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June 30, 2019

I Did It! My First Post on Subscribe Star… and Beginning Chapter Twenty by Savanna Kougar


The Mythical Ones, the Mythical Creatures Are Real and Living In Wolf Peak Territory 

Hot Summer howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Looks like the storm rains have given up for a time on my tame prairie. But it’s a jungle out there ’cause it was too rainy to do much mowing. 

Anyway, finally I’ve gotten Chapter One of TREASURE MOON SEDUCTION rewritten—expanded and improved. I just posted it as my first subscriber offering at ~

So, if you would like to read a scifi erotic romance short story in serialized form, the fee is $1.00 a month. 

Here’s the first few lines: 

Treasure Moon Seduction 


Savanna Kougar 

© 2019, Savanna Kougar 

Chapter One: When Tentacles Attack 

Giant ugly tentacles to the right of me. Slimy brown tentacles to the left. 

Closer and closer, they slither threatening me like poisonous serpents. Hell-suns, why didn’t my ship’s instruments activate, warn me? 



Ksilya is stranded on Treasure Moon. Attacked by tentacle mercenaries, she fights to escape. Until… 

Dzonn, the Dark Rogue, plans on making a fortune from Treasure Moon. Instead his beautiful rival has beat him. Once again.


Okay then, at this point in time, I would like to get TREASURE MOON SEDUCTION rewritten fast as possible *knock on wood*. Once it’s finished, I want to indie-publish on Smashwords. And, I might look at D2D for other author services. Most likely though, I’ll ignore Amazon Kindle simply because I don’t appreciate their big-publisher abuse of authors or their ongoing strategy to corner the publishing market. 

As well, I hope [knock on wood] to continue writing on my Wolf Peak Valentine’s Day story. I haven’t decided on the title yet. However, one possibility is: Beauty and the Biker Boar Beast. 

Currently, I’m beginning Chapter Twenty. Here’s an *unexciting unedited* snippet from the end of Chapter Nineteen. Yet, the luncheon conversation between Khryssa, the heroine, and Razor, the hero … well, this explains a whole lot about the growing Peak community. Why it is thriving… 

Khryssa nodded absently. “You know the problem with dating, with courtship. Expectations.” She gazed at him directly. “If…if…if you do end up together, then how do you keep this level of…” 

“Like Dante and Kitty do.” Razor studied her expression, what her eyes told him. “How about your parents, Khryssa? Hasn’t their relationship been good overall, and grown in love and affection?” 

“Well, true. But if you look at relationships out in the world, they’re so incredibly messed up. And sad. Usually, that is. Although, not here in Wolf Peak …your parents still love each other, right?” 

“To the moon and back. Beyond the Odin connection, they joked about when pigs fly…only when pigs fly to the moon because they love each other so much.” 

“We are lucky, aren’t we? Most don’t have that example, a loving family environment. Not in these times.” 

“That’s one reason I and everyone here will defend Wolf Peak. It’s a sanctuary for love, for families.” 

Khryssa nodded. “Absolutely. Speaking of…I need to get to the Witch’s Circle meeting.” 

“We’re on our way, babe.” Razor stood, offering his hand. 


In case I don’t post before July Fourth, have the best one ever, shapeshifter lovers. But I do hope post before then. 

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June 24, 2019

Savanna Kougar at Subscribe Star ~ Treasure Moon Seduction ~ SciFi Short Story


Summer howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 

Yes, I am now live on at:

If you would like to read a scifi erotic romance short story in serialized form… well, this is my public post at Subscribe Star. The fee is $1.00 a month. 

Greetings, otherworld romance lovers, 

Okay then, here’s a tagline and the title of the first chapter-by-chapter erotic romance, I will be offering for subscribers. 

Treasure Moon Seduction 


Savanna Kougar 


Ksilya of the Windgate 


Dzonn of the Vericruis 

Ksilya is stranded on Treasure Moon. Attacked by tentacle mercenaries, she fights to escape. Until… 

Dzonn, the Dark Rogue, plans on making a fortune from Treasure Moon. Instead his beautiful rival has beat him. Once again. 

This is a scifi short story originally written for submission to an anthology. The theme was BAD BOYS, and being stranded. 

Since my entry was not selected, I planned to Indie publish at Smashwords. However, time, circumstance, and other such no-fun barriers quashed that from happening in any timely manner. 

Also, I began writing a ShapeShifter Seduction Valentine’s Day romance set in my fictional world of Wolf Peak Territory. This took what little time and energy I had. Currently, Razor and Khryssa’s erotic love story continues to be written. 

Meanwhile, given I still want to Indie publish “Treasure Moon Seduction”, my idea is to polish and expand the story. As I do this, I will be offering the chapters ‘one’ at a time to you – yes, like an unfolding serial story. 

Note: I will be doing my best to accomplish this as fast as possible, but a warning. Time and energy are still a big bugaboo. All positive thoughts and prayers appreciated! 

Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

June 19, 2019

Wolf Dads … Also, a New Possible Project by Savanna Kougar

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June Howls and Yowls, Shapeshifter Lovers, 

Yes, I missed FATHER’S DAY in Wolf Peak Territory. The ole bugaboo of not enough time and energy got me. However, there’s a very interesting dad-happening in the Peak these days. 

So, a surprise to me, as I was writing on my latest WIP, set in the Peak, and starring Khryssa [half elfin-half human woman] and Razor [a biker boar shifter]……well, it turns out Dante, the alpha wolf leader, his devoted mate, Kitty, is with child. The Wolf Peak community is abuzz bigtime. 

It’s been about eight years since Dante and Kitty were reunited. As teenagers, they were deeply in love. Given Dante’s not-so-good sire despised any and all feline shifters, and snarling-threatened to harm Kitty if Dante continued to date her… Okay, to save his beloved Kitty from a terrible death — his sire’s mafia pack was all powerful at the time … yes, Dante bit the bullet, and took off on his Harley — leaving Kitty with only heartbreak. 

Before finally returning several years later, Dante traveled the world, having many a wild adventure. He met other supernatural beings, and of course shifters of all types and stripes. Often, he made lifelong friends with them. Yes, this includes humans. 






***A New Possible Project*** 

Yesterday, I set up an account with Subscribe Star ~  which might not be approved, and is not active yet. However, the idea is that I plan to offer chapter-by-chapter, or an ongoing story for anyone interested in reading it–hopefully almost daily, if I can manage it. Also, I plan to include flash scenes. And, of course, author info. 

If approved, the subscription fee will be $1.00 a month. 



Run on the Wild Side of Romance  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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