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November 5, 2015

The Drone Attack On Talbot’s Peak Territory by Savanna Kougar

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November howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

So, good intentions be damned today. I’d planned to get this first draft of my chapter written and posted in a much more timely manner. But no such luck. I had to do an emergency fix-up job, and to do it, I had to dig through stuff to find what I needed… and so on, and so on… then, the day went wacky-busy from there.

However, here it is—finally—a rough-draft chapter from Keina and Drev’s erotic love story, Waiting For a Filly Girl, a SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS WIP.


The Drone Attack On Talbot’s Peak Territory 

Drev glued his gaze on Keina as she galloped over a flat stretch of ground. Her sheer beauty as winged horse bewitched him. No doubt, bewitched him.

Symone rode on his filly’s back as if she’d been born to it. Earlier in the day, the two of them had gone on a long test flight, which had been declared successful.

Enchanted by the flapping of her pale glimmering wings, Drev watched Keina launch skyward. Her lush tail flowed like a silvery banner, and her magnificent wings strongly beat the air.

Drev felt his spirit soar with her.

Quicker than he liked, Keina and Symone become super tiny in appearance, a gleam against the star-filled night sky. The plan was to sharpshoot from on high.

“That’s my sheila warrior.” Dugger’s words were quiet, given the night had a thousand enemy ears. Right now.

“Yep, Symone is an amazing warrior,” Drev offered under his breath. “I hear the  drones.” He spoke moments later, his gaze still on the circling bright speck that was his filly girl.

“Yeah, my ears aren’t tuned like yours, mate.”

“The vibrations are a warning buzz inside me.”

“How far out?” Dugger asked.

“Fifty miles, I’d judge.”

“Right on target. Just got a telepathic message from Dante,” Dugger explained. “He also informed us two of the Dragon squad are about to engage.”

“More fire power to them. I’m about to inflict my own scorched drone policy.”  Drev  pointed one of his high-powered rifles in the direction where the drone swarm was loudest. Dante’s armory hadn’t been a disappointment, to put it mildly.

“Drones on the barbie.” Dugger brandished one of his portable rocket launchers. “I’m about to smoke as many as the Good Dingo Above grants me.”

.With an *I’m your comrade in arms* slap on Drev’s back, the dingo shifter whirled, jogging for his chosen battle position—high atop the ridge running north of them.

To see Keina and Symone easier, Drev switched on his super soldier side, using a trigger thought. Immediately, his metabolism hit full throttle, his five senses heightened, and his strength level jumped several notches.

His years of specialized training surfaced—like a shark on the hunt for dinner, as he often envisioned it. His focus turned razor sharp, the rest of the world forgotten.

The mission was everything.

The difference now, Keina remained in the back of his mind like a bright angel. Drev spared a smile.

They knew, he determined, observing Keina rapidly fly toward the approaching drone army. Fear for her wanted to swamp him, bring him to his knees. Drev squashed his weakness, taking several minutes to view her battle victory on his mindscreen.

Dressed in full battle rattle, high-powered rifle in hand, he jogged over the rock-strewn terrain, his destination a solitary boulder formation. In the partial moonlight, the natural structure reminded him of a crudely built fortress.

With the agility of a mountain goat, Drev climbed to the top. He positioned himself between two substantial boulders, one with a relatively flat surface.

Quick, precise, he readied his weaponry and ammo, then scanned the starry canopy overhead. Given the power of his eyesight, no binoculars needed.

Aware spy satellites were being used in this drone op against them, Drev aimed his consciousness skyward, wanting to tune in. He and Dante had discussed this skynet enemy, and the alpha wolf had assured him that his cyber team planned to intervene, to shut down the space-laser tech when necessary.

Because the dirty truth about both digital and back-engineered ET tech. Everything could be hacked.

Drev figured hacking, destroying the cyber innards of the satellites, was only fair—a true balancing of the Universal force. After all, in this Big Brother day and age the human mind had been hacked and highjacked by the shadow-gov’s propagandists.

Lock and load, Drev told himself, as the drone buzz intensified inside him. Pissed off bees owned his bloodstream—that’s how it felt.  With rapid efficiency, he readied his four rifles, checked his side pistols, then placed the specialized grenades within easy reach.

‘Drev…’ Keina mind-contacted.

‘Here, sweetheart. Talk to me.’

‘We’re circling above…’

‘What is it, Keina?’

‘There must be a hundred of these flying mechanical killers.’

‘A hundred!’ Drev shuddered inside despite his super-soldier focus. His mind spun, seeking a strategy. ‘How fast can Symone pick them off?’

‘Not fast enough. Too many will attack us.’

‘Are you in danger now?’ Drev demanded.

‘No. We’re following high above. None have broken from formation.’

‘Stay high. Wait until Dugger and I can blast them out of the sky.’

‘That is Symone’s plan. First…’

‘First what, Keina?’

‘We’re doing a low flyby to machine-gun a group of them. Just before they’re in range for you and Dugger.’

Damn! ‘Are you able to out-fly those giant houseflies?’

‘I believe so. Symone can shoot accurately no matter my speed. Keep them off my horse’s ass.’

Drev clamped his jaw tight. Before he begged his filly girl to return. Now. Instead, he asked, ‘Is Symone mind-speaking with Dugger?’

‘She’s in contact. When you see what looks like fireworks popping off, that will be our first attack.’

‘Last thing I want is you and Symone in the crossfire.’

“Don’t sweat any bullets,’ his filly girl attempted a bit of humor.

‘Super soldiers don’t sweat bullets. We eat them for breakfast like cornflakes. Uh, like oat granola.’ Lame, Drev my man, but it was the best he could do while worrying about his woman.

“Oat granola. Good one, Drev.’

‘You’re feeling strong, right, Keina?’

‘The battle mare is large and in charge.’

Drev had to crack a grin at Keina’s twisting of societal phrases. Far more crucial, he felt her strength. Temporary relief flooded him. ‘She is. I feel her.’

‘Teamwork, stud man.’

‘Yes, we are a team.’

‘Head’s up. We’re about to do a strafing run.’

‘Keina, can you do the vid thing inside my head?’ Drev thought better of it, a split second later.  ‘Wait, will that take too much of your energy? Will you lose combat focus?’

‘Drev, they’re attacking!’

‘How many?’ His heartbeat thundered. If he had to leap off this heap of boulders, race toward those freaking-ass drones.

‘Ten. Signing off.’

Frantic yet controlled, Drev searched the horizon for any sign of the drone swarm.  One, two, three seconds, he heard the soft echoing blast of Symone’s plasma rifle.


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