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March 23, 2017

Wolf Peak Territory ~ The Animal Side of Springtime by Savanna Kougar

Originally posted at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTION … 

Spring is springing *Howls and Yowls*, shapeshifter lovers.

Spring is certainly transforming my tame prairie to a new loveliness. I’ve even seen a two butterflies, unusual this early in the year …. still, the weather has been unseasonably warm overall with only a few freezing-cold days … fortunately, knock on wood, the beautiful peach blossoms on my young peach tree have survived … and yes, the birdies are singing and flitting busily about … yep, I’ve seen several cardinal gatherings. 

I so wish Mother Earth would be loved and appreciated, with NO pesticides dumped on her … I wish we, the human race, would live closer to the land, and would naturally grow an abundance of food for ALL — quit with the Big Agra thing. Apologies, but I LOVE Mother Earth, and we could create a garden paradise in all of our communities.

Anyway, I’ve been slowly working on Wyoming Wrangler, and have discovered the hero, Daletori…his race of people, have an inner soul animal, which can manifest outside, or separately as a protector. Of course, it’s all a bit more complex than that… yes, the story is emerging. Oh, and I came up with how Symona and Dale’s erotic love story will conclude as their happily ever after.

Here it is, a sampling of shapeshifters in their animal forms enjoying the arrival of springtime.

One of Dante, the leader of Wolf Peak Territory…this is one of his nephews, who are following in his paw tracks. 



A young wolf’s fancy turns to love… 



Amber Eyes…He trains all those who live in the Peak how best to defend themselves. 


The youngest wolf cub in the Peak. 


Lots of wolf babes this year in the Peak. 


Love you, mom!


Who can resist this little wolf cutie? Someone is always picking him up for a hug and a cuddle. 


A young shy wolfess. Don’t worry she’ll be encouraged to come out and play. 
Springtime fun for the deer shifters. 
Proud momma shows off her adorable baby. 



Tree hugging tiger style. He leads the Earth Day celebrations. 


The Cougaress enjoys some spring playtime. 
One of the Bobcat Beauties in Wolf Peak Territory out for a spring stroll. 
One of the curious Bobcat babies. 
The Pantheress and her cub sunning themselves. 
Bunny shifters abound and bound over the spring meadows. 
Big Momma Bear shifter and her baby, everyone loves watching them.
Young Bear shifter, cousin of Ben, joins in the springtime fun. 
Two of the Turkle family strutting their stuff. 


The latest foal shifter born in Wolf Peak Territory. 
Young horse shifter cavorting in the spring sunshine.


Meadow rolling, a springtime tradition. 



The Shifter Stallion Games … A Spring Ritual 

One of the unicorns in Wolf Peak Territory greets Spring. 

Moonrise Lake, the small town in Wolf Peak Territory, starts a new annual event: The Spring Flower Fashion Show

The Bunny girl entrant. 


The Cougaress adorns herself for the fashion show. 

Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

March 14, 2017

Wolves of Wolf Peak Territory ~ Shapeshifter Landia by Savanna Kougar

Chasing an Intruder Inside Wolf Peak Territory 
On Winter Patrol 
What’s That? Time To Chomp Some Tail. 
Alpha Warning. One More Step You’re Dead Meat. 
This is my territory. Get Out While Still Have a Chance To Live. 
No One Challenges a Wolf Peak Territory Protector 
Yes, I’m a Werewolf. Run While You Can! 

Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

March 4, 2017

Symona is having a flashback nightmare.


Hailstorm howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

There was one doozy of a hail and rainstorm—with lightning blasting the sky—two nights ago. The hailstones weren’t large, but they blasted against the windows like gunshots. I always worry about the panes breaking. 

The storm hit hardest during the last part of the president’s address to congress…the internet connection went down…thus, I didn’t get to hear the last part of the speech. Anyhoo, the rain was much needed, and more is needed. 

And heck, I’m really grateful there was no tornadic activity, given there were tornadoes in this large, several-state storm system. 

Okay, the writing is still happening…and as usual, I wish it was all going much faster…but, as usual, my time is limited by life circumstances. 

Also, as an author, I still feel lost at sea, so to speak. If I had more time to write, I could be working on another WIP. Certainly, I hadn’t planned on writing this type of romance as this point in time…but Symona and Daletori’s story seemed right for the now defunct Boxed Set. Oh well… 

Here’s a little *unedited* snippet from Wyoming Wrangler. Symona is having flashback nightmare. 

No…no, she cried out mentally, desperate to stop herself from plunging into the nightmare—only it wasn’t merely the repeat of a bad dream . No, she’d lived this horror for real. 

How many more dreams…? 

…Symona scanned the mega truckstop before stepping out of her late nineties pickup, otherwise known as Old Faithful. As she filled her workhorse of a truck, the smell of diesel hung heavy in the humid night air. 

Always on the alert, she kept watch on the activity taking place at the food island for truckers and highway travelers. Odd. Across the way—all by itself—an airport type of van with dark windows sat in a moon shadow, one  cast by the long row of well-groomed bushes fringing the asphalt parking area. Beyond the tall sentinel-like bushes was a recently mowed field then woodlands—from what she tell in the darkness.

Finished gassing up her pickup, she glanced at the van again. Something was off. Her intuition buzzed alright. 

Curiosity gnawed at Symona as she climbed into her truck, and quickly stuck the receipt in her bag. She started the engine slowly rolling toward the van. 

A flash of movement in her peripheral vision caused her to brake fast. A dog ran in front of her pickup—what looked to be a shiba inu mix. 



Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

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