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May 29, 2015

…kick down the castles… By Savanna Kougar

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Originally published at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS.

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Rain, Rain howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Again, since my writing time is so limited these days, here’s another sneak peek from a raw, ‘unedited’ chapter of my SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS WIP — starring my winged horse heroine, Keina, and her more-than-human hero, Drev. Right now, they are enjoying Thanksgiving day together, and are dining in Drev’s ‘out of the way’ survival cabin home. … oh, and they’re learning more about each other.

End of Chapter-seven ~

“Dressing in my world often reminds me of the actors in your movies. They dress the part.”

Drev gave a nod, then asked, “No movies in your world?”

“No movies. We have entertainment venues and theatrical plays, which most often depict our history. Perhaps, it is because we have viewing crystals.”

“Viewing crystals?” Drev buttered a roll.

“They’re similar to those big TV screens, but are crystal. We can view any happening in the past, or any public event.” Keina paused, and after a flip of her hair, she added, “Including what you would call sports.”

“Wow.” Drev’s eyebrows shot for the sky. “Wowser.” An instant later he scowled, “Is it one way viewing, or like a two-way mirror?”

Keina leaned back tilting her head in thought. “Oh, I understand. You mean like the big-brother televisions here.” She grinned wickedly. Her inner horse shook her woman’s body in defiance — as if she shook dust off her coat.

“No,” Keina continued as a firestorm burst inside her, “we would know if that ever happened, given our psi abilities. Every one of us would morph, and go kick down the castles of whomever was involved.”

Chapter Twenty-eight ~ Drev Zander

“Good plan. I like that kicking down idea.” Drev splashed a bit more wine into his Keina’s glass. “I’ve often wondered what the outcome would be, if humankind suddenly awakened to their psi powers. If the shadow government could no longer hide their secrets. Their darkest sins.”

Drev watched his beautiful woman hesitate. Her expression changed to one of complete seriousness, and she gently tossed her mane of hair again. “Mind chaos, as we would describe it.”

“You can’t handle the truth.” Drev quietly spoke as his insides became fiercely turbulent. Realizing he’d taken their T-day celebration in a dark direction, he reversed course. “I apologize, sweetheart. This was supposed to be a joyous occasion. Only.”

His women silently regarded him for a moment or two. “It can’t be helped, stud man. There is a black cloud of evil over Earth…right now.” She sighed, deep and long. “I know you have a circle of witches at Dante’s underground castle. I’ve seen their good energies at work…in the ethers. That is, whenever I fly in that area of the sky.”

“Yes, our gathering of good witches…for a few years now, they’ve arrived. We also have several remote viewers.” Drev slid his foot out of his loafer, tenderly covering her little foot. “On the cyber-tech side, we’re recruiting the best and brightest — as they say — inside the para-shifter world, and as fast as possible.”

“I will help in any way in your defense.” The earnest, determined expression in his Keina’s gaze zoomed straight to Drev’s heart. “Invisibility and flight are very useful at times.”

“Yes.” Drev just had to grin, somewhat tickled by the warrioress face his filly girl now wore. “Very useful against enemies of the Peak,” he emphasized on a solemn note. Already envisioning battle scenarios, as he’d been trained to do when in the military, he added, “Dante, his inner circle…all of us are doing are damn best to cover all the bases. Not easy in these times.”

“We would make a good team, I believe.” The fearless gleam in his woman’s eye convinced Drev.

“We would.” He offered his hand, embracing hers when Keina clasped hands with him. He placed several soft kisses in the center of her palm.

As he released her hand, she leaned, stretching over the table to stroke her fingertips along his jaw. “I love the feel of you, Drev.”

“Softer than a lover’s eye,” he sang in a raspy whisper, as she moved back from him. Hell, he felt as though he stood on a mountain top, lit up by the brilliance of the sun. But on the inside.

“That is so poetic, my Drev.” Beaming at him, Keina gave an excited little shimmy.

“I can’t claim those poetic words, sweetheart. But you inspired my memory. It’s a lyric from John Denver’s song, Rocky Mountain High.”

“You have a poetic soul. And a good memory. You will have to introduce me to this musician.”

“Sad to say, Keina, he died long ago…passed on to the immortal realms after his plane failed and crashed.” To counter another downer, Drev slid his chair back and stood. “I have a surprise.”

“Really?” Keina bounced a bit in her chair, her gaze radiant with anticipation.

“No fair using your psi power, either. To find out,” Drev bantered, even as he whipped around toward the fridge.

“My mind is a blank,” she primly promised. “Besides, you’d feel it if I scanned your thoughts.”

Striding quickly, Drev opened the fridge door retrieving the bowl of apple walnut salad he’d made while Keina showered. The recipe was another one of his mother’s favorites, and a Thanksgiving day standard when he was growing up.

“I smell cut apples,” she trilled as he approached.

“It’s the apple pie,” Drev teased.

“No, I smell grapes, celery, cream, honey…and what do you call it? Mayonnaise?”

“Evidently you can’t fool a filly’s nose.” Drev removed one of the empty dishes, set it on the nearest counter, then placed the bowl of creamy salad on the table.

“I’ll put some on your plate, Drev.” She eagerly spoke, already plunging in a large spoon.

Amused by Keina, Drev laughed before seating himself again. She’d rapidly spooned a heaping helping for him, and was piling the salad on her plate.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


May 20, 2015

Finding His Sex Pet by Savanna Kougar

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Quickening howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Gosh time is passing like a speeding bullet. So, here’s the next flash scene from my space fantasy WIP that was featured on April 7, and was titled: His Sex Pet
To repeat as an intro…
This idea for an erotic romance sprang at me one night during that twilight time before sleep. Anyway, here’s a rough-draft opening to my space fantasy story, starring Sabrah and Commander Droz. Their story could easily be connected to Talbot’s Peak since Dante’s Interspecies Pleasure Club is known throughout the galaxy.


Finding His Sex Pet

Curbing his raw impatience, and silently cursing the enlarged, throbbing state of his cock, Commander Droz strode through the pavilion’s open-air entrance. Resplendent in outward appearance, the slave-commerce structure resembled a potentate’s harem quarters – many which were still on the surface of the planetworld, Ovvabia. Although, in current times, the palatial buildings were entertainment centers featuring the artistic talents of women.

Droz’s long quick stride carried him to the red ecstasy room, one of the center cubicles in the humanoid female section. Wispy trails of an exotic incense, meant to heighten carnal need, caused his nose to twitch. He snarled under his breath as his breeding shaft lengthened again.

The very instant he’d been in communication range, Droz had contacted the infamous sex slave vendor, arranging for details and images of the available women. Hoping against hope that the first female he’d chosen would suit him, he paused to briefly perform a standard greeting to the spindly, gray-green skinned negotiator.

Returning the gesture, the man immediately motioned for Droz to enter. Already the woman’s sweet-musk fragrance tormented, and to his mind, begged for the plunder of his cock.

Desperate for relief, Droz entered the chamber, an over-lavish affair, and forced himself to halt. Even as his inner, mating-crazed panther leaped, he rooted his boot-clad feet to the slick stone floor, staring.  He drank in the sexually beautiful picture before him.

Now carnal torture took over. Supine and wrist-bound on a bed of soft large pillows, the female did not look up.  He knew it was because she refused to acknowledge his presence.  As Droz understood it, she’d been unwillingly sold by her family to pay a debt.

The soul-lost fools, he contemptuously thought. Yet, if she took his cock well enough, the female would have a good home with him.

Attired in semi-transparent swathes of silky cloth, her generous curves, her small circle of a waist more than pleased his eye. As the images had depicted accurately, her fiery red tresses flowed around her reminding him of the gentle ebb and flow of sea waves.

A perfect contrast for the bright flaming color of her hair, her creamy, gold-flecked skin was also sensually pleasing, and far more lovely than the holo-images had been able to recreate. It mattered not that the female wasn’t a shifter breed. In truth, Droz prefered his sex pet to remain naked flesh.

Thus, he could stroke and fondle her at will.

Her eyes, he wanted to see her eyes — the color, the expression within their depths. Droz unrooted his feet and slowly approached. When her gaze still refused his, he bent at the waist, and lightly touched beneath her chin.

With insistence, yet keeping his handling of her gentle, Droz raised her face to his.  His heart instantly jumped, as if he’d been startled as cat, and sprang upward  to escape an enemy.  In his homeworld jungles, enemies to his kind were numerous and brutally fierce.

Her face, the unique loveliness, hypnotized him. Then her eyes captured him. Defiant, yet resigned to her fate, she gazed at him full on.

Droz couldn’t help but notice the deep well of sadness within the female’s eyes. At the same time, the two aquamarine glistening pools entranced him with their beauty.

Using one of his para-abilities, Droz searched her soul. The woman was a rich tapestry of experience. Wherever she’d come from — her homeworld had not been divulged — her life had not been simple nor protected.

Even as he studied her, her scent altered, becoming more deliciously complex. Her gaze flared, then blazed splendidly with sudden anger.

Droz let the corners of his mouth tilt upward in a smile. “Spirit is to be prized in a sex pet.” He spoke in a language he’d been informed she understood.

“Sex pet,” she spat at him. “I am no one’s pet.”

“You are now, my pretty one.” After a split second pause, he added, “Unless the fit of my cock cannot be accomplished.”

She blanched white, the flames in her eyes swiftly lessening.

Without another word, or another thought, Droz gripped her shoulders hauling her upward. Every inch of him turned stone hard with sheer, ferocious lust at the feel of her. Momentarily, the shiver and shake of her bountiful breasts transfixed him.

He trapped the back of her neck with one hand, and in one motion bent her over  the smooth granite stand to be used for acts of sex. Hardly aware of his actions, Droz swept away the silken fabric so her ass was bared to him.

In a breeding haze, he loosed his cock, never removing his gaze from her pale gorgeous rump. He inserted one finger testing her wetness. Good, the female liked his handling of her whether she admitted it or not.
Droz plunged his crown inside her ripe red sex.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


May 13, 2015

The Rogue Stray Cat Struts His Stuff by Savanna Kougar

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Tuesday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Ever hear one of those songs that just tickles you no end? Well, that’s your flash scene for today. I hope you enjoy.


The Rogue Stray Cat Struts His Stuff

“A crash course in Earth culture,” Kalina muttered, practicing her use of the English language. She waved her hand over the wall-sized monitor, installing the last of the current information gathered from the world wide web, including the depths of the dark net, and all the Q-clearance intel organizations she’d discovered.

Instead of an AI assassin, she’d become more of a bits-and-bytes spy. Entering the cyberworld as frequency consciousness, Kalina hid out, observing the flash and flow of traffic. Whenever lightning-pulses of secret info appeared, she chased the signature-stamped pulses down to source.

The project to save endangered information on the internet had become a serious priority with Dante. Ever since pages he’d saved to his primitive hard drive had disappeared on the net, the alpha werewolf had become a fiend for storing every last cyber-info bit he could get his paws on. To that end, over the last year’s time, he’d hired a  growing team of top-predator nerds.

Now hunting down the shadow-system perpetrators of scrubbed info, had become the favored sport of these shapeshifter nerds, and Kalina had given them tips on how and where to find their prey.

Recently, she’d helped to design the ultimate storage system, along with a secretive shifter who called himself Rogue Stray Cat. Speaking of, Kalina heard him crooning his adopted theme song as he sauntered toward the super-secured room.

“Black and orange stray cat sittin’ on a fence… Ain’t got enough dough to pay the rent… I’m flat broke but I don’t care … I strut right by with my tail in the air.”  With that Rogue Stray peeked through the crack of the sliding door, and grinned at her.

Tall, thin, with an air of regal nonchalance, he strolled inside. The door auto-shut behind him, and he took a quick swallow of his mud java as he called his first cup of coffee. Raising his brows in question, he gaze directly at her.

“Complete,” Kalina answered, then smiled at him.

Rogue Stray flipped back a shock of black and orange hair. “Let’s give it a trial run, kiddo. Then prep a program for capturing the latest and greatest on the world wide wiretap.”

“Agreed. But first you have to sing… is it the chorus?”

With a smooth flourish of his wrist, he held the coffee mug like a mike, singing… “Stray cat strut, I’m a ladies’ cat… A feline Casanova, hey man, that’s where its at…Get a shoe thrown at me from a mean old man… Get my dinner from a garbage can.”

After an affected wiggle of his dark brows, he added, “I have to tell ya, ET kiddo, the garbage cans around here are gourmet eatin’.”

“I bet they are.” Kalina giggled lustily. She couldn’t help it around him. Even though her sweetheart squeeze, as she whispered in his ear everyday… one alpha wolf shifter, Zortega, the courageous man who had rescued her, and now possessively body-guard protected her daily… he would snarl and bare his teeth whenever Rogue Stray entertained her like this.

Learning he was all snarl and no werewolf-bite, Kalina always soothed Zortega with soft kisses on his large handsome face.

“When is that savage wolf mate of yours due today?” Rogue Stray seriously regarded her. Although, laughter shone in his moon-bright, dark yellow eyes.

Kalina well knew he feline-enjoyed baiting Zortega. With a toss of her long hair, she replied, “He has a long meeting today with Dante, and most of those in the inner circle. Those who patrol and protect Talbot’s Peak Territory.”

“Ah, then you’re at the tender mercy of my claws,” Rogue Stray bantered. He swallowed down much of his mud java, and when he looked at her again, the nerdish glitter in his eyes ignited. “Let’s see what you’ve accomplished, little cyber miracle worker.”

The next several hours flew by comet-swiftly, as Kalina demonstrated, then explained her crystal cyber library. No spider-net cloud where info could be easily hacked… no, the global information she’d collected was now permanently catalogued inside the specialized crystals she knew how to grow. The thumb-sized crystals dazzingly flickered whenever Kalina accessed them.

“Would you like to hear your theme song?” she asked, once they explored the music library. At his eager nod, she added, “Just start singing.”

“I don’t bother chasing mice around… I slink down the alley looking for a fight…Howling to the moonlight on a hot summer night…Singin’ the blues while the lady cats cry, “Wild stray cat, you’re a real gone guy.”

Instantly, the immense screen displayed an icon for every recording, every video made so far, and included karaoke renditions. To Kalina’s surprise and delight, the center image circled larger. And there he was, her Rogue Stray. Attired in a slouch hat, dark blue sunglasses, and a ‘righteous’ outfit, he stood in front the microphone. A three-piece band played behind him as he sang the lyrics in a blusie crooning yowl.

“Yep, it’s me, kiddo.” Pride colored his words. “You aren’t going to let that singing cat out of the bag,” he added quickly, but in his usual humor-filled tone.

“No. Not if you don’t want me to.” Kalina instantly knew she owned the image-key to discovering more about him. Perhaps to discovering his past, his origin. Who he truly was… at least, some major-star clues.

“That’s the *claw cuts both ways* deal with worldwide access to info about anyone at any time, isn’t it?” he quietly asked, his tone almost a purr.

“It is. Tracked, traced, and data-based, as they say.” Kalina pointed to the giant monitor to mute the sound. She turned to face him. “It’s why Dante examines anyone allowed to work at this level. Their character, I mean. He vetted you. Don’t worry, I won’t pursue more about you.” She smiled to reassure him. “Although, my curiosity is high. I must admit.”

“Curiosity killed the cat. In my case, satisfaction won’t bring him back, kiddo. I got some mighty mean bad-ass guys on my tail. They don’t give a rip or RIP who they eliminate on the way. If you get my drift?”

His words rang true as a space geyser about to erupt. “I understand. Being on the receiving end of bad-guy pursuit myself.”

“So, I heard.” He gave her a sly wink of comradery. “Enough of this lazin’ about. Let’s get some work done.”

“One of these days, you’ll confide in me, Rogue Stray kitty kat. I have one of those listening ears. That’s what Zortega tells me.”

“Someday,” he promised, as they moved toward the master console.

Behind her, Kalina heard him purring-croon, “I wish I could be as carefree and wild, but I got cat class and I got cat style.” 

“You do got cat class and style,” she threw over her shoulder.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


May 7, 2015

Dragon Shifter In My Kitchen by Savanna Kougar

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May howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

So, who can resist a naked dragon shifter? Solara’s flash scene caught my fancy, of course. Question: will dragon shifters now be invading Talbot’s Peak in a good way?


Dragon Shifter In My Kitchen

So, a naked man in the mayoral mansion’s kitchen, who is supposed to be a rock star dragon shifter… that was the rumor going around. Yeah, like a wildfire refusing to be put out. I heard it at Java Joe’s when I was purchasing my supply of special blend coffee. It’s one of the few indulgences I have left in this beyond-strange world.

Hunkered over my kitchen table, I prop open one bleary eye. The soup mug I use for my organic coffee is cradled between my palms. Before taking the first sip, I let the rich steamy fragrance penetrate my oh-so willing nostrils. Hopefully, the vapors have a direct route to my pea-soup foggy brain.

I didn’t used to be this way. Once upon an age ago, I’d awake in the morning bright-eyed and bushy tailed. Although, I have no tail, unlike most of those who live in Talbot’s Peak. As I discovered over the past year’s dedicated research.

Okay, as a human, mostly human anyway, I think… how did I end up in this ‘high strangeness’ supernatural lair?

Once upon an age ago, I had big brave dreams. However, as it turned out my dreams were a star I couldn’t reach. I fell far short, fell into the depths of poverty, despite ‘going for it’ … despite ‘following my passion’ … despite taking every leap of faith I could.

Yep, I almost killed myself trying.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t have a freaking clue why I’m even still alive on planet Earth. Yeah baby, it’s a big fat damn miracle alright. However, these days, I suspect the Almighty must have a twisted and epic sense of humor… you know, like the cosmic joke… at least, in my case.

Anyway, one morning, almost a decade ago, I learned how to become invisible. They said it was an ancient ability in my genetic code, one ‘they’ resurrected. And I’m not the only one out there — as I understand it.

In Art Bell’s heyday as king of paranormal nighttime radio, he dedicated a few shows to those who became unaccountably invisible — like standing in a line at a bank, and no one can see you. That kind of thing.

Yeah, for real, check it out. You got the internet.

You might be wondering at this point: Who is ‘they’? Wish I knew.

Or maybe I don’t. Since my all-over-the-world, burn-the-candle-at-both-ends assignments have brought me to this pathetic state of health.

The upside. Yeah, there is one. ‘They’ the Unseen Ones have seemingly deserted me, abandoned me in this paranormal-haven community.

The downside: no money… or no more viable bank account. I’m existing on my little stash of gold and silver. If you must know.

I take a couple of sips of the now cool-enough coffee, and savor. And, thank goodness, my sudden case of extreme tooth sensitivity several days prior, has eased off.

Back to the naked dragon shapeshifter. My lips actually curve upward in a semblance of a smile. I take another long sip, then release the dragon beast into the inner sanctums of my mind.

Like the rumor, I envision him sleeping outside by back door — in my little, bird-filled yard. Of course, he’s a monstrously powerful, sleek and shiny-scaled dragon. He’s the color of a moonless night rinsed by countless rainbows.

Yep, fantasy allowed when daydreaming. Even though, much of fantasy is, in fact, reality in another dimension — or in the Earth’s past hidden ages.

Hint: Go watch the latest Star Wars movie. Ain’t a space fantasy, my friends.

After another swallow of coffee my brain kicks into gear. Good thing. ‘Cause I’m deciding on what my naked dragon shifter is gonna look like when he comes into my kitchen.

Tall, dark, and dragony handsome? Why not?

After all, Greely, a little adorable frog shifter, got her dream-come-true dragon shifter. Last I heard she was living in merry old England in his ancestral castle.

So yeah, just to stay somewhat sane in this obviously insane world, I’ve got to give myself something to daydream about. Plus, my love life has been nil, nada, nonexistent, for too many years to remember.

Hey, all I have left is my very vivid imagination. Which made my descriptive-prose reports to ‘they’ quite entertaining, as I was told.

Let’s see… mm-mm, well over six foot of sexy lean male. Bronzed skin stretched over carved scrumptious muscles. Long dark hair that invites my stroking fingers. Glittering, knowing eyes that beckon me to him. Oh, and that wicked smile… yes, yes… give me that smile.

Mentally, slowly, I run my gaze downward over my nude, fictional man-dragon. His arousal becomes more impressive as I stare at his long, thick cock.

“You summoned,” I hear behind me.

I jump like a startled rabbit. What’s left of my coffee flies everywhere. I manage to stand without falling over the chair, even as I spin around. I grab hold of the wobbling chair for support.

Good gawd! My heart races a marathon in one instant. There he is. Not exactly as I imagined… but perfect nonetheless.

“Are you injured?” the naked man solicitously asks. He takes two steps closer, leans toward me, and offers his hand.

I don’t take it. Shock has me in a vice grip. Yeah, I’m trembling like I’m about to be dinner.

He withdraws his large handsome hand. I watch him study me, speculation in the depths of his eyes. The color is like a green neon light shining on obsidian.

“You don’t know, do you?” He pauses a moment. “About your newly emerged power.”

“What power?” I hoarsely force the words out of my parched throat.

“To summon a dragon. A dragon protector.”

I freeze, not that I’m moving all that much, anyway. Except for all the shaking. But that stops, and my eyes feel as if they’re bulging out of their sockets.

And why wouldn’t they? They’ve seen a lot supernatural weirdness… but not… oh, shut up, I tell myself.

“That’s a new one on me.” The words stumble past my lips.

“I’ll be able to see you, even when you go invisible,” he proudly proclaims. Dammit, his bearing reminds me of a conquering matador

With my eyebrows stuck on the ceiling, I ask, “What do you know about me? … I suppose you have a name. After all,” I babble, my tongue loosening. “I can’t call you naked dragon shifter. Can I?”

“Ah, yes, my state of nudity. Pardon, but I thought it wiser to make a swift appearance. Your protection is my first concern.” His dark brows raise in question. “Should I retrieve my travel bag, and dress before a proper introduction?”

Sheesh! What do I say? As far as I’m concerned he can stay naked. Forever. Wouldn’t hurt my eyes any.

Yet… on second thought: how the hell do you have a good relationship with a dragon shifter protector? I mean, we do need to get along. If we’re going to be in close proximity.

“Sure. Clothing first. Then an introduction… would you like a cup of coffee?” I think to ask. “Oh, there is a spare bedroom. Probably a bit dusty, but tidy enough.”

The care and feeding of a protector dragon. The thought pops up unexpectedly as he quickly pivots out the back door.

I feel resolve take over. Something I haven’t felt for far too long. Hell, I don’t care how limited my resources are. Somehow I’ll find a way to take care of him.

Then the light blasts on in my weary and staggered brain. A novel. I could write a novel based on my true experiences with whatever his name is. That is, depending… well, who knew how this would all work out.

“I will be here for as long as you need me,” Mr. Dragon Man assures. He enters, an odd-looking, Victorian-elaborate bag beneath his arm.


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