’d put Christmas bulbs on the antlers.” Her face took on a lovely shine, her gaze far away as she remembered. “I have to say I was impressed with the creativity. Especially the squirrel in front of the mayor’s office.” She paused. “I don’t know about one favorite. The unicorn was beautiful. And one of the wolves looked so real, I looked twice just to make certain. Then, there were the werewolf ice sculptures. You know close to that dog bowl fountain.”

“Yep,” Drey poked at the roaring fire, then tossed in a couple of smaller logs. “That’s become an annual tradition. Mid January we have a contest for the best shapeshifting ice sculptures. Used to be only werewolves.”

“Not to offend anyone, but Talbot’s Peak does have an eccentric population. Quite a change from my neck of the woods.”

Drey watched Korinne stretch, but only minimally, given she was too aware of his presence. The wild urge to wrap his arms around her, his entire body around her, then carry her… he mentally bit that savage desire hard, stopping the fantasy.

“Eccentric is one way of puttin’ it, Korinne. Some say a lot of high strangeness is goin’ on. Ever been interested in the paranormal?”

“Who isn’t these days?” Korinne quirked a brow. Rising, she moved to the window, and Drey couldn’t take his wolf stare off her hips. “It seems as if the whole world has gone fast and furious, including the snow,” she tossed over her shoulder.

“Montana has been gettin’ dumped on pretty good this year. Wasn’t expectin’ this much, though.” Drey spoke true. He’d figured now was the time to check on her. Then again, he silently howled a big ole thank you to fate.

“How about some hot chocolate?” she began, spinning on the heels of her faux-fur boots. Drey watched her expression transform — her body still. “Wow… talk about high strangeness. I’m recalling this dream I had.”

“Dream?” he asked, sensing it was more than just a regular dream.

“Explaining dreams is always difficult. And takes forever.”

“Looks like we got lots of time.” Drey lifted the fire poker, and made a show of tending the flames so they fed on the logs more efficiently.

He heard Korinne’s soft slow steps as she returned to her rocking chair, and sat. “It began as a dream about Jingle. We were off on all sorts of wonderful but odd adventures. Then… there was this other reindeer who knew Jingle. She was paler in color, taller… as if she’d stepped out of a Christmas fantasy story.”

“Like she belonged to a different realm?” Drey asked, his gaze now glued on Korinne’s face. She didn’t see him, given she was utterly immersed in visually seeing her dream again.

“You could say that. She came to me after I promised I wouldn’t hurt her. I was petting her muzzle, admiring her… when suddenly she morphed into a woman. A beautiful woman, of course… she looked somewhat like an American Indian yet alien, too. Or like a character from a fantasy. Her skin was luminous, unlike human skin… her eyes were so similar to the reindeer’s. Her coloring similar too.”

Inside, Drey celebrated. Korinne’s spiritual guides wanted her to know about shapeshifters. That much was real darn clear. “Anything happen after that?” he asked after some moments passed.

“Yes… but I don’t remember that part. Just the good sensations.” Korinne deflated before his eyes. She nestled deep into the back cushion of her rocker, sadness owning every line of her body.

“Make a good book,” Drey spoke in the silence. “Have you ever written a story?”

She sighed, a sound that tore at his heart. “Used to. When I was at college, I wrote nonstop. It was a passion. Nothing ever came of it, though. As far as being published.”

“Times have changed. You can publish whatever you want.” Drey drew in a breath, and raced ahead. “Long ago, I worked in the movies, Korinne. Mostly as a stuntman. But I know a bit about scripts, and such.”

She eyed him, her speculative gaze piercing him. “Stuntman, huh?”

“Yep. I’ll put on a show for you… ridin’ and ropin’… one of these days.” Drey damn well hoped he’d putting on a show for her. In bed. Out of bed. Anywhere she wanted. Anything she wanted.



Have a Magickal Holiday Season…  


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

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December 18, 2013

“Reindeer?” Drey growled out, louder, rougher… by Savanna Kougar

Howliday greetings, shapeshifter lovers.

Here’s the third installment starring Drey, the wolf rancher, and Korinne, who has escaped to the Montana wilds after her ex-husband stole her most of her wealth.


“Reindeer?” Drey growled out, louder, rougher…  

Drey perked up his inner wolf ears as he watched Korinne pause, her spoon held in midair. He wanted to hear her answer with all of his psi senses, given it was key to his passionate wooing of her.

“What do you mean exactly?” Korinne’s eyes narrowed. “Do I want a pack of starving wolves on my doorstep? No.” She lowered her spoon slowly, her gaze speculative. “Do I want them killed off? No. All of God’s creatures deserve their place in nature… running free in nature,” she added a moment later.

“Running free,” Drey echoed, thoroughly enjoying how Korinne’s features softened, how the light in her eyes gentled, reminding him of moonlight on fresh snow.

“You’re a rancher,” she threw at him, her gaze pointed now “How do you feel about wolves? You know, eating your stock.”

Drey let a small grin form. The woman had a good measure of spunk. “Mother Nature knows best,” he drawled. “Had it happen a few times. Only when the animal couldn’t have survived on the range, though. Plenty of small game around here. Aim to keep it that way.”

“How?” she bluntly asked. “There are so many pesticides, toxins in the air, water, and soil now…” Her voice trailed away, her tone dispirited.

Drey mentally frowned, not liking to see Korinne that unhappy. “Group of us in the Peak monitor … keep the land as pristine as possible. We’re forming packs, er … like a posse to keep the bad elements out. Also, we got a team that cleans up the land. Lots of plants are naturally detoxifying.”

Korinne gave a short nod of approval. “Soon as I’m able, I’d like to join your group. Right now,” she paused, not finishing her thought. “More stew? I could use another bowl myself.”

Drey ran free inside at the idea of her joining in, then tamped down the eager lengthening of his cock, since it had a whole other idea about ‘joining’.

“Yep.” He handed her the bowl. “Sure is tasty. Shoulda complimented you earlier.”  He kept his smile friendly, as if they were having a neighborly conversation.

Korinne began to rise. “Thanks. I made some cornbread earlier. There’s a pitcher of purified water, if you’re thirsty.”

Anything to watch her move about the cabin’s interior, given it was a gorgeous sight. Despite her womanly curves being fully covered, Korinne possessed a lovely flow to her movements, plus a natural athleticism that pleased his man-wolf eye.

Drey wondered if she’d practiced martial arts at one time. Maybe that’s why she wasn’t toting the rifle with her.

“Cornbread sounds real good. Water, too. What if I build a pipeline, direct to the cabin?” he offered, already envisioning the project.

“Lot of shelf rock. You sure about that?” she asked, ladling more stew in the bowls.

“Ways to work it. Got a friend who’s a right fine engineer,” Drey answered, appreciating the view as she reached for the pan of cornbread and a couple of small plates. “Back to the subject of wolves.” Hell, he had to know. “I was thinkin’ about how some have an affinity for certain animals. Or believe in a totem animal spirit.”

“Why, do you have an affinity for wolves?” She gave him a quick glance, then poured water in two jelly jars.

“You could say that.” Drey waited to answer, until she swayed toward him, unaware of her femininity — far as he could tell. Her tantalizing scent told him she believed she’d disguised her attractiveness.

“Quite the enigmatic quip.” She handed him the stew, cornbread, and a glass of water, then spun around to retrieve her own. “Are you a wolf in sheep’s clothing?” she asked, eyeing the sheepskin jacket he’d placed beside him.

Well, howling hell, this wasn’t getting him where he wanted to go. Drey took a gulp of his water. Yep, purified, alright. “Pets,” he burst out. “Did you have dogs?”

Korinne gave him a bit of a smile that lit up her forest-green eyes. Not for long, he noticed. “Yes, Mr. Nosey, I did have dogs as pets growing up. I also had a reindeer.”

“Reindeer?” Drey growled out, louder, rougher than he would have wanted. Noticing his eyebrows spiked upward, he lowered them fast.

As she moved toward the rocker, Drey watched the memory transform her face. “At about age nine I fell in love with idea of having my own reindeer … some Christmas movie I’d seen. I read every book I could get hold of about reindeers. To cut the story short, I begged my dad nonstop. Well, being a bit of a pushover, he finally gave in. We had the land after all.”

Korinne eased down to the rocker balancing her bowl and plate. “Best pet I have ever had. As it turned out.” She smiled full and wide, the affect on Drey as if a lightning bolt lit him up inside. Wooweee!

“Dad and his guy friends built a Swiss-chalet type of barn. We searched out a breeder and found a good one in Canada. Jingle as I called her, was the sweetest thing with me, and my friends … and she seemed happy to pull the Santa sled Dad bought.”

Arching a brow, Korinne directed her gaze at him. “Maybe she was glad not to be where wolves could hunt her … of course, I’d feed her all sorts of treats.”

Drey wolfed down the cornbread trying to think of what he should say next. Who would have thought? A reindeer for a pet.

“Later,” Korinne softly added, after bites of her stew and the cornbread, “we decided to get Jingle another reindeer friend. Then dad invested in a small herd, and even began growing the lichen they like eating. We’d train them all year, so we could entertain the children at local schools, and at the orphanage. For Christmas.”

Korinne took a long sip of her water. “Those were the good times, especially when it snowed. The reindeers loved performing in the snow.”

“Darn good idea.” Drey’s mind spun with possibilities, “about entertaining the kids at Christmas time with real reindeer. Lots of land around here.”

For long moments Korinne simply gazed at him, her spoon suspended. “You’d really consider that? A reindeer herd?”



Have a Magickal Holiday Season…  


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

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December 11, 2013

“How do you feel about wolves?” by Savanna Kougar


Howliday greetings, shapeshifter lovers.

Good news, RED LIONESS TAMED has been included in Smashwords’ Premium Catalogue, and is also available at Amazon and All Romance Ebooks.

Here’s a continuation from last week’s flash scene,  Wolf Rancher to the Rescue. This time the heroine, Korinne, gets her say.


“How do you feel about wolves?”

Korinne despised her instant *what the unholy hell?* attraction to the large-framed man who stood in her cabin’s doorway. She hated how much the snow-covered scenery made him look like a cowboy hero… just ready to help out the little lady who found herself in a trouble spot.

As she kept the rifle steady she couldn’t help but notice how his coffee-brown Stetson only enhanced his rugged, he-man features — how his eyes, his gaze was riveting to say the least. Embers burned in their dark golden depths, and she sensed there was much more to her rancher neighbor than she could ever guess at.

Now what?

Although, her internal warning system wasn’t screeching at her. Then again, Paul had all-too-successfully pulled the wool over her eyes long enough to marry her. He’d gained her trust by acting like the perfect loving husband. Once he got hold of her banking info, he’d wiped out her substantial accounts, and disappeared — likely to London where his sister supposedly lived.

Still… yielding to her compassionate nature — against her better judgement — Korinne spoke the words allowing Mr. Big Ole Rancher to shut the door, and ease his substantial yet obviously hard-muscled body toward her well-tended fire… that is, after giving him a warning. And she meant every last damn word of it too, down to her cold toes.

Dammit! He looked like a man who could take care of himself, though. So unlike her stupid effing betraying ex… but oh yeah, she did have plans for Paul’s unsuspecting ass — once her cousin spied out idiot-butt’s location.

At least, she’d had enough sense not to tell him about her personal stash of gold and silver coins. Thanks to her late father’s sage advice.

Plus, by living like a pauper and hiding out, she’d cut all her ties with the high-powered world she’d grown up in — especially with those who would have tried to get their grimy slimy paws on the last of her wealth.

“Hungry?” she asked abruptly, once her uninvited guest had slowly lowered himself, hunkering close to the fire.

He swept his Stetson off revealing a thick springy mane of darkish auburn hair… well-trimmed, but attractively curling on his neck and beneath his ears. Stop it! Korinne ordered herself.

Korinne had been about to eat the bubbling onion and root stew she’d put together early in the morning. A woman had to keep her strength in these Montana wilds.

And hell, Drey Valence certainly looked like the type who could pack a meal away. If he did follow through on his words… well, Korinne accepted all the help she could get these days. She’d learned fast how to be humble and thankful for those who helped her.

“Smells good. Be glad for a meal, Miss — ?”

“Korinne,” she supplied, while trying not to be drawn into his compelling gaze. The man knew his way around the rich and powerful, if that piercing look was any indication.

“Miss Korinne,” he deeply rumbled, as if he tasted her name and found it delicious.

“Just Korinne.” By her own ear, wariness and acid tinged her tone. And why shouldn’t it?

Keeping the rifle clutched in one hand, she moved toward the fireplace. “What’s the name of your ranch?” Might as well get as much detail as possible, just in case she needed it… if he turned out to be a varmint, as they said in these parts.

‘Course, he could lie his ass off… what did his horse-riding butt look like?… the forbidden thought flitted by. Dammit, her sex drive had been non-existent… that is, until now.

Okay, Drey didn’t appear to be the type who lied easily, yet there was an undercurrent, definitely a deep undercurrent to him that had her intrigued yet feeling real careful about finding out.

“Shining Creek is the name,” he answered. “Not real manly as I’ve been told.” He loosed a quick low chuckle. “But when I was walkin’ the land before buyin’, it was springtime. The creeks shone in the sunlight, and were runnin’ high from snow runoff.”

“Easy access to water here. One reason I settled on this cabin.” Korinne placed the rifle on its rack beside the fireplace. It was in ready reach, still close to the door, as well as the only window.

“Bison meat?” he asked, referring to the strong fragrance of the stew filling the cabin’s small interior.

“Organic bison meat. Try to get the best I can afford. What type of ranch? I haven’t seen any cattle up this way.”

“Run some cattle, longhorns mostly. Small dairy herd too. Have a hankerin’ for real cream in my coffee.” He paused, his gaze searching her face as Korinne leaned an elbow on the hearth’s small mantle. “Be glad to bring you milk, butter, and cream,” he added.

Korinne didn’t miss the enticement subtly lacing his voice. Good lord, he knew how to torture her. Real cream. Real ice cream. That’s why she always stopped in at Kalindi’s malt shop while in Talbot’s Peak.

“Somehow I can’t see you milking a cow.” Korinne let herself relax just a bit.

“On a bet, yep. But the girls are skittish of me so one of my cowhands does the regular milkin’.”

“Run a big operation, do you?”

“Nope. Just enough to live well, Korinne. Got no hankerin’ for handouts, for being dependent on anyone else.”

Several responses were on the tip of her tongue. Instead, Korinne remained silent. None of them seemed particularly smart in this situation. “It’s snowing again,” she reported.

“Heard on the shortwave there was a possible bad snowstorm movin’ in.” Turning on his haunches, Drey craned his neck gazing out her window for moments. “Got a confession, Korinne.”

“Oh, really.” Korinne felt her eyebrows shoot toward her low ceiling. Even though, her hand itched to grab the rifle, she didn’t. Not yet.

Drey stayed hunkered down, but his gaze captured her. “Truth is, I was concerned for you. Why I came up this way on the snowmobile.”

“Let me guess. It’s not broken, right?”

He hesitated only an instant. “Nope.”

Some part of her felt stunned by her sudden predicament. Some part of her figured, yeah just another man and his lies. And she’d just stupidly made herself prey.

Yet, Korinne couldn’t deny the real concern in Drey’s gaze — so similar to her dad when he’d been really worried over her welfare.

“Whatever,” she sang snarkily. “The way the snow’s falling now, you’d never make it back safe.”

“Not ridin’ that small mechanical beast. Too many large drifts, given the lay of my land.”

Korinne stifled her sigh and averted her gaze. “Stew comin’ up.” She spoke in the local twang, then turned toward her small wood cookstove.

She owned not a clue about how to handle this more-than-awkward, possibly dangerous situation. Other than stay close to her rifle. Or be ready to pull the knife sheathed inside her boot. Until then…

Korinne reached up grabbing hold of the only other bowl she owned besides the one she used daily. Behind her, she heard crackling sparks as Drey place another log on the fire.

At least, he hadn’t said something lame like he wasn’t going to harm her. Hell, the man was damn effing dangerous. Every line of him told her that. But was he dangerous to her?

If not, he was certainly dangerous as far as her resurrected libido was concerned. Even the timbre of this voice steamed her insides, right down to her warming-up toes.

“Never been much for cookin’. I’m gonna enjoy this.” He spoke at her approach.

“Yeah… well, just don’t get used to it.” Korinne handed him the over-filled bowl, careful not to touch his fingers with hers. “I’ve never been much for cooking up big spreads,” she added.

Drey merely gave her big ole sexy grin as he settled himself crosslegged before the fire. He sniffed appreciatively for long moments.

Korinne seated herself on the edge of her wooden rocking chair. Keeping one eye on her ‘guest’, she let her hunger take over. They ate in silence.

Nearly finished, Drey stopped and pinned her with his oddly brilliant gaze. “How do you feel about wolves?” ~~~~~~


Have a Magickal Holiday Season…  


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance 

Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS ~ Turning Into Your Wildest Desire

December 5, 2013

Wolf Rancher to the Rescue by Savanna Kougar


Thursday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Some good news on the authorly front. After a long uphill struggle, I finally finished revising, formatting, then uploading RED LIONESS TAMED, my sci fi shapeshifter erotic romance. The novella is now available at SMASHWORDS, AMAZON, and ALL ROMANCE EBOOKS.

Plus, if you’re in the mood for a fun, holiday short story — an erotic romance with a shapeshifter hero — check out SANTA BABY, SEVERAL STARS AWAY.

So, this flash scene came about when I saw a cowboy before my mind’s eye, standing in the snow looking at a cabin with smoke rising from the chimney.


Wolf Rancher to the Rescue

Drey Valence shoved his balled fists into the pockets of his sheepskin jacket. Indecisiveness burned through him like an old-fashioned branding iron. Hell on high, he was rarely plagued by this state of mind.

But here he stood in two feet of snow staring at the small but cozy cabin some quarter of a mile away. Yeah-growls, staring at the thin stream of smoke from the chimney through his own frosty breaths.

All summer he’d kept a sharp eye on the woman, concerned for her well being. From a distance he’d watched her make the abandoned cabin liveable enough.

He’d discovered her presence while riding the fence line of his sprawling ranch. Just in case bad hombres moved in, Drey made a habit of knowing who used the old hunter’s cabin sitting on the edge of his land.

Now, dammit, he wanted to make certain she really could take care of herself. Sure, he’d seen her splitting logs for the fireplace. And his wolf’s ears had heard her practicing with a rifle, the sound bringing back memories he’d as soon forget — having been chased by bounty hunters several times during his foolish youth.

Yeah-howls, before he’d wised up, and made the human world work for him. Hollywood had been prime pickings. Back in the good ole days, he’d been a stuntman, mostly in the western movies. He’d even pretended to be a trained wolf, a time or two, or three. Or…

Drey grinned as those good-time memories slipped before his mind’s eye.

He stalked a few steps closer, his nose telling him the woman’s health remained good enough for a mere human. Drey also knew from his trips into Talbot’s Peak the woman, Korinne, had stocked up on food and supplies.

Still… what the hell, how did a mere slip of a female prevail in the deep-snow cold of a Montana winter? Drey rumbled low in his throat then quickened his stride, crunching over the partly frozen snow.

Given Korinne’s curvy good looks, his buddies in town always appreciated the view. No matter their approach, though, they’d gotten nothing but a cold if polite shoulder.

Drey had also learned from the owner of the Ice Creamery, Kalindi — after following the soft-spoken woman’s scent to the fifties type malt shop — that Korinne was recovering from a nasty divorce. Hell-howls, her scat-bastard of a husband had stolen her inheritance.

While tending to his ranch, Drey often caught himself imagining his big beefy hands around the scat-bag’s neck… and squeezing. Lip-curled snarls, that instead of ripping him apart as wolf. No need to lay that burden on wolves, shifter or animal.

Sensing her gaze on him, Drey pretended to breathe heavily as he tromped up the gradual slope toward her door. A story formed in his mind as to his sudden appearance. And more hell on wheels, he didn’t believe she realized that she’d landed in shapeshifter and supernatural territory.

But Goddess Moon as his witness, he’d always had a soft spot for a woman who needed rescuing. Just like his sire.

‘Course, the loneliness gnawing at him recently couldn’t be another reason he’d come to check on her. Naw… Drey mentally wolf-grinned at himself.

The cock of her rifle almost had him halting in his footsteps. But he sensed she didn’t want to shoot him unless he really was a threat. Attempting to posture himself as non-threatening, Drey hopped onto the small porch.

Before his gloved fist connected with the door in a knock, she shouted, “Who are you and what do you want?”

“Drey Valence is the name. I own the ranch next door–”

“Next door?” she interrupted.

“Bordering your property,” he tried. “My snowmobile broke down…was checking the fence,” he added for plausibility, and because it was partly true. His real goal had been to make certain she was okay.

“You packin’?” she threw at him like a frontier woman.

“Only packin’ granola bars and a dead cell phone.”

“Those damn things don’t work out here,” she snarked, her tone still soft, lovely to his ear.

“Yeah. Like it out here. It’s peaceful.”

“True,” she answered a moment later. “Guess I can’t leave you standing out there in the cold.” The door cracked open.

Slowly she swung it wider as she backed up, the rifle at her side and ready to raise, aim at him. Unable to do anything else, Drey lost himself inside her beautiful forest green eyes, now trained on him as if he could be about to attack her.

He stepped inside. Nothing could have stopped him… not a horde of bounty hunters on his trail. Nothin’ in the whole of sacred creation.

“So, you’re my neighbor. Is that why I’ve seen you on horseback ’round here?” she asked.

From the corner of his eye, Drey caught sight of the high-powered binoculars she’d placed by the largest window. “Yep. Make regular rounds of the ranch. Don’t want my stock straying where they shouldn’t be. Don’t want rustlers gettin’ any free meat either.”

“Understood. If you’re the owner… don’t you have ranch hands for that?” She arched a dark auburn brow, darker than the blood-bay color of her hair… now braided and falling over one breast — the shape not completely hidden by the over-sized, plaid flannel shirt she wore.

Dammit, this close to her he was fast turning into a rutting stud. Drey lifted his gaze quick, and pointedly glanced toward the crackling fire.

“Got a few hands. But I like working the ranch. Reason I got it. That, and a man can stretch his legs when needed.” He raised his brows but kept his expression neutral. “Mind if I close the door?”

She gave a short nod. “Park yourself by the fire. How soon is someone going to realize you’re missing? My truck isn’t going anywhere in this weather.”

Drey smiled to himself. The longer to convince you I’m not the big bad wolf, he thought. Unless… the gorgeous Korinne wanted a big bad wolf in her bed.

‘Fraid it’ll be awhile,” he answered in a soft twang. “But I’m damn good at tending to a fire. And whatever gets used, I’ll make it up to you. Bring you more food and supplies.”

She eyed him like a wolf bitch ready to rip his hide a good one, but she also lowered the rifle. “Touch me and you die. Get it, Drey Valence?”

“Got it,” he solemnly intoned, so as not to scare her. At his age he’d learned the art of patience, of taming a woman slowly.


Have a Magickal Holiday Season…  


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS ~ Turning Into Your Wildest Desire

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