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October 21, 2016

Just Another ParaNormal Halloween~ Savanna Kougar


Autumn-glorious howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

What a wacky-cracky time in our world. Halloween is on the very near horizon,  streaking across the sky as creepily fast as one of those flying monkeys in the “Wizard of Oz”. [yes, clumsily worded, but you get the idea] 

So, my tame prairie is beautifully transitioning, and no! I am not looking forward to winter…way too cold! 

Anyway, a few days ago during my trek down to the mailbox, I saw a turtle with a kinda mossy shell that blended in so well with the foliage, I almost didn’t see him/her. Turtly never stuck her/his head out, and didn’t move…but it was so exciting, given I haven’t seen a turtle in a while. 

Then, today I visited the pear tree ’cause a whole bunch had fallen off, littering the ground. I picked up a few. It takes them awhile to ripen, but they are so good!!! Anyway, one of the pears was partially covered with yellow jacket bees who were feasting on the juicy flesh. I never knew bees liked fruit. 

But yeah, I really regret growing up in suburbia instead of on a working ranch/farm. Those skills would be far more valuable in these times, and I believe I would have enjoyed life much more – been healthier in mind, body, and soul. 

So, I’m still making progress on revising-expanding BLACK CAT BEAUTY, and I absolutely LOVE my new cover. 

Okay, some good news … the ROMANCE WRITERS BEHAVING BADLY blog has been resurrected, and I will be posting today, Thursday, the 20th. ~ 

Also, CONGRATULATIONS to ***Uncaged Book Reviews*** This was recently posted: 
“Uncaged Views Tops 17K – Just a huge thank you! Uncaged Book Reviews, Issue 3 – October 2016 has topped 17,000 views in 2 weeks! For a new emag, this is surpassing my goals already…”  ~ 

Note: Go ahead, if you haven’t, check out UNCAGED BOOK REVIEWS, the e-magazine at ~ I’m one of the featured authors in the October issue. KANDY APPLE AND HER HELLHOUNDS has a lovely review. 


And… here’s a promo for a Halloween Anthology, featuring my short erotic romance story: THE TIGER’S MASQUERADE 

Just Another Paranormal Halloween Anthology 

Here is K.A. M’Lady’s clever intro of all the short stories included in the anthology.

On the Darkest Knight of a Pixies Holiday, you’ll feel an A-mazing Grace, but beware of Love, Lies and Zombie Cries, for Samhain’s Visitor and His Girl will arrive at the Tiger’s Masquerade, followed by the Man in the Long Black Coat.

It’s Just Another ParaNormal Halloween at the Castle… Mojocastle.

By K.A. M’Lady 
~ ~ 



Blurb ~

Stacy wasn’t looking for a tiger-man to erotically and exotically fill her tank, then steal her heart. That is, until the Halloween ‘Call of the Wild Masquerade’ ball. But, what kind of tiger does she have by the tail?

Zyrru wasn’t looking for a human woman to un-tame his fiercest passions, and alter his royal life forever. After all, he’s only vacationing on Earth, and is almost engaged to The Princess. But, Stacy’s rosefire scent is irresistible.

Excerpt ~

Stacy slipped her hands over her gown’s full skirts reveling in the feel of the shimmering pink satin. Picking them up as elegantly as she knew how, she moved toward the mansion’s ballroom.

Excitement pounded her heart. Expectation had shadowed her all day and now it heightened. For what, she wasn’t  certain, except that her boss had teased her with promo pictures of the tiger men she’d hired for her Call of the Wild Masquerade ball.

Stacy paused at the arched entrance, sweeping her gaze over the huge room’s starry ethereal decorations, the ones she’d helped to arrange the day before. Not quite prepared for more than images of the Tame a Party Tiger men, Stacy came to a sliding halt on her dancer’s shoes.

Aware she looked ridiculously awkward with her arms akimbo and her body leaning forward, still, Stacy stared, and practically panted. Thankfully, her mask didn’t impede her breathing any, and she wasn’t wearing a corset, or she might have keeled over in an un-ladylike faint.

Exotic. Sexy. Gorgeously handsome.

Mygawd! Their bods were fighting lean, yet with beefcake muscles galore. At least, from what she could observe, since they wore updated versions of sixties’ sharkskin suits. Damn, who knew her heart could beat this fast over looking at a man? Okay, sharp-dressed tiger men. 



The Man in the Long Black Coat  
by  Susan Gabriel  

“Behold, I come as a thief in the night and I tell you, ye worship ye know not what.”


Mariah Bishop, the preacher’s daughter, lives in a town where religion and superstition are so deeply entwined there’s no telling where one ends and the other begins. But her father, the good Eldon Bishop fears there is something more than religious rapture stirring in the young Mariah.

When the mysterious man in the long, black coat blows into town and holds an old-time revival on All Hallow’s Eve, Mariah and the colorful characters which surround her are set on a course with consequences they couldn’t possibly foresee.

A-Mazing Grace   
by  D. McEntire  

Sometimes a wrong turn can be the right choice…


Halloween never meant anything special to Grace. That is until taking up an offer by her best friend for a night time trip through a local corn maze leaves her changing her tune—and her life. Coming face-to-face with a man sporting glowing red eyes and fangs, then rescued by a man who seemed just as unreal as the first makes for one hell-of-a wild night only she seems to remember.

Connell has hunted alongside his brothers for centuries, following a code to protect the secret of their race—vampires—by removing rogues vampires who refuse to blend in among society. That secret is threatened when wiping the memory of a feisty human female he saves from a rogue doesn’t take completely.

But, it isn’t her recollection of him that leads her deeper into his world. Arriving moments too late on the scene of her second attack by a rogue leaves him facing the choice of converting her or leaving her to die.

A Pixie Holiday     
by  Brigit Aine

Halloween brings all sorts of interesting things to Kira’s life, and some of them are worth it.


On Halloween Kira is able to go out as herself, with no glamour on and allow others to see her true self, a pixie  As she is trying to avoid the man her father sent years ago to try and marry her, she runs into a someone else, someone who makes her feel safe and protected.  Although she isn’t even aware that she needs protecting, yet.

Lance knows he needs to get Kira to like him, after all they are going to be married, but he has to keep her safe and get her to the conclave before any of that can happen.  And it seems as if those who do not want to see an alliance between the Pixies and the Wolves would do whatever it takes to make sure his plans are foiled.

His Girl
by  Sapphire Phelan  

Erotic paranormal romance with vampires.


My Girl was more than just a song for Evan McPhail and Aimee Saunders; it was the music of their love and passion for each other. For nothing could tear them apart, not even death.
Then Aimee vanished.

She returns to Evan thirty years later, no longer human. To the tempo of their passion, they prove that doesn’t matter.

Samhain’s Visitor
by Kiki Howell

Samhain’s visitors can be anything from dark and shadowy to sexy and full of surprizes.


When an uninvited visitor shows up during Sarah’s Samhain ritual, her Mute Supper is literally disrupted by cups and plates being tossed about.  Soon, the shadow weighing on her and the voices with cryptic messages incite terror.

But, help comes in various forms. And, one is sexy and full of surprises.

Darkest Knight  
by  Ashley Blade  


What would happen if you woke up one day a vampire?

Julie asked herself the same question many times, especially after reading one of her favorite paranormal stories.

Now what seemed like a fantasy world captured in descriptive words becomes her reality and she has to figure out if it was all it was cracked up to be.

Love, Lies & Zombie Cries
by K.A. M’Lady

When It Comes To The Heart, Something Always Bleeds


Jayda Oslynn knows what death feels like.  She knows the solitude in the darkness’ silence.  The lonely spaces between life’s last breath and the realm of the undead.

Like the women in her family before her, she’s had a life-long affinity with those that wander in the land between.  Some call it black magick or necromancy, but to the Oslynn family it’s always been known as death dealing.  And, whether a blessing or a curse, Jayda’s always been able to feel their feelings – their love and suffering, their happiness and sorrows.  The truth, when shared through her eyes, always has a way of being felt and seen.

This Halloween, Jayda finds that when dealing with the dead, some memories are better left buried, for the real truth never stays buried and hearts, once broken seldom seem to mend.

Buy Link: ~ 




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Kisses, Savanna Kougar

October 13, 2016

…A black cat did growl… by Savanna Kougar

Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION 



Yes, there will be a Halloween Goth-Winged Party at the Interspecies Pleasure Club. 

*Season of the Witch* howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

Omygosh, what a discombobulating day I’ve had … sort of like: am I coming or going, or am I caught in an invisible whirlwind from who knows where? Might be the Halloween vibes have grabbed hold and are dragging me off to Spooksville??? 

Anyway, the weather has turned much chillier after a brief rainstorm in the wee hours, and my summer jungly yard is fast becoming stripped of its foliage — given many of the plants are going into hibernation, their life cycle ended. Yesterday I caught a glimpse of what I thought was one of the golden eagles. However, as the bird zipped by, no, it was a hawk, likely a red-tail hawk. I have no clue if golden eagles and hawks cohabitate… but I have seen the eagles winging overhead recently, riding the thermals. 

Okay, it’s slow, but the revision-expansion of BLACK CAT BEAUTY is going well. I just wish I had loads more time to work on Sable and Devon’s story. 

So, on Monday, October 24th, Zol and Zin, my twin hellhound heroes in KANDY APPLE AND HER HELLHOUNDS, will be featured in an excerpt for Kate Hill’s Compelling Beasts blog  ~ 

TOMORROW! the 13th – On Kate’s other blog ~ Kandy Apple’s Halloween post will be featured. ~supernatural grins~ 

Also, on the good news side, it looks like the new cover art for BLACK CAT BEAUTY is about finished. As usual, Amanda Kelsey has done one stellar-creative job. Sable, the heroine, is simply gorgeous! 

Note: Check out UNCAGED BOOK REVIEWS, the e-magazine at ~ I’m one of the featured authors, and KANDY APPLE AND HER HELLHOUNDS is featured with a lovely review. 


Here’s another snippet from BLACK CAT BEAUTY ~ Sable is talking with Bob, the bobcat shifter, trading covert intel with him. 

Chapter Twelve ~ 

“Have a drink with me, away from this ear-splitting screech, and I’ll share in a friendly manner. Your information for mine.” 

“Sure, Bob, let’s gab friendly-like,” Sable yelled above the music. The next instant, her flesh eerily chilled as Devon sang in her ear, “A black cat did growl, two ghosts were approachin’ and the wind began to howl.” 

How had he pulled that trick off? And changing the lyrics? Yowls of course, the words fit for All Hallow’s Eve, so who would know? 

Promising herself she’d find out about that particular power to capture her ear, Sable shook her whole body like a cat. With her blood flowing again, she shot a glare in Super Ace’s direction.  

Truth was, she also wantonly sizzled inside, made worse as the Brykkitv bad boy lasered his gaze on her for several moments. How did she resist his dark rough timbre singing in her ear? 

Sable gave a nod to Bob, indicating he should follow her. She sauntered to the bar, and languidly leaned on her elbow. To be expected, Bob panted after her haunches, his expression lewd and crude. Although, gentlemanly enough, he brought his gaze to hers and seated himself. 

“Who collared you? There are several Brykkitv and half-breeds here.” On his best behavior, he summoned the bartender, then gave her his undivided attention.


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Kisses, Savanna Kougar

October 6, 2016

…seductively slinked beside him… by Savanna Kougar

Pic from Etsy ~ DKR Catwoman Catsuit Costume by Suzi Fox 


Autumnal howls and yowls shapeshifter lovers. 

My tame prairie is gradually losing foliage, but is still beautifully green overall, and there hasn’t been much color change yet. I discovered a wonderful pear tree across the way because one of them rolled out to the road. No one picks the fruit. The land is owned by the neighbor, and no one has rented the small house in ten years. The large acreage is used for cattle. 

Anyway, on the happy side of life my author interview, featured in the latest issue of UNCAGED REVIEWS, came out looking fantastic. Also, the review of KANDY APPLE AND HER HELLHOUNDS made me feel darn good. A big thank you to Cyrene Olson. You can click on her e-magazine at ~ 

So, Amanda Kelsey, the fabtastic cover artist, is working on the new cover art for BLACK CAT BEAUTY. We’ve hit a snag, since the couple image is wonderful, and the heroine, Sable, has come out perfectly and gorgeously… however, the man’s face IS NOT Devon at all. Originally, Amanda had cut the male image’s head off, like is done with some cover art these days. Because I really like faces on my covers, I asked for the full couple image, and that didn’t work… so now, what do I do? Given Sable is perfect, and the man’s head doesn’t work… do I make him headless again, or try to find another image? I did do some looking on Jimmy Thomas’s site… but nothing really clicked, even though I really enjoy-love a lot of the couple images. ~sigh-sigh~ 

Okay then, I’m just over half finished revising-expanding BLACK CAT BEAUTY. Here’s a snippet…  

Chapter Eleven: 

Probably useless, given a Brykkitv male could easily vibe-sense a woman’s sexual arousal.  Sable flung her hair, and seductively slinked beside him. She slipped inside the embrace of his arm. 

Son of Super Ace swung her against his rock-hard thigh, and swooped down, taking her lips in a kiss that thrilled through her, then consumed her whole. Her toes curled appreciatively, and Sable willed her claws to stay sheathed. 

As his lusty assault on her mouth continued, Sable kneaded his chest, not caring who watched them. But Bastet, she was glad her tail had gone still with their unrestrained passion.

Keeping her claimed flush against him, he gradually un-fused their lips. Sable couldn’t quit sensually rubbing his chest. “You can kiss, big boy,” she murmured like Mae West against his hovering mouth.

Devon tightened his grip, deliciously flattening her breasts against his super-muscular torso. “Did your little friend make her getaway?”

“She’s gone, and driving-away gone, if that’s what you wanted to know.”

“Yes, my Sable, that’s what I wanted to know. I hear Vhaelyn waylaid you.”

“You mean witchie-poo? She wants you banging between her thighs, super man…just in case you didn’t know.” Sable crooned the words close to his too tempting lips.

“Hmm, I’d was given the message Vhaelyn marked me as her property.”

“I’m under black-magick threat. All part of the un-glamorous Hollywood lifestyle of the rich, famous, and infamous.”


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Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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