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September 25, 2015

High voltage might as well have zapped…by Savanna Kougar

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A pup-baby pic of Dugger, dingo shifter. ~grinz~

Autumn howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Can you feel the Halloween season lurking around the proverbial corner? Yep, like a werewolf on the hunt. All the weres, shifters, and supernaturals in Talbot’s Peak territory  are feeling the pulse and pull of this open-the-veil celebration.

Okay, as usual, I have time constraints. Also, the Muse insisted on continuing Keina and Drev’s erotic love story, Waiting For a Filly Girl, a SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS WIP. This is a good thing, since I’d love to get their story finished and pubbed.

So, here’s an *unedited, raw draft* of Chapter Forty. This scene provides a look at the Peak’s shifter culture, as well as a glimpse inside Dante’s Interspecies Pleasure Club… but, no, sad to disappoint, there is no x-rated action. Not yet.

Tagline: Ex super-soldier boy meets winged filly girl. Will they live happily ever after? In Talbot’s Peak territory anything is possible.

Setup: Drev, Keina, and Dugger, along with his mate, Symone, have just finished their guardian patrol of TP territory, and are now on their way to enjoy dinner together.

Chapter Forty ~

High voltage might as well have zapped Drev, given Keina’s eagerness. Damn, he hated like hell to deny her. And himself.

“Sorry, sweetheart. I’ll show you our home away from home before we leave. But we need to get back to the cabin. There’s a repair I have to make on the solar furnace.”

She pressed her head against his arm, and affectionately rubbed. “I understand, Drev. No…I don’t want to freeze.”

“Me either. But we have plenty of time to put on the feedbag, then take a quick look-see at several nightclubs. I promise we’ll make a night of it soon, my princess. We’ll dress to paint the town red.”

“Oooh, an official date night.” Keina brightly crooned.

Drev heard Symone chuckle behind him. “Did you know Dante recently installed a huge screen with a 3D view of each nightclub, restaurant, shop, the sports center…all the businesses?” She paused an instant. “It’s touch screen, and a layout of the Pleasure Club.”

“No. How recent?” Drev tossed the question over his shoulder.

“About three weeks ago, I reckon, mate,” Dugger answered. “Yeah, if you’re thirsty for a pint just jab a digit on the pubs, and they blossom up real nice to 3D. I’m telling ya that Dante is spot on the dot.”

“Yep, he percolates on hot. No debate there, my dingo-from-down-under friend. Have to say—never thought I’d be partnering with a werewolf, or hobnobbing with shifter and supernatural types. But here we are.”

“Here we are,” Keina echoed, as a large steel door slid open before them.

With Keina clinging to his arm, Drev stepped through to the well-lit guard room. He saluted the four bouncer types in his usual, easygoing manner. “How’s it howling, gentlemen?”

“Got a message from Dante,” the one in charge didn’t waste any breath. “He’d like a meeting with the four of ya after you’ve enjoyed dinner and drinks.”

“Sure thing. Did he specify where?” Drev asked, even as they moved toward another steel door that was opening for them.

“Dante said he’d find you. Not to worry about it. By the way, everything’s on the house tonight.”

“Thanks, gentlemen.” Drev saluted again, as they walked into one of the main corridors.

“Must be one bugger of a favor the alpha wolfman wants.” Dugger spoke once the bomb-impenetrable door locked into place behind them.

“Likely a major op of some kind.” After several instants of pondering on what might be up, Drev glanced at Keina. She met his gaze, and the love magic flowed between them overshadowing the concern in the depths of her eyes.

“Righto,” Dugger began. “Got a flea-itchy feeling somethin’ big and nasty is threatenin’ Peak territory.”

From his peripheral vision, Drev watched Dugger and Symone stride beside them, their arms entwined.

“Just as long as it isn’t another Franken-mammoth,” Symone bantered, but on a serious note.

“The Hellephant,” Drev answered Keina’s questioning gaze. “Whatever’s going on, it must not be a red-alert emergency.”

“Not friggin’ yet,” Dugger drily stated.

“Eat, drink, and be merry,” Keina chimed in, “then we face the monster.”

“Is that a cultural truism from your realm?” Symone asked.

“No, it’s a family dynastic thing. But celebrations are big in my world.”

Not wanting Keina to dwell on her banishment, or the looming threat of Prince Tretorff, Drev sought a way to change the conversation. “Speaking of celebrations, have you heard what Dante, and his crack staff, have lined up for the Christmas season…for Winter Solstice?”

Symone laughed in a manner that suggested happy overwhelm. “The list is long and amazing. Dugger has been after me to choose my favorites.”

“Anything my sheila wants.”

“Except for…?” Symone prompted.

“Except for…” Drev spoke when Dugger didn’t immediately respond.

“Except for,” Keina piped up, as the dingo shifter still hesitated.

“Crickey, gangin’ up on me. My aces pick this year is the Howl and Yowl Around the Yule Tree.”

“Howl and Yowl Around the Yule Tree?” Keina asked, puzzlement owning her voice.

“It’s a come as your beast-self celebration in the forest clearing closest to the club,” Symone explained. “With amenities for us human types. Hot cider, hot chocolate, hot toddies. Meat roasted on an open fire. Oh, and there will be veggie goodies for any vegan and the herbie shifters, of course.”

“Yeah, we’ll be howling and yowling carols to the Sacred Creator around a right, tall, handsome Douglas fir,” Dugger added. “A canine and feline back to nature rage-party, you might say.”

“I’ve promised to attend with my wild dingo. That is, if I get to put a leash on him.”
Symone’s lighthearted laughter followed. Drev glanced her way, given this was first time he’d known her to be this carefree.

“Leash, yeah, I can slip my head out of that noose anytime. But for you, gorgeous, I’ll act like a proper-trained poodle.” Dugger swung Symone before him and gave her a big loud smooch on the lips.

Drev couldn’t help but be a witness. He grinned down at Keina and they seized each other’s lips in a passionate but fast kiss.

Gathering Keina close to his side again, Drev winked back at Dugger. The four of them strolled toward the Ye Olde English Tavern, the first drinking and food establishment Dante had built inside the Pleasure Club. As Drev understood it, the alpha werewolf made constant improvements, and now included a neighborhood like pub inside. Usually, he frequented several other nightclubs.

“Yule tree?” Keina inquired. “I’ve heard of Yule logs.”

“Yule, or it’s known as Yuletide, sweetheart. It’s an archaic term for Christmas.” Drev hugged her waist. “It was originally a twelve day festival. The pagans liked to party.”

“Was it like “The Twelve Days of Christmas” song?” Symone asked.

“Probably a bloody historical link there.” Dugger reached for the ornate iron door handle.

“Wowser,” Keina burst out. “That door.” She stepped from Drev’s hold, flattening her hand on the dark heavy wood. “It’s similar to the castle doors in my realm.”

“Really?” Drev stepped beside his filly girl, his interest piqued bigtime. “This is a replica of a medieval castle door.”

“Medieval, of course,” Keina murmured. She lightly ran her fingers over the large bronze plaque in the center of the door.

“There Be Shapeshifters of Every Kind. Beware of Fangs, Claws and Tails.” Drev read the plaque out loud.

“They should add, beware of handsome dingo shifters,” Symone joked.

“Bang on,” Dugger growled. He eased the door open, waiting for him and Keina to step back. “Beware of a dingo shifter who wants his sheila. Bloody hell, we’ll rip through the belly of any beast.”

“Right with you, pal.” Drev burned with his own conviction.

Keina twined her arm with his. “That’s my stud man.” Adoration shone in her amethyst eyes, and she raised on tiptoe. “Mmm-mmm. You smell stud-virile. I can’t wait to get you alone again.”

“Patience,” Drev teased, and touched his lips to hers. “I want my filly girl well fed so she doesn’t run out of stamina.”


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


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