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July 31, 2015

Miss Cardinal’s Bomb Squad by Savanna Kougar

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Full Moon howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Yes, it’s been a busy day, so once again: *Continued from last week, a short flash scene ’cause that’s all I can manage.* … To Quote: “Our Talbot’s Peak saga continues. The bad guys have made pests of themselves, and are harassing our beloved mayor, Gil. Well, they just might be real sorry after Operation Crunch.”

Okay, how sorry will the bad-guy bureaucrats be having to drive a wolf and saber-tooth mangled car that has also been especially decorated by Miss Cardinal and her bird-shifter friends?

Note: Pat Cunningham introduced Miss Cardinal in one of her previous flash scenes.


Miss Cardinal’s Bomb Squad

Madder than a wet hen, even though she was a cardinal, Carlotta streaked through the sky. Another job interview had gone sour, south, whatever… because gosh, gee whiz, what the bird crap… the potential employers were always looking for ‘crap’ on the chair she’d occupied. The birdbrain idjits couldn’t even grasp the fact that when in human form, her body actually acted human.

Soaring over the highway out of town, Carlotta seethed, so hot with anger she wondered if she was about to internally combust… or, instead of spontaneous human combustion, it would be spontaneous bird combustion while in flight. Her grim mental chuckle followed that thought.

Wanting to wing faster, wanting to be impressively dangerous with a wicked beak and wicked talons, Carlotta wished she could temporarily morph into a bird of prey… an eagle, a hawk, a falcon, any raptor would do. But no, oh noooo… she was a mere cardinal, a songbird to be preyed upon.

What the…!!! A UFO parked on the highway… Carlotta screeched to an aerial halt… well, almost. Her wings fluttered rapidly as she braked, and attempted to hover at the same time.

Okay, she’d heard rumors about there being an ET residing at the Pleasure Club, who *get this* had his own disc craft. Curiosity grabbed Carlotta, and she flapped her wings to steady herself, then flew to investigate. After all, she doubted Dante and his super team, would allow a bad-guy ET to land in Talbot’s Peak territory.

Well, not without a battle. And no such fight seemed to be happening. Instead, as she closed in, two shifter bikers she recognized as Durk and Zeo, were attacking a car. Most savagely attacking.

Now Carlotta winged faster, her curiosity piqued beyond bearing.

Ah-ha! The state bureaucrats who’d made pest of themselves, it was there taxpayer-paid-for ride. Circling above the fang-ripping action, Carlotta realized the two state agents where nowhere to be seen.

Inside she cheered Zeo and Durk on, and wished deep inside she could mount her own ferocious assault. But no…she was only a small cardinal girl… even shifted to human, she was small, delicate in appearance. There was nothing intimidating or fiercely dangerous about her.

Frustration whipped through Carlotta. But WAIT! She did have a way to express her displeasure with the bureaucratic harassment the Peak had been experiencing of late.

Yep, cheepers creepers — as she liked saying — she had a way to help ‘decorate’ the car, too.

Bombs away, bird style.

Carlotta mentally smiled. And why not invite a few friends, any bird shifter in the range of her shrill rallying calls.

Once Durk and Zeo backed away, and began changing to their human form, Carlotta dived. With a new determined fierceness owning her, she dive-bombed the car.

Plop! Plop! Plop! She let loose.

Soon, she wasn’t the only bird ‘letting loose’. The sounds of steady plopping became a vengeful and beautiful music to Carlotta’s ears.

She soared high to get a better view. Noticing the white-drippy unevenness of their attack, Carlotta mind-squawked, ‘Tactical flock, everyone.’

Immediately, she and the other bird shifters became a  flock. Flying upward, they coordinated their flight, then circled above the car. With strategic precision, they dropped their poop bombs. Ploppity, plop-plop!


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance



July 24, 2015

Durk and Zeo, Crunch Time by Savanna Kougar

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Leo Sun howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Yep, once again: *Continued from last week, a short flash scene ’cause that’s all I can manage.* … To Quote: “Our Talbot’s Peak saga continues. The bad guys have made pests of themselves, and are harassing our beloved mayor, Gil. Well, they just might be real sorry after Operation Crunch.”

Finally … Operation Crunch, It’s a Go!


Durk and Zeo, Crunch Time

“Smells like Blade Runner — our own alien Bugs Bunny — scared the piss out of those revenuer agents,” Durk yelled to Zeo. The wind ripped away his words, but Durk knew his motorcycle buddy heard him. They were a team on the roads and the highway that led out of Talbot’s Peak.

“What a stink!” Zeo roared above the wind, even as he roared his speed racer, zooming toward the UFO-stopped car. “What do those guys eat? Smells like they bellied up to a carcass with the buzzards.”

“Wahooooo! Look at them suits run.” Durk pumped his fist, yet didn’t come close to losing control of his cycle. “Almost faster than a speeding bullet.” He bent over the handle bars anticipating the crunching-destruction he and Zeo were about wreak with the deadly power of their fangs.

“Run, ugly rabbits, run!” Zeo celebrated. For a split second, he glanced at Durk, a feral grin on his face.

“Hell, don’t let Blade Runner hear you,” Durk shouted. “He’s an effing master with that ET sword of his.”

“Run, a-holes, run.” Zeo hit the throttle accelerating to what they called hyper-zoom.

Once they neared the abandoned car, Durk in concert with his best bud, Zeo … together they drastically cut their speed, then slid to a cooler than cool stop. Now only a few feet away from the doubled over, belly-laughing, life-size Bugs Bunny in a silver space suit, Durk removed his helmet without removing his gaze, as he knew Zeo did also.

“Hey, doc, what’s up?” Zeo wise-ass cracked, even as he threw a leg over over his bike, and dismounted.

The two of them sauntered toward Blade Runner, who remained bent over. His long bunny ears shook like the tails of bitch in heat as he continued chuckling. A surprise to Durk, the strange snort like sounds didn’t squeak.

“Operation crunch.” Blade Runner shot upward, his expression warrior-intense. “Go to it, boys. Dante asked me to remind you to spare the engine. We want those scumbag in suits to get the heck outta TP territory.”

“Sure thing.” Durk tore off his leather jacket, then slung it toward his speed racer. Not caring where it landed, he then yanked off his boots, and shucked his black leather pants. As he peeled off his white muscle shirt, his shift to wolf began. “Swear on the full moon,” he growled in his wolf-gravel voice, “I can’t wait to get my chompers around those fenders and do some real serious damage.”

“The roof is mine,” Zeo snarled around his emerging sabertooth fangs.


“Operation Crunch is a go,” Kitty whispered and leaned toward her super-tech monitor. Her blood ran on the wild side, and she held her breath waiting the few minutes it took for Durk and Zeo to morph.

Unballing her clenched hands, Kitty cast a quick glance at her office door to make certain it was locked. “On with the show.”

Huge hulking wolf and musclebound sabertooth tiger, otherwise known as Durk and Zeo … they leaped in tandem toward the hapless car. In a frenzied nightmarish attack, Durk’s snapping, jerking jaws, and Zeo’s monstrous plunging fangs … together they worked as a perfect team, mangling the once pristine sedan.

About five minutes later, all four fenders sported tooth holes and were crumpled  beyond recognition, as was the bumper, which now hung twisted, and at an odd angle. The roof and trunk, under assault by Zeo’s weight and gargantuan fangs, were now decorated by large, moonscape dents, and gnarly gashes that crisscrossed every which way.

“Now that’s primitive art,” Kitty murmured. She smiled.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


July 16, 2015

Operation UFOS Are Real By Savanna Kougar

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Hot summer howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

*Continued from last week, a short flash scene ’cause that’s all I can manage.* … To Quote from last week: “Our Talbot’s Peak saga continues. The bad guys have made pests of themselves, and are harassing our beloved mayor, Gil. Well, they just might be real sorry after Operation Crunch.”

But first, Blade Runner, ET rabbit shapeshifter, has his ornery-alien way with the bad guys.


Operation UFOS Are Real

Blade Runner performed a low aerial circle above the ambush spot. The highway sharply curved limiting visibility for the driver. Stands of tall trees on both sides all but guaranteed no human prying eyes. Except for the odd hiker, and who would believe their alien-rabbit story?

Blade Runner had already shut down cell phone service to this immediate area. No vids allowed.

“X marks the spot.” he amused himself with the Earth saying. After recording the area, he repeatedly beamed the images to the two satellites surveilling this section of road — thus masking *Operation UFOS Are Real*.

“Targets estimated to be one mile away.” Kitty’s sweet yet purrfectly serious voice  came over his com system, as if she stood beside him.

“In position. And ready,” Blade Runner reported, keeping his tone professional. Cosmic-holy patch of carrots, never mess with a catwoman on the hunt, no matter how fluffy and cuddly her exterior. That was one of the top rules in Talbot’s Peak territory, especially among the male shifters and supernaturals.

“Monitor is on and working,” Kitty informed. “I see the road as if I’m on scene.”

“Stay tuned for the space alien show. No ancient aliens involved,” Blade Runner quipped. “Descending now.”

Hovering just above the height of a car’s windshield, Blade Runner waited the few secs of time. Once the state officials’ black car appeared from the highway curve, he swooped toward them, blasting the expected white light — really a frequency that would temporarily kill any vehicle’s engine within a three mile radius. Except, of course, Durk and Zeo’s motorcycles.

Brakes locked, and tires screeching, the car slid enough so it partly blocked the road  — that is, before the engine froze. Blade Runner grinned and settled his disc craft in front of the state agents, not ten feet away. On his monitor — which penetrated their black-tinted windshield — he watched their eyes widen to saucer-size, and they were practically hugging each other, paralyzed by fear.

Blade Runner initiated the craft’s ramp, and with blaster in hand, he strolled downward, then walked the short distance to the driver’s window. “Greetings, earthlings.”

Waggling his rabbit ears, he continued, “Take me to your leader.”

Inside, the two men leaned backward as far as their seats allowed, and from the nasty smell of it they’d already released their bladders. “Take me to your leader. Or I will have to extract the information from your pathetic brains.”

Blade Runner aimed the blaster at the driver’s head. Both men made panicked mewling sounds, and hyperventilated so fast Blade Runner wondered if their lungs were about to burst.

With a touch of the trigger, he activated the car’s automatic windows, lowering them. “Brain extraction begin.” Blade Runner spoke in his sinister alien voice. He hardened his expression to *I’m a bad-ass Bunny*, and pointed the blaster at the driver’s forehead.

The man on the passenger’s side bolted first, nearly falling on his face as he scrambled out of the car like a space rat escaping a doomed ship. The driver followed on his heels, desperately crawling over the empty seat. Still on all fours he launched himself onto the baking asphalt, then nearly toppled his cohort in bureaucratic crime.

Finally gaining their feet in a cartoon-like fashion, the two state officials raced toward a thick stand of trees, quickly disappearing from view. Star-hole hell, humans could tail-high run when it came down to saving their thin hides.

Busting out in laughter, Blade Runner doubled over. He only straightened when he heard the machine-roar approach of Durk and Zeo on what some called their crotch rockets.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


July 9, 2015

Operation Crunch, It’s a Go! by Savanna Kougar

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Summer reading in Talbot’s Peak…

Summer howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Our Talbot’s Peak saga continues. The bad guys have made pests of themselves, and are harassing our beloved mayor, Gil. Well, they just might be real sorry after Operation Crunch.


Operation Crunch, It’s a Go!

Beads of sweat formed on his forehead as Gil opened his bottom desk drawer. Holy Peanuts! This was the third time this week that two state officials had demanded a meeting with him. They’d all but goon-rushed him this time, and were just now leaving the mayor’s mansion.

On top of that slick-bark tree, when he’d explained his constituents believed in taking care of themselves, and their neighbors… that there’d been a referendum against accepting state aid… then, when he’d told them about the case he’d presented against fracking because the local farmers and ranchers were being adversely affected… the two slick-willies in suits had threatened him with a contrived indictment for a crime he’d obviously never committed.

Gil sucked in a breath, and willing himself to remain calm, he picked up the  receiver. The old landline phone was untraceable and hardened against digital surveillance. Most important, it was a direct line to the library, and Kitty.

“You okay, Gil?” she immediately asked. “My spy-tracker team said those two state guys looked like they could chew nails.”

“Yeah, okay. I might be under indictment, though.”

“For what?!” Kitty burst out.

“No clue. That wasn’t specified…not exactly.” Visions of an intimidating chamber with a jury that had already been prepped to condemn him played in Gil’s head.

“No worries,” Kitty assured after a moment. “Dante will handle anything they legally throw at you. Whatever case they file can be wiped out of existence on their computers.”

“Any paperwork can be conveniently not received,” Gil added.

“That’s the idea,” Kitty encouraged, her tone bright.  “However, it’s definitely time for action…for a beastly message to be sent.”

“Message to be sent,” Gil repeated in a cautious voice. “What do you have in mind?”

“If you don’t know the plan, mayor, you won’t have to speak a falsehood.”

“Are werewolves involved?” Gil broke out into another sweat.

“I assure you no blood will be spilled. But think a Halloween prank gone wild.”

“Oh,” Gil paused, “you said no blood would be spilled.”


“No blood,” Kitty firmly assured, even as impatience clawed at her. “No physical harm…that is, unless they harm themselves. Sit tight, mayor,” she added. “I’ve got to hang up now. Time to go operational.”

“Operational,” Gil practically squeaked in what Kitty thought of as his squirrel voice.

“Goodbye, mayor.” Kitty placed the receiver in its cradle, and picked up her modified walkie talkie. To keep communications private, the frequency had been adjusted by Dante’s cyber team.

“It’s a go. Durk, Zeo, it’s a go. Tail them to the ambush point, and report. Wait for my final okay before Operation Crunch. Over and out.”

“Yes, ma’am,” two over-eager, male voices replied in unison.

In the background, Kitty heard the telltale growls of two lightweight motorcycles.
The nineteen year old shapeshifters — one a werewolf and the other a sabertooth tiger — affectionately called their customized rides, speed racers.

“The targets are in the car,” Durk, the werewolf, reported on his walkie talkie.

“They’re pulling out now. We’re on the case,” Zeo, the sabertooth, whispered in his tigery snarl.

The sound of their speed racers crackled over Kitty’s walkie talkie as they peeled out.

“Remember, any deviation in their route, let me know immediately. Over and out.” Kitty half-shouted.

“No problem. We got it,” Durk yelled over the roar of his motorcycle.

Kitty turned her attention to Blade Runner, the Peak’s own ET rabbit shapeshifter. He’d proven to be invaluable in many a battle to save Talbot’s Peak territory, including against epic fight against the mutant mammoth werewolf.

Sauntering closer to her desk, Blade Runner gave her a lazy wink, then his trademark grin.

“Ready for Operation Crunch?” she asked, appreciating the man’s suave *I’m cool* demeanor.

“Operation UFOS Are Real is about to commence.” The amusement in his voice couldn’t be missed, and Kitty could imagine Blade Runner’s rabbit ears twitching in their characteristic way whenever he shifted to man-rabbit humanoid, instead of his human form, as he was now.

“I will advise if the targets deviate from their route.” Kitty lifted the tiny round com device he’d given her.

“Later, Dante’s smitten kitten.” With a jaunty salute, Blade Runner spun around, heading for his small disc craft. Earlier, he’d landed the craft, fully cloaked of course, on top O’Malley’s Gin Joint. Under Dante’s direction — three years ago — the flat roof had been reinforced to hold the space ship’s weight when a leaking problem was repaired.


“Yeah, yeah. Got your carrot juice brew right here,” O’Malley greeted, shoving the tall stein toward Blade Runner.

“You’re quite sure you don’t want a complementary spin around the solar system?”  Blade Runner cocked a brow.

“Like the feel of good ole Earth beneath my paws, spaceman,” O’Malley grumped, then began wiping down the already clean bar. “Just make sure you put a big bad scare into those revenuer types.”

“Just for you.” Blade Runner tossed down a large swallow, then brew in hand he strode for the stairway that led to the roof.

Within minutes, he was inside, quaffing his carrot juice ale, and doing a system’s check. “All systems go. Firing up the jets…as the Earthers say.”

Blade Runner engaged the anti-grav, and ascended over the town. Who would have thought he’d actually enjoy being marooned on backwater planet Earth? And, even more surreal, have an alpha werewolf as a good and true friend. So universe-far, Dante always had his back, and never once threatened to put the predator’s bite on him.

But, as Blade Runner had come to understand, fate was stranger than fiction.

High in the blue Montana sky — above the usual flight path of the birds — Blade Runner touched the accelerate control. He zoomed toward the ambush spot he and Kitty had decided on.

With his disc ship on auto-pilot, he stepped back and stripped off his human attire, right down to his shiny silver skivvies. Really, one of his spacesuits.

“Eh, what’s up, doc?” he parodied, as he morphed into his version of Bugs Bunny.  After tucking a helmet under his arm, Blade Runner gave his tail a good shake.

If those moron clowns in lawyer suits didn’t believe in UFOS, or an alien rabbit… Blade Runner smirked… they just might change their ignorant tune after he finished with their arses. Oops, he thought, nope, he wasn’t doing the probe-abduct thing. Not again. Once was enough with that monster hunter idjit.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


July 3, 2015

His Amazon Warrioress… Meeting of the Alpha Minds At O’Malley’s Gin Joint by Savanna Kougar

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Fireworks howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

When it rains trouble, it pours trouble on Talbot’s Peak. Mayor Gil has bought some time… but…

However, Delvezio couldn’t be happier. He figures all he has to do is prove himself to his Amazon warrioress… but yeah, always easier howled, then accomplished. Right?


His Amazon Warrioress

“Wolf,” Kazmyra spat at the tall, oddly-garbed shapeshifter. She hauled back on the reins, preparing to do battle. “If you value your life, you will not attack.”

Not two body’s lengths away, the man stood staring up at her — yet offered no sign he meant her harm. She had watched him leap from his strange metal wagon, then race toward her. No other from his gathering followed. Nor did any other of the shapeshifter inhabitants approach.

Never in all her days had she witnessed the signature energy forms of so many who could alter themselves to animal. Any moment, Kazmyra expected a charging vicious attack. Thus far, all she observed was curiosity carving the faces of those who watched her like a family of hawks.

The alpha man who continued devouring her with his gaze, did so from carnal desire, and from a ravenous wish to learn about her. That was in her favor in this peculiar land.

“Wolf,” he repeated. “Yes, I am man and wolf. My name is Delvezio.” He spoke in a broken version of her language, and while the sound of his voice was pleasing, his accent was utterly unfamiliar to her ear.

“I greet you in the name of all who live here.” The wolf human smiled, but not wide enough to bare his teeth.

“Here. What is this place? Where is this place?” Kazmyra soothed her nervous mare, stroking her neck. No doubt the unusual smells disturbed her.

‘You have been brought to the future.’

The witch entered her mind with ease, and Kazmyra started before she could control herself. She grabbed hold of her lance’s hilt, while scanning for the source of the supernatural voice. A woman with red-flowing hair similar in color to hers moved cautiously toward the wolf man, Delvezio.

‘The lightning from the dying beast opened a pathway to this time, this place,’ the witch explained. Her language couldn’t be determined. It was the pictures flooding Kazmyra’s head that caused her to understand, to realize she had been catapulted far, far away from her land. Her time on the MotherLand.

As the monster of uncertainty seized Kazmyra, she fought, dismissing her enemy, fear.

“This is Sapphyra, a friend.” The wolf embraced the witch’s shoulders to demonstrate his words.

“She understands me telepathically.” Again, the witch’s language remained a mystery as she spoke to Delvezio.

‘I am telling him I can speak to your mind.’ The woman, Sapphyra, sent waves of calmness, of a desire to help.

Able to sense deception despite any meek appearance, Kazmyra stated, “Tell Sapphyra I will accept her help. I am lost from my home land. Is there a place I might stay, where my battle skills will be useful?”


Delvezio repeated the Amazon’s words, then asked, “Sapphyra, can you get leave from the bank today?”

“I was practically shoved out the door when I said I could possibly communicate with our newest arrival.” Sapphyra gave a small, somewhat nervous laugh. “El Presidente said they’d survive without my managerial and psychic input.”

“The Bull Man would say that.” Delvezio shot what he hoped was a reassuring smile to the warrioress, who watched them with fierce, blue-jewel eyes. “She can stay at the ranch I’ve been renovating. First, why don’t you establish a relationship with her. Anything you think she needs I’ll pay for. I’ve got this unavoidable meeting with Mayor Gil —”

“No, you don’t,” Gil announced from somewhere behind Delvezio. “Since you evidently speak her…her language, I designate you in charge of making our latest arrival feel welcome.”

From the mouth of destiny to the mayor’s mouth… that’s how Delvezio saw it. Inside he rejoiced. Yeah-howls! A full effing river of happiness overtook him, body and soul.

“How do you know her language?” Sapphyra was asking, even as she kept a friendly eye contact with the warrioress, who encompassed them with her intent gaze.

“My parents,” Delvezio silently sent his thanks to them. “They researched, translated, and spoke ancient languages related to our heritage.”

“There is a place where you are welcome, and needed for defense,” Delvezio formally addressed, while his heart danced a tango. “You and your magnificent horse.”


Meeting of the Alpha Minds At O’Malley’s Gin Joint

Questions, like a hive of pissed off bees, buzzed in Delvezio’s head. Fresh  from the meeting with Mayor Gil, and the townsfolk, he and Dante strode side-by-side toward O’Malley’s Gin Joint, a venerable institution in the Peak – and a safe haven from the SkyNet surveillance now aimed at Talbot’s Peak territory.

To not give away their tech-advanced hand, their cyber team allowed a certain amount of spying, often subtly scrubbing the gathered info later. In this instance, the chessboard move had been deemed necessary, given the dire situation in Talbot’s Peak.

A block away from the gin joint, Dante gave the hand signal that their cyber shield had been activated – this, under the guise of his friendly wave to someone who hollered his name.

“What the hell just happened in there?” Delvezio growled only for Dante’s ears. “Besides protecting the mayor from those ready to call for a new election?”

“Yeah, had to put on a show to save Gil from a recall petition. We also had to act to save his were-squirrel butt from outside enemy forces.” As he spoke, Dante took hold of Kitty’s hand, bringing her close to his side.”After you left for town, Basque wolfman, our AI-assassin girl dug deeper and found a new threat, not only to the mayor, but to every living soul in TP territory.”

“A cat and mouse game directly from the evil empire.” Righteous anger colored Kitty’s outwardly calm voice.

“The whole fracking thing is a front for infiltration…for bad-guy occupation of our territory,” Delvezio muttered in a low growl. “Gil didn’t realize that, did he?”

“He thought after a meeting with Dante that he was making the right move by providing certain statistics to save our mountain water supply,” Kitty offered. “I didn’t realize how much the mayor was being pressured…blackmailed even. Threats were made against his children.”

“Gil didn’t want a midnight werewolf hunt, either,” Dante growly added. “So, he played the political game. Biding for time. Said he didn’t have time to contact me beforehand.”

“The mayor still doesn’t realize what we’re really facing, does he?” Delvezio mused.

“Howls to hell, right on, Basque wolfman. Our Witch’s Circle picked up on that fracking-op a few days ago, and warned me there was a real bad moon rising on the Peak. But we didn’t have a reference point, or a designated enemy. Shadows remained shadows whenever our witches and psychics sought answers. On top of that our cyber team was too busy discovering ways to stealthily eliminate any and all census data from the state’s computers, and from the NSA’s digital cloud.”

“Yeah, alpha-boss, I got it.” Delvezio shoved open the door to O’Malley’s for Dante and Kitty, then handed off to Vernon.

A sense of relief instantly flooded him. The older werewolf owner, Keirnan O’Malley, didn’t allow any type of e-device in his vintage-style gin joint, and had with Dante’s assistance, used key materials to insulate from wi-fi signals — plus other harmful EMFs. And the coup de grace, O’Malley had outfitted his basement conference room with further shielding superior to a Faraday cage.

Most of Dante’s Alpha Protection team waited in the conference room for a meeting of the minds. The temporary truce between Dante and his sire, Damien, still held, and once they entered, Delvezio scented the vicious werewolf, who had originally taken over Talbot’s Peak. His top pack members were present, and surrounded their alpha, arms folded, legs braced.

In the far corner, Zhere Ghan regally perched on an over-sized pillow. His contingent of ninjas ringed him. Of late the Tiger Yakuza leader had proven to be a true ally in defending the Peak. Delvezio figured it was because the tiger shifter possessed a healthy sense of self preservation, and wanted to keep his local empire.

White Fang gave Dante a quick wink, the signal that the situation was under control. The super wolf, and another one of his kind, Night Runner, would be acting as referees — for all intents and purposes, bad-ass bouncers. If needed.

Delvezio stationed himself near one of the exits, prepared to assist White Fang and Night Runner. And to speak should Dante give him the nod.

“Gentlemen, Ladies, I trust whatever food and drink you requested has been served,” Dante began, his alpha authority obvious behind a soft paw. Once the murmurs and nods ceased, he continued. “Let’s get this show on the road then. As some of you know, we face a military occupation of Talbot’s Peak territory. Let me say, all ideas and solutions will be entertained. However, I ask that you hear me and my Protection team out first.”


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


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